Thursday, October 21, 2004

the whole school seems to be almost empty these few days..
the form fives are graduating tomorrow already!
*whoa* where did the whole year go?!
i can't imagine myself graduating..

it's like only last year i just came into school,
an innocent form one,
where i was still having short hair (urgh!) and was humongously huge :(
all i remember about that year was gaining a LOT of weight and always 'ponteng-ing' class :)

form two and three were a huge blur though :(
and this year is probably one of the most amazing years in school life :)
i really really thought that my class was going to be one of the worst cuz
there were so many study freaks inside and their results are amazing :(
then i realised that my class people are actually really nice people
and they really noe how to have fun even though their results are amazing..

cant imagine leaving school next year already..
i feel so old :( and so grown up!
i feel really torn between wanting to grow up and remaining a kid :(
part of me wants to grow up quicker and be able to drive and have endless freedom,
and another part of me wants to stay in school...
ever watched van wilder?
yea.. be just like him :)

okay gotta go now,,
its thunderstorming now:(

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Im such a lucky lucky girl ..;)
Today must probably be one of my most luckiest days ever..
Went to Ikano Power Centre today to volunteer at the SPCA program
I was walking around aimlessly waiting for them to set up the thing,
Then suddenly this woman came up to me and
asked me if I wanted to join this thing where they would give me 200 bucks
and I could buy whatever I wanted in P&Co.
obviously, I agreed.. who wouldn’t rite?:)

After waiting for zhen cui to come, we went for the thing
And the woman briefed us about this program,
And it turned out that this was actually a tv program where
they would give people 200 bucks to spend in ten minutes time.
It was all a fake though, because we could already choose what we wanted beforehand.
And the great thing was, it was all free!!
Plus, we got to be on tv!!:)

So the host filmed me ‘sitting alone at a corner’ and interviewed me,
Telling me that she would give me 200 bucks to spend..
And I had to pretend I didn’t noe zhen cui and after choosing what we wanted to wear, we had to do this silly catwalk thing and criticize each other’s clothing..
And the thing was, we were actually contestants for this contest,
Which I didn’t noe anything about and the viewers had to vote by SMS
And the winning shopper gets to win a 24 inch tv!

So from this adventure I gained a pair of jeans, a shirt and a bag..
Oh, and a time gold phone card worth 50 bucks..
And a chance to be on tv!!
It really is my lucky day…
Zhen cui, you owe me one ;)

Anyway, SPCA was a success… I think..
The doggies there were soo cute!!
There were four puppies I think and three of them were adopted ..
I realized that when people see dogs, they have two reactions..
One is smiling widely and another one is fear…
Its so weird seeing people being so scared of a tiny puppy which is sleeping
On my lap.. I mean, how are they going to harm you anyway?!
So whoever who wants to adopt pets, go to Ikano every weekend
Till 31st Oct or go to SPCA at ampang..
Go save a life!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Hey all!

As I was reading thru my devotional that day, there was this passage that said that Jesus was invited to this wedding celebration with his disciples, and in that celebration he changed water into wine, and that was his first display of His glory.

Then the thought of the day was about how people think that Christians can’t or don’t have fun. So many people out there think that when a person is a Christian, they are prohibited from fun or anything remotely resembling fun...
From that, they probably shy away from coming to church or participating in any church activities…
isn’t that sad?

I mean, I personally have so much fun at church with other Christians. Church activities are so much fun and I really really look forward to going to church every weekend. From going to church, I have so many close friends and great weekends. Without going to church every weekend, I wouldn’t have met the craziest driver around, I wouldn’t have gotten my foot rolled over ;) , and I wouldn’t be who I am now.

Yea, even though being a Christian does bring persecution and sacrifice, but it doesn’t prohibit you from enjoying life.
It actually makes your life more enjoyable, knowing that God is always there no matter what happens and ensures eternal enjoyable perfect life!
Isn’t that great?
And this comes with great friends and fun every week!!
*whoa* :)

Have a great week all!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Christine's questions

1. what r ur requirements for a successful person?
Okay, number one would be having a good balance between fun and work, and knowing when to have fun and know when to be serious.. basically having good time management lar..
Second, would be having a great attitude and not be too stuck up even though they’re doing really well.. and being friendly and nice to everyone ..

2. most prized possession?
I don’t noe.. there’s so many! Most prized?
I would say friends, but they’re not mine.. I guess my life..
cuz obviously I can’t live without it but I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s ever..

3. what is YOUR secret fantasy ;) hehe
Remember my watermelon farm? Yea… that’s my secret (not-so-secret) fantasy

4. which of your friends do u think is most likely to achieve their dream?
I would say Christine, cuz her dream is the easiest to achieve .. living in US with a golden retriever!!

5. all time fave movie?

6 . is there any instrument u r dying to play?
Ooh.. drums!!

Friday, October 08, 2004

yesterday yushen's grandfather passed away.. :(
and it was his birthday sumore :(
i think the death was super sudden cuz on Sunday he was just sitting in front of me at church and he was healthy and all..

this makes me wonder what would happen if i died tomorrow or something
and i never got the opportunity to do a thousand things..
i'd never live to be able to drive, have kids, and so much more..
i'd never even live to finish high school and celebrate my sixteenth birthday!
wow.. life is so fragile!
it's like you would never ever know when you're dying...
especially when you're healthy and all,
you'd never EVER know if you'd get knocked down by a car or burn to death today..

and if i die tomorrow,
i'd be full of regret cuz i never got to telling everyone how i feel about them
aiyoh.. i am so unprepared for death :(
but i do hope that people won't be crying and mourning at my funeral..
they should be happy and be joyful, knowing that im with God now...
i've always wondered why people are so sad at funerals..
i mean like, the deceased are in a better place now rite?

if i die soon,
i do hope people will miss me when im gone,
but still be happy that im at a better place now :)
from now on, i'll be super appreciative of everything around me ;)
live life to the fullest!!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

this is the author of the calvin story.. Mr.Calvin himself!! :) Posted by Hello

6 questions

hey there.. just got some 6 questions from andie..
im beginning to think that this isnt such a good idea after all..
here goes nothing!

1. If you are an electrical appliance.. what appliance will you be.. and why?

hm.. does a tv count as an electrical appliance?
i think i'd take tv cuz people turn the tv on whenever they're bored, sad or whatever..
you know, televisions are always there for you,
and always there providing something new or interesting to watch when there's nothing to do..
yea.. so i hope im like that too, always being there for people. :)

2. If you are able to choose your own name... reallywan.. what name would it be and why?

i've always liked the name mischa.. that's why im naming my daughter that..
its a different name lar..
there are ten thousand people out there who have the name samantha..
its like ur not that special anymore you noe?

3. If you were an animal.. what animal would reflect most who you are, why?

ooh!! dolphins!!
cause they're... SMART!! :)
actually, i think it would be a mix..
lets see.. horses for their intelligence (haha), pigs for their lazyness, parrots for their talkativeness, elephant for its body ;)

4. Name me three people you enjoy their company most..why?

woi, cannot lar only three people.. :(

number one would be joel, probably my closest n bestest guy friend ever..
cuz he's always there for me to complain to, and it's so easy to talk to him about stuff cuz he just understands even though he's a guy and all lar :)

next would be my sister, cassie..
i think it would be super super lonely without her..
we spend a lot of time together even at home and its just automatic to include her in everything i do and we have the same thinking and how we feel about people, so we can talk about anything under the roof. :)

the last one.. i just dont noe lar.. there are so many people!!
sorry!! ;)

5. If you were to invent something.. what would you like to invent and why?

ooh.. ive always wanted to invent this gadget that would suck all the ink back when we finished copying things cuz ink pens were sooo expensive..
anyways, i'd like to invent those teleport thingies you noe?
where you go into this place and say where u want to go and the next second,you're there!
but its a bit risky rite? what is u go to your friends place and they're stark naked?
but it'll be fun.. we'll be saving the world from pollution from cars rite?
and we can wake up for events wayyyy later..!
:) this would be good for caleen! ;)

6. If you are stranded in a desert island.. name me three things you would like to be stuck there with,why?

okayyy.. i'd like to get stuck there with endless supply of water and fruits..then i can lose weight!!
then, i'd like to get stuck there with my whole room.. so i can sleep in comfort :)
and lastly, i'd like to get stuck there with the phone, cuz i can't live without talking on the phone for a single day :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

yay..i finally found one photo of mine that is actually presentable.. but then again, my face kinda looks round doesnt it? Posted by Hello

Monday, October 04, 2004

Ask me 6 questions.
Any six, no matter how personal, private or random
[note from me: just don't OVER cross the bounderies, please ],
I have to answer them honestly. I
'ill answer the Q's in an upcoming entry.
Then do this on your site and i'll go post questions:)

got this straight from Christine's blog *sorry for copying n pasting, in a hurry now*
so anyway, this blogskin doesnt allow you to comment, so i hope u guys can use the chatterbox or mail me @
yay!! looking forward to answering !!!
hey guys :)
had one of the bestest days ever today..
read this story written by
my dear 5 year old brother who watches too much tv and talks too much
anyway, he's really smart now and read this story he wrote..
amazing ;)
p.s. he's Calvin, also the subject in the story;)

The Calvin story

One day, Mr. Calvin went for a walk. And he saw a giant crocodile. Then he got out his pocket knife and he threw it into the giant crocodile’s mouth and it went right into its body and split out at its tail. And it was dead.

And Mr. Calvin went on on his walk. And he came upon a giant elephant. And the giant elephant charged at Mr. Calvin. But Mr. Calvin just stepped aside and the elephant rushed to the tree and bumped on the tree and he went head over heels into the air and went down a rocky hill and was dead.

So he went on and on until he was very tired. He sat on a log that had been chopped down from a tree!! And a stroke of lightning hit another tree and it fell right at Mr. Calvin but Mr. Calvin just jumped off the log and the tree crushed the log and the log was in two pieces now.

And Mr. Calvin was very tired now but he went on with his walk. He walked hundreds and hundreds of miles. He was tired but he still went on walking because he was very strong. And then he started running and running and running. Then he stopped running and looked around.
He walked and ran so far that he had come to a desert. And he saw a spider, a giant tarantula with huge fangs. He saw it catch a lizard and squeeze it until it was as flat as a pancake. Mr. Calvin knew that it was a tarantula spider and he saw that he wanted to bite him, poison him and make him die. But he took the giant tarantula at his abdomen and squeezed it to death. Then the giant tarantula died.

And so Mr. Calvin went on his walk until he came to a dark forest. And he saw the most poisonest spider in the world. And it is called the Black Widow spider (its nickname was shoe button). It was a giant and a drop of his poison could kill twenty thousand million mice. Mr. Calvin just took out a rubber band, and put the end of it at his nail and he pulled the other end of the rubber band and he aimed it right at the huge spider and shoot the rubber band at the huge spider and it was knocked off its very very very messy web. And it fell down on the forest ground on its back. And then it got up again and was ready to bite Mr. Calvin but Mr. Calvin was not scared.

The huge Black Widow spider lifted up one of its legs and step on Mr. Calvin but Mr. Calvin was so strong that he stood on his legs and hold the spider’s leg and turn it round and round and round and threw it so far that it grew smaller and smaller.

Then he went on with his walk and saw a giant lion. The lion was just going to pounce on Mr. Calvin when Mr. Calvin pounced on the lion and landed right on the lion’s back. And the lion kicked up his back and Mr. Calvin flew in the air and over the giant lion’s head and landed right in front of it .The lion went charging at Mr. Calvin. Mr. Calvin went charging at the lion and they hit together. Then Mr. Calvin catched the lion by the tummy and threw him at a very hard tree. The lion hit the tree and ran away from Mr. Calvin into a dark forest.

And Mr.Calvin went on and on until he came home. Then he got in his house and had his tea. And then his dinner. And then he went up to bed and fell asleep.

The end

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Hey all!!
*phew* exams are finally over!!
Weeks and weeks of slaving over books, waking up at five every morning to study, sleeping late and hardly talking on the phone … ALL OVER!!
*sigh* I shall miss exams ;)

Went to SPCA jz now for a briefing..
im going to volunteer at this SPCA thing at Ikano to take care of pets and I think the point of the whole thing is that the crowd adopts these lil animals..
*whoa* we had to go there by LRT, then change this and that to reach some place.. the whole journey took almost an hour :( super far…

When we went there, there were so many cute lil dogs running around and..
whoa, the doggie smell just hits you rite there.. but their cuteness just makes up for it :)
There were soooo many tiny doggies in cages and they were just playing and sleeping..
so cute!!
There was this really really scruffy terrier and he was jumping up and down the cage when we went to see him :)

The thing is, we’re going to get 30 bucks per day for volunteering!! The money’s actually for food and transport, but my parents would probably taker me there anyway, so I get free money!! *yay*

But we have to work all day under the hot blazing sun :( and clean after pets..
then again, service above self rite?
It’s so sad seeing the dogs live like this..
most of them were thrown out by owners and all.. hello?!
If you can’t take care of a dog properly, then don’t get one lar..
the poor dogs are cooped up all day in the cage with no space to move around and are always forgotten by the owners..
Those who abuse pets are even worse..

Ooh… I feel like giving them a huge slap every time I read about abuse cases in the paper.. *urgh*
how can people even have the heart to do these things?
Do they even have a heart at all?!!
Animals are living creatures too okay..
they have rights and are not there for you to abuse and inflict pain on them whenever you like…

*urgh* these people deserve much, much more than a simple fine..
They should DIE for their actions..
Yes, they should be tortured and burnt to death..
They should be sent to slave camps and work, work, work for the rest of their lives..
They should be treated the same way they treated the poor animals..
They should be chopped into fine pieces alive and feel the burning pain..
Hmph.. die you evil freaks!!
I hope they burn in hell forever… hmmmmph!!

I AM emotional, aren’t i?
Well, they do deserve it after all ..
Anyway, gtg now..
Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Hey there!!
Only one more day to go till the end of exams!!
One more loooong excruciating day of exams :(
But after that.. IM FREE!!
Until the dreadful results come out…:(

My mum was talking to me yesterday at dinner and she suggested a few ambitions she thinks are good for me..
One was plastic surgeon..
I mean like.. the clients will come in and take a look at my face and decide that if I can’t even make myself look nice, I must not a be good plastic surgeon..
I’d probably mess up their faces anyway..
Whoa.. I never realized that plastic surgeons have such hard jobs…
What if the clients don’t like their face? People have different tastes rite?
How would u noe that the clients would like their face like this? And its not like you can consult them since they’re under anesthetic..

Then she said I should be a pediatrician..
I’ve thought of it before and it’s quite a good idea actually..
You don’t have to operate on people and face with dead children after a unsuccessful operation.. urgh.. I would just die if I couldn’t save a child..
How do you face their grieving parents??
All you have to do is to sit there and smile and give jabs to wailing children and over-worried parents..
Too bad the education will take such a long time.. my parents would probably be run into bankruptcy by the time im done :(

Can’t really remember what else she suggested but im definitely still finding for the ultimate job.. :) till then.. it’s still being a farmer :)
Have a great weekend!!