Wednesday, January 30, 2008

like the noise and the shouting wasn't enough,




i was saving it for today summore!
and it was one whole bunch of bananas,
so it's impossible someone accidentally
took one or something.

someone must really hate me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OhMyCow, Just Shut Up Already!


NoisyNeighbour is at it again.
he seems to have lots of friends
cause the doors are slamming close
every 5 minutes or so, AND
he's playing some loud music
with very strong bass beats
that's thumping in my head right now.


so today went into the dissection room
for class and instead of having tables right,
we were sitting around covered cadavers
on steel tables and were supposed to be
writing things down and referring to
books and notes and stuff like that.

so everyone was using the cadaver
as a table to hold their books.
i guess to me it just feels a bit wrong
using a dead person as a prop u know?
that was once a *living* person la.

but anyway i'm struggling with the 9-5 classes.
there's so much to learn and
we're expected to go home and read
everything up when we're so tired already.

yesterday i went home exhausted
so i gave myself a night off
and already today i'm lost.

and really, i don't think there's a need
to have a name for every single little area
of every single bone okay! ):
how am i going to remember them all?!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Real Life Fiyero, Please And Thank You!

so yup, i'm baaaack.
it was a pretty great 6 weeks,
but i'm itching to start school again
and Semester 2 starts tomorrow
(isn't it quick?!) but definitely not
looking forward to the 9-5 daily classes.

anyways, LONDON TRIP #3!

that's me posing with our dinner (:
Ems and I were attempting to make fajitas.

for this trip, i:

1. shared a bed with a complete stranger.
(haha it's not what you think!)
2. read 7 books in 5 days (:
3. got stopped for overweight luggage *AGAIN*.
(seriously, i really don't know what i was carrying!)
4. filled my shopping quota for the year!
5. had the awkwardest moment of my life.
6. watched my first movie since i left!
(it was Hairspray and it was gooood.
yes i know, i am very outdated)

me using my brute force to pull the meat
of a chicken off the bone (:

and of course, as i have been raving about
for the last few days, watched WICKED.
and until now, i am still Youtube-ing
Wicked videos nonstop.

yes, it is *that* good.
sorry for rambling on and on about it.

Ems and I in our coincidental all-brown PJs.

I basically stayed with Ems
the whole of this week (thanks honey!)
to save transport money and visited
places that I missed on the first trip.
and of course, catch up with gossip (:

but yeah, it was just so nice spending
time with one of TheTen and it felt
like we were on one of our trips again (:

the Apollo Victoria Theatre where Wicked was shown.

so basically we went cheapWickedtickets hunting,
(which was very successful cause we paid
one third of the price and sat super front)
flea market walking in Camden Town
where there were loads of scary goth
people walking around with super
tall black mohawks and crazy eyeliner,
and a Hillsong London service.

pretty cool!

the backdrop of Wicked which i sneakily
snapped a photo of (:
it's a map of Oz!

so this time, in order to avoid all the airport drama
i decided to go 4 hours earlier just in case.
well, i had to take the train and a bus
just to get to the airport so i made sure
i left super early in case there was a delay somewhere.

but thank God, i reached on time...
then the WHOLE overweight thing started again.
see right, i've been on three flights
from London-Belfast so far, and on
EVERY of those flights i have had
to take stuff off because it was too heavy
and repack everything in the middle of the airport.

and i didn't even buy that many things!
it was all just essential things like
underwear and my hair straightener

so this time, i packed and decided just to pay la.
it wasn't that much anyway and
there wasn't anything to give away this time.

my closest encounter with someone famous ):

both my London trips were excellent,
and what really helped was the fact that
the UK is facing some economic recession thing
and now the exchange rate is 1 to 6.4 (or less)
so yay for me!

but I wouldn't want to live in London,
with the crazy underground mazes and
jampacked trains all the time making you
paranoid that you're going to get robbed
PLUS super expensive transport charges
and the extremely tempting shopping everywhere!
if i lived in London i think my parents
would be broke by end of the year ):

so no more traveling for me...
.. until April at least (:

and yay, i get to cut up bodies tomorrow!
i can't think of anything better (:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

'It's not called lying,
it's called looking at things another way..'
- Elphaba+Fiyero, Wicked.

Ems and I managed to get super good seats
for super cheap so yay (:
and the whole thing was just....

... amazing.

By the end of Act I when
Elphaba sang *THE* song, Defying Gravity
that was featured in Ugly Betty,
her voice was so beautiful and strong
that i actually started crying.
and by the end of the show
the tears just flowed and flowed.
that's how good it was.

seriously, go Youtube the UK version
and prepare to be blown away.

2 more days til I get back!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Yup, The Vicious Cycle Has Started Again.

i can't help it.
i hate it too ):

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Because I Have A Newfound Obsession..

nope, my trip so far hasn't been
one of mad shopping, walking around
the beautiful sights and hot English guys.
i've actually been either watching
British TV which i really love now,
or lying on the bed reading books.
(all autobiographies of British TV ppl)

what an amazing holiday.

when you just laze on the bed,
knowing that you have absolutely
nothing at all to do for the rest of the day
so you can be in that halfasleep state,
alternating between sleeping and reading.
mmmmmm (:

then you think about this situation
ending in a weeks' time when you
have to go back to uni for...
9-5 classes everyday ):

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


my first(and very hopefully not last)
batch of exams in Med School are over!

one more computer test on how to
save Word files on Microsoft Word 07
(which is really incredibly confusing)
and i'll be off to London for the next 2 weeks!


and this time, i've wisened up
and changed the airport to Stansted
so i'm crossing my fingers for no drama this time.

it feels like going home (:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Okay Crap.

the lights in my room went out.
and since the sun sets at like
3pm these days right....


and you know it definitely won't
be fixed today since NO ONE
works on a Sunday here.

now i have to sit in the toilet to study!


Thursday, January 10, 2008


well not exactly over but 3 more days
and one more paper that doesn't
really require memorising = yay!

this week has been such a crap week.
first, studying method all wrong
and i really really overdid it i think.

it's like you read something but
you don't memorise it over and over.
so you sorta know it but not really,
know what i mean?

well that's what happened and
i really got sick of it all so i wasn't
that motivated and spent a lot of time
watching Top Gear instead.
(which is a genius show, really.
and only alternative due to the strike)

plus my nose won't stop running
and when i went into exam hall
i forgot everything i memorised.

so for the first time in my life,
i'll be happy if i just pass.

this 'being sick' thing is getting annoying.
i'm sick like once (or more) a month
and i think i've used up a small forest
already in tissues >.<

i hope i get better before London ):

Monday, January 07, 2008

London Trip #2: Picking UpWhere I Left Off.

due to my sudden comp failure,
i couldn't upload any pictures of London
after the first week, but here they are!

*btw history REALLY repeats itself.
cassie is taking EXACT same subs
as me for ALvls and is in the same class!

anyway, this is a waist high bar of Toblerone
which my aunt gave me for my birthday.
it's sorta fake la, since it's actually
3 bars in a long tube but still!!

remember Joey from Friends?
he was eating that giant bar from England
which i will try to find (:
anyway i gave away two bars in Heathrow

the plan was simple-
i was going to be there for three weeks
and i stayed with my aunt,uncle and cousin
in their apt 30 minutes away from CentralLondon.
i work at the weekends at my aunt's restaurant
making drinks to pay for shopping (:

i was very apprehensive at first since
i've only met her twice before my trip
so living with them may be a problem you know?

*one day i was walking then i whole bunch
of soldiers on their horses just walked by like that!
and the cars behind them had to drive slowly behind
and the horses are MASSIVE!*

at first i was really a bit disappointed
cause my cousin kept asking my questions
nonstop, like one after another nonstop
and you know how impatient i am right?
and i have to say their lifestyle took a bit
of getting used to, definitely.

*view from London Eye bridge.
there's BigBen and Westminster Abbey i think.
not sure also, it just looks pretty*

i mean, since she works in a restaurant right,
they sleep at 2, wake up at 12,
and mealtimes are 12pm, 4pm, and 12am.
so yeah, it was really weird for me.

*London Eye!
i didn't go on it though*

but after awhile i got used to it and
since my aunt was *super* like my mum
(which really made me miss her a lot more)
my whole time there was excellent.

so everyday i'd walk around/go to library
and then go over to the restaurant
at night to get free dinner, which was
always amazing chinese food (:

*London Eye bridge*

i didn't go down to Central London
as much as i wanted to due to the
constant guilt about studying and also
the travel expenses were a lot,
but i'm happy to say that i met up
with everyone i wanted to meet up with (:

i have to take the rail,
reach some station half an hour away
and change to Underground,
then from there change another line
to get to the amazing shopping area
so it was kinda a drag too.

*Ho and I in the elevator of her hotel*

and I have to say, shopping in London....
... is really really good la.
you know how shops always advertise
that they have branches in NY, London etc?

well it's really just a huge shopping place
with loads of beautiful architecture and
amazing amazing weather.

everyone says England is always dreary
and rainy all the time but it only rained
once in the 3 weeks i was there!
and then i come back to Belfast for two days
and it rained BOTH days >.<

*us at our best!*

the sales were already amazing and
on BoxingDay, all hell broke loose.

masses and MASSES of people were about
and the stores were just jam-packed.
thank God for the cold weather,
if not people would be sweaty as well
and that's never very nice.

*inside Selfridges- which has nothing to do
with Miss Selfridge, which i didn't know.
it's a huge departmental store*

long lines were formed EVERYWHERE-
fitting room, payment counter, and
since it was Christmastime, all the Chinese
people weren't working and they were just
EVERYWHERE in Chinatown.
and all of them were standing around
on streets smoking, looking like VCD sellers
which i have to say, looks very intimidating.

*Carnaby street i think,
i was wandering around so i'm not sure*

i spent Christmasday on a drive around London
since the place was empty and the roads
were a dream to navigate through.

since London roads were all named right,
not like back home where the streets
are numerically named so you'd know
which direction you're headed most
cars here have a GPS navigation system
which was EXCELLENT, instructing
them exactly where to turn and
all the little details like speed and all.

i didn't do much for New Years' due to
the studying but i watched the fireworks
on TV and then wished i did something instead.

*a chinese supermarket that is really giant
with EVERYTHING chinese you can hope for*

i guess London is nice in the way that there
are SO many people from different backgrounds
there that you don't feel out of place so much.
in Belfast, i always feel very conspicuous
since there are hardly any international people.

i really enjoyed the pouring drinks part
and somehow, washing and cleaning glasses
really appeal to me (:
so i've learnt how to pour beers properly
(a challenge my dad always poses to
cas and i which she'd always win)
and mix alcoholic drinks, which i'm sure
is what every parent wants to hear.

and man, do British people love their Cokes.
everyday drink Coke and eat food
with black bean/sweet and sour sauce.
i really don't know how the whole
black bean business came about,
i mean back home the only black bean
you see is with the fish in the can right?

am i missing out on some amazing Chinese
dish involving the magical black bean
that i don't know about??

*view from my kitchen*

yeah, Belfast snowed for two days
before i came home, and i came back
to ice covered walkways and gray slush.

i haven't touched any of it cause it's
all really black by now but by looking
at the white parts in the untouched gardens,
it sorta looks to me like the ice in AisKacang.

see, right in the middle of the road
in front of my apt. is a giant ball of ice.
i thought it was all soft and all at first
but i kicked it and no, it's rock solid.

there are balls of ice like these all over
the place and cars have to navigate
around them, which is really funny (:

but seriously, the roads are scary to
walk on right now cause its all covered
in patches of ice so you have to jump
from one un-iced patch to another
'cause the iced parts are impossible to walk on.

and you know that's bad news for someone
like me who fell down twice a week
down the stairs in Taylor's last year.
*i'm not joking, as any of my classmates.

so far so good anyway.
i can't wait to leave for London
in a weeks' time for LT #3! (:

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Drama At Heathrow.. again.

you'll never guess what happened to me.
well normally when i start a post like this
i have something happy to report,
BUT i had a superfreaking bad day.

first, i arrived at the airport a little late
cause we had to sit there and
wait for the car to heat up and
the ice covering the car to melt
before being able to drive to Heathrow.

then leh the super arrogant attendant
told me that my luggage was 9kgs overweight
and i had to pay 63 pounds for that.
(in the website it clearly states 30kg
but they told me only 20kg allowance)
NO WAY i'm going to pay 500 ringgit to
transport chinese food back to Belfast,
so i went one side and took 1/3 of
my belongings out into a plastic bag
and gave it to passerbys.

i must have looked really funny huh,
giving away stuff to strangers in the airport.
i gave away lotions, loads of food,
bars and bars of chocolate, and Ho,
i'm really sorry but my favorite EVER
copy of P&P that you brought all the way
from Malaysia ):
it was between that and limited edition
BodyShop stuff and i really love BodyShop.
i'm really sorry but luckily i just bought
another copy in London so it was okay.

after all the throwing away half of my stuff
(which was very very heartbreaking)
i stood in line for like half an hour to
drop my (very light) baggage in.
now, i dont understand WHY they
have 4 counters but only one working.

so when it was finally my turn,
they told me that the gate for the flight closed.
i went into shock and that stupid woman
told me that 'oh, she READ THE WRONG FLIGHT.'
but no, 2 seconds later she said my
flight IS closed and it was closed

and then she asked
'WHY didnt you come earlier?!'
and i told her that i'm sorry, but
i was busy giving away my worldly possessions
and STANDING IN LINE where there
was ONLY ONE COUNTER okay?!!!
(of course i didnt la huh,
i'm extremely polite haha)

so i ran to get a new ticket
and with my teary red eyes i told
the man what happened and he gave
me a free air ticket for the next flight (:
lucky man, the woman next to me was
charged a hundred pounds for some flight
and i was thinking, my dad is going
to kick me to the moon if i spent
1000 ringgit for a one hour flight.
then i really broke down.
i must have looked pretty attractive huh,
with the red eyes and nerdy specs.
i swear right, i cry at EVERYTHING.

so i went back to the baggage area
and oh lucky me got that woman again.
*by this time they opened another counter*
and she asked whether i had to pay
and she went 'oh, you really should have to'
and told me there was no need to cry.


that felt kinda good.

now i have to unpack and study.

and due to the snow,
there are like giant balls of ice lying
in the middle of the road everywhere
and everything is covered in ice
so walking is almost impossible edi.


i better walk properly from now
until the exams finish!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

In 24 Hours' Time..

i'll be back in Belfast feverishly
cramming those annoying 50 lectures.
i'm all packed, and my aunt has bought me
enough instant noodles to last me a lifetime
despite my constant protests that
i don't eat instant noodles at all.

those familiar feelings of helplessness
and confusion are back and i *really*
hope that i pass this exam or my dad
will SURELY make my fly home
and become the permanent family driver.
but then again, i'm so sick of reading
the same old slides over and over again.

wish me luck ):

Thursday, January 03, 2008

first post of 2008,
and i just want to say..


my dreams have come true!
it was forecasted that today will be snowing
so i was really excited and then people
kept going 'it's snowing!' when it wasn't
and got me really happy over nothing ):

then... it happened!

white speckles drifted from the sky!!

i want to take photos but cannot see anything,
so i hope when i wake up tomorrow London
will be covered with a blanket of whiteness.

that said, 2 more days til i go back
and 3 more to exams ):
on to more studying!

chey! >.<

**edit 2- i just read Jay's blog...
heavily summore, enough to build a SNOWMAN.
it BETTER still be snowing by Sunday!!