Thursday, November 29, 2007


i dont know why i put myself through such torture.

i'm doing this quiz now called
the Tim Tang Test and i'm dying.
i tried googling for the answer
but somehow, the 2 million people
who have done this test previously
all decided not to leak any answers at all,
so there are ABSOLUTELY no answers online.

i spend the last hour on this question,
and i FINALLY got it,
after looking through FaceBook discussion groups
for clues and googling every single thing.
i almost cried when the page loaded.

and that was only in the tutorial stage.

i have too much free time, really.

The Tim Tang Test!


ripped it off cassie's blog.

look at (almost) everyone at home
setting up our giant 8ft christmas tree!
i want to set up the christmas tree too ):

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


the subzero temperatures are getting to me!
arrrgh my throat hurts ):

i've got my exam timetable today!
so it's 14th Dec last day of school,
and then i'll be going to London from
15th Dec- 6th Jan 08 (so fast huh!),
exams on 7th to 14th,
but the exam period lasts until 27th Jan
so i'll be off for another 2 weeks!

i should go backpacking to somewhere exotic!
or if anyone wants to come visit me,
this time would be excellent!

or i'll just go to London again (:
3 weeks in London, 1 week exam,
then 2 weeks in London again.
sounds quite boring hor!

what do you think?

Saturday, November 24, 2007


you know what i just read?!
you can BUY Superpokes now on FaceBook!
$5 for 20 exclusive Superpokes a month.

some people too rich la, seriously!
Christmas Is Coming!

i love love love love Christmas.

hands down my favorite holiday of the year,
and in Belfast it's really celebrated!
pretty lights are everywhere and
in the City Hall, they've set up a Christmas Market
which i went with some Msians today (:

City Hall all pimped out.

see the Belfast Wheel?!!!
everywhere's having their own Wheels
and the Belfast one is really small!
haven't gone on it and but i've heard
that the VIP ones had a TV inside,
which is totally ridiculous because....


so silly!

that is a whole pig turning round and round.

the Christmas Market was mainly stalls
from Europe selling food/other misc stuff.
and ohhhh, GLORIOUS FOOD!

the fudge stall selling loads and loads of fudge.

there was lots of European food
and the place smelt heavenly.
mmm (:

some stall selling bottles of curry stuff.

they had this one called Malaysian Rendang
which was really sweet and didn't taste
like anything at all that i've tried before!

liars la!

just look at the sausages la.

you can't really see them in this pic,
but there were as long as my arm!
there were at least 2 stalls selling
these super giant long sausages
and they looked so good i bought one (:

mine and Jay's.

it was so difficult to eat la, really.
hot dogs are one of the most difficult
foods to eat EVER i think.

cause you know sometimes the sausage
has a skin-thing which is really difficult
to bite off and then you're stuck with
your mouth full and you're struggling to
bite it off without getting yourself
smeared with the mustard and ketchup.
i took over half an hour to eat i think.

trays and trays and TRAYS of yummy cookies.

for me who loves baked goods
it was really hard to resist ):
look at them calling out to you!

more trays of Turkish Delight.

there was so much food that
i couldnt make a decision on what to get
(you know how incredibly indecisive i am)
so in the end i only ate the sausage
and got one cup of hot mulled wine.

more baked stuff.

us being Malaysians,
we went around looking for samples
and tried all the free samples there were
(: haha so typical right!

giant Pick 'n' Mix!

at this sweet shop right,
EVERYTHING was giant.
crazy huse sticks of marshmallows, liquorice,
and lollipops are big as your face!

giant liquorice sticks.

these were as long as the sausages above!
almost everything at the market was plus sized,
which made it really hard to resist but
since the prices were pretty freaking high
i didn't get anything else (:

this photo is for Joey.
loads and loads and LOADS of coffee beans.
thank God that you don't have to make
all the different coffees everyday from
so many different coffee beans okay!

monkey chocolate!

there were chocolate monkeys, lions,
and my favorite one of all, chocolate ELEPHANTS!
yum (:
if only they made chocolate cows huh.

look at the amazing cupcakes!

oh i just thought of something.
there's this cupcake brand here whose tagline
is 'Pick me, Choose me, Eat me!'
to those who watch Grey's,
i'm sure you can recognise this line (:

oooh mulled wine.

i had some hot mulled wine
and it was yummy (:
i'm not really sure what it is
but it was purple, fruity and really hot.
as usual, i burnt my tongue!

don't you love Christmas too?

Friday, November 23, 2007

My Mummy Can Read My Mind!

yeah i know i haven't been blogging much,
but really, there isn't much to say.
i don't really know how to put this in words,
but i'm really starting to be more 'me'.

i guess so far i've been really quiet
but i'm really comfortable with the place now,
so naturally i'm being more myself.
get it?

basically i'm doing great (:

aaanyways, i got my.....

this one contained shoes, rice cooker,
slow cooker, bags, coats, hats, gloves,
Mr Murali's chemistry notes, and
my favorite one of all...

all my photos and odd mementos!

and with that, i pimped my room out
to look (almost) exactly like back home.
if you remember sammie's WallOfFame,

my lonely empty sad wall before the pimping.

it's really exactly like the one back home.
the photos are all above my bed,
so this way i can feel like they're
watching over my while i sleep (:
cheesy la i know.

anyways, my mother can really read my mind!
i was just thinking lately of buying something
and she sent two over in the mail.
PLUS all my Converses+Superstars!
now i have 11 pairs of shoes here.
i sorta have no place to store them also (:
but hey, you can never have enough shoes k!

i'm really happy yet wistful.

*i've been spending hours and hours
playing Bogglific on FaceBook.
come play with me! (:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i made scones this afternoon (:
taken with my phone, pretty nice yeah?


Saturday, November 17, 2007


these two days have been full
of 'ARRRRGH!' moments.

firstly, the screw holding my specs together
on the left hand side popped out
and since the floor is carpeted,
it's lost forever la ):

so now BOTH sides of my specs
are held together with rubberbands.
yes, i really look hilarious.

secondly, i saw the grossest things yday.
one was in class where we were shown
this picture of a tumour in an ovary
which had developed teeth, bone, and hair.
exactly like that Grey's episode!

and then i unknowingly read someone's
blog where they posted really digusting
pictures of some disease involving worms.
very nauseating la.

thirdly, i mentioned few days ago
that someone stole my key card
and......... i found it in my back pocket ):

what la.
had to go and get a new one,
deducted from the deposit summore.

and lastly, the most 'ARRRGH' one of all,
AlexYoong came into my parent's today!
he looks exactly like Nathan Scott
(my absolute favoritest TV character on Earth)
and since he came into my parent's
a couple of months ago i always
hang around there hoping i'll see him!

grrrrrrr >.<

okay,i just walked home a mile
carrying at least 6 kgs of groceries
in the rain with cold biting wind..
something happened in my joints
cause my arm feels really weird now

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So Freaking Tired.

had class from 9-6.
didn't talk to my daddy this morning ):
my neighbour is blasting his music.
someone stole my key card.
i'm so tired i can't even watch TV.
(like that takes any energy)
massive headache from crazy traffic.

half dead.


today these two girls were talking
and i was explaining how Msia has 3 races
and that i was Chinese, and then this
Malay girl behind me said 'I'm Malay.'
then the two girls turned to her
and said 'Oh, I'm Maggie, and this is Agata!'

should've seen the Malay girl's face.

Monday, November 12, 2007

eBay Is Going To Be The Death Of Me

i've been spending quite a bit of time
on eBay UK recently 'cause i'm finding
for a really good pair of boots since
it's raining EVERY morning and my
Chucks are really really trashed ):
causing my feet to be really bleargh.

and since i'm too lazy to go shopping
(what a surprise, i know.)
and i don't really have a sensible voice
to tell me not to simply buy things
to go with, and no fun person yet
so i'm shopping online!

i found this really good deal yday
(on UGG boots summore,
the ones Cameron Diaz wears!)
and there was 5 hours left so
i felt pretty confident that i'd win..
but last minute i got an email saying
that i've been outbid!
(if you've watched *that* W&G ep,
you'll get what i mean okay)

in the last 2 hrs the price went from
1.05pounds to 55.60pounds!
everyone was just frantically bidding
and bidding nonstop >.<
i bet lots of them in the end went
waaaay over their budget in the hype
*just* to get the satisfaction of winning.

but hey, i have some self-control
so i gave up after awhile and watched the war.

whatever la.
i'm just going to endure the rain
and wear wet shoes until my feet fall off.

today was one degree(s)
*one degree/degrees? i dont know!
so haha to you people sweating and
turning on air-con when you read this!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

i love days where you can just
lie in the bed covered with blankets,
read thick textbooks and drift off to sleep.

i had a perfect weekend (:

i couldn't take it!
i only lasted 3 days and
started eating cereal on friday again
but thankfully nothing happened.
no pains/tummy explosions so yay!
but i'll take it slow and see what happens la.

and to cassie, all the best for SPM.
(: don't watch so much TV!

33 more days.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Thursday, November 08, 2007

we just had a fire drill!

arrrgh and this time if anyone
doesn't evacuate in 4 minutes' time,
they're gonna keep on doing it til
EVERYONE gets out ):

so we flew out and spent the next
10 minutes shivering in the 4C weather
outside wearing pyjamas waiting for
the guards to knock on every room
to see if there was anyone inside.

and we passed!

if this is autumn,
i dont want to think about winter.
Okay, Maybe It Isn't That Bad.

3 days since i've been gluten free!
and the stomach pains are there,
but it's hungry pains not celiac pains
even though i eat a lot ):

went to all the supermarkets yday
and looked at EVERY product to see
whether they contained gluten,
and this is the comprehensive list
of What Sammie Cannot Eat Anymore:

all pasta
all bread
all cereals/muesli EXCEPT cornflakes
(which i swore never to buy)
all biscuits
naan/ other Indian breads
certain chocolates
certain crisps
battered stuff (they're coated in breadcrumbs)

so basically, everything made from
wheat/whole wheat/flour/rye/barley.
and everything i love ):

discovered also that if i toast the
gluten-free bread super super long
and slather them with generous amounts
of peanut butter+jam it's almost edible!

it's really difficult though,
so cross your fingers and hope for the best.

aaaaaanyways it's getting so windy la.
it now rains heavier every morning
with such superstrong wind that
my umbrella upturned like 4883576 times
while walking to class today.
i bet if Feebs was here she'd fly away!

tomorrow it'll be two months since i left.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I've Got A New Phone!

yeah, so i've got a new number as well,
so email me if you want it okay (:

gluten-free foods are so scarce la!
went online and Tesco proclaimed that
they had this whole gluten-free range
of products, with muesli/breadstuff
which really got me excited and relieved.

but when i went after class
i looked *forever* for that range and
finally saw them on some small shelf.

there isn't much stuff to choose from
and they're all CRAZY expensive ):
so i bought gluten free bread+pasta
(which is 3x the price).

the bread is so dense and hard
it's almost like a cake ):
a cake that tastes really weird.

i can't take it la!

i'm just going to go gluten free this week
and pray that my stomach hurts
to prove that i dont have Coeliac
(which i found out today is
pronounced see-liac, and the doctor
was actually pronouncing it wrongly),

and then i can go back to my
wheat-guzzling ways (:

Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm Riddled With NeedlePricks.

i'm so depressed it's not even funny.
yeah, this is not the
'oh, i'm so lonely so i'm depressed' things.

i just came back from the hospital
because my stomach was really killing me
so i decided to go get it checked even
though i just made an appointment earlier
(where my first Needle was inserted
to give me my Hepatitis vaccination)

so waited another 3 hours there with
the crazy painful stomach cramps
and the nurse tried to take a blood sample,
which i ALWAYS have a problem with.
if you remember, the last time i did this
it took them over 3 hrs, 6 needles n 2 labs
just to get some blood from me
because apparently i have really fine veins.

so i told the nurse and she went
'oh, i'm really good at this..'
but she tried twice and nothing happened.
waited somemore and a doctor came
and it took him twice to FINALLY get it.
so now my arms are bandaged
and everywhere's really sore ):

so blood samples+urine tests later,
i was told that i'm not pregnant (duh!)
and that i most probably am suffering
from Coeliac Disease, but they're gonna
run more tests to confirm this.

and you know what's not funny at all?
Coeliac Disease is a autoimmune genetic disorder
which means it's lifelong, can't be treated,
and that my body is attacking it's own cells.
it's caused by a reaction to....


.... wheat.
i'm freaking serious.

i'm not allowed to eat anymore bread/cereal.
and if you know me well,
i think you'd know that this is the
WORST thing that can ever happen to me.
i eat cereal 5 times a day right now,
bread every day, and they're my favorite foods.

according to Wikipedia,
"The only effective treatment is
a lifelong gluten-free diet.",
"No medication exists that will prevent damage,
or prevent the body from attacking
the gut when gluten is present.",
and "As the bowel becomes more damaged,
a degree of lactose intolerance may develop."

there's no cure for this.

which means soon, i won't be
able to eat yoghurts as well.
long term problems include infertility,
osteoporosis, and bowel cancer.

it's not confirmed yet but the doctor
is v confident that this is it.

this is serious.

i really don't know what to say.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Aiyo Please La, Heroes.

Jho found this at some blog.
make sure you make your props properly k?

p/s Peter is born one day after me!
if you knew me well back home,
you'd know that i *loathe* walking.
i hated walking to places 5 minutes away
unless it was a life-or-death thing
and even then, i'd complain all the way.

but the Irish Sammie is a walker.

today i satisfied my GroceryWindowShopping
obsession by walking 3.1 miles to Sainsbury's,
which is the biggest grocery store here.
i've been dreaming about it the whole week
and so today, i finally went.

it took me 40 minutes (uphill road okay!)
but i made it (:
i felt such a great sense of accomplishment,
like i've just finished running a marathon.

okayla, now headache.

oh yeah, i didn't buy anything in the end.
i like to walk around food shops,
look at yummy foods and daydream,
which makes me full (:
does that make me sound weird?

Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm So Meant To Be In London

i was checking out all the London
events and attractions and stuff
to get ready for my BigLondonGetaway
and i'm so depressed la i tell you.

Michael Buble, Mika, Hot Hot Heat,
Rilo Kiley, The Fray and more ppl i like
are playing in London right before i arrive!

): aiyeeeer!
if i ever get to watch MichaelBuble
i think i will fall into hysterics.
come la to Belfast!! >:(


i've wanted to watch Avenue Q since
i've heard the soundtrack (go dl pls!),
Wicked! since Betty+Henry wanted
to go watch in Ugly Betty,
(which they did in the latest ep)
and Mary Poppins since *forever*
because i loved loved loved that
film+ i read all the books (:

i swear, i'm going to starve from now
and save up loads to get really
good seats and watch all of them,
at least one on my birthday! (:

or, you know....
you could always donate money

happppy weekending!