Thursday, June 30, 2005

one more day to go!!

i feel like dying already. my body is full of aching muscles and bruises :(
but thankfully, the routine is perfect now!
after practicing a few times in the morning earlier, we perfected everything and we're good to go :)
all the looong practices since december, muscle aches and scars are going to be worth it if we perform well that day and show all the losers out there that we can do it as well.

i can't wait!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005


yeah, my newfound love for school started yesterday when the cheerladers went for the state championships for the band. (our ulterior motive was to go and support them and in return, they would come and support us this week)
but anyway, our school sent four busloads of people and it turned out that out of the ten bands that were competing, only our school brought so many supporters. seriously, around 80% of the crowd there were CHS people ;)

so anyway, there was this place at the side where the band members would wait for their turn to march in. and even when the band before them marched in to perform and our band walked to their places to wait, the crowd all stood and cheered madly. the school support was TREMENDOUS!
the minute they marched in, we clapped and cheered like crazy, and everytime the drum major threw his stick thingy (what's it called?) up, everyone held their breath and rejoiced when he caught it. only once he dropped it, and even then we cheered to encourage him.

and in the end, while they were waiting for the results, they gave out the participation certs to all the schools except for our school and two others. and then they announced the second runner-up. not us! then the first runner up 'Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan..' all the band members started crying. but even then, they were so disciplined and stood straight without moving at all.

and at that moment, our school went crazy. people were screaming, waving the school flag and all that. it was... WHOA. seriously,i myself was screaming and jumping around so much that i kicked some woman a few times. (sorry) ;)

but now, people are expecting a number one from us this weekend as well. how? HOW?!!!!
we're so dead.

*p.s.-- i lost my left contact lens ALREADY. after only four days of wearing it :(

Thursday, June 23, 2005

guess what?!
i was rubbing me eyes then suddenly my world went half clear half blur.
and so i went crawling on the floor finding it, touching every part of the floor and putting my face an inch for the ground to try to see it.
after almost fifteen minutes of doing that, i finally gave up and rubbed my eyes again.
it went up to my eyelid... so happily i took it and ran to my room to change to specs.
then i knocked a chair and it flew outta my hands!
and again, i had to crawl again to find it.

luckily, i found it and im happily wearing specs now.
whoever invented contacts?!!!
guess who isnt selected for national service??
ME!!!!!! *yay!* really really REALLY happy!
especially after the news of the-girl-with-the-scarred-face, ive been dreading NS more and more. i actually had a nightmare over it! (and i never, NEVER get nightmares)
*phew* its finally over. no more thinking about the endless 'what-if's. no more thinking about how i'll look if my face also gets swollen, black, and all blotchy.

another thing- i'll be unofficially stepping down from my post as the VP of Interact Club tomorrow. its sad :(
it seems like a few months ago only i got the post, and sadly, i have to say that i didnt achieve what i expected to and the club is worse off after we got our posts :(
but anyway, congrats to those ppl who will be getting a post tomorrow :)

i got contacts. they hurt and i can't get them in :(
you guys wont get to see me wearing it though, cuz i look terrible with them..
and i paid RM 500 to get them for CHEER 2005
im starting to believe im quite empty headed sometimes :(

Sunday, June 19, 2005

*Ahh* im super tired :(
i dont know why, but lately have been getting tired easily, frequent stomachaches and sweating a lot. maybe im having cancer or some terrible disease :)
then i can get exemption from NS!
almost fell asleep during missions conference just now,
but thank God there my workshop leader was a ChuckSimplePlan-lookeylikey :)

why is everyone studying for SPM already?!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I DIDNT KENA NS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

only 50% sure though. another list coming out on wednesday :(
pray for me!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

coming soonest! Posted by Hello
i finally get to appear on national newspaper... and THIS is how i look?!!!! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

hIYA! :)
guess what i did today??
i went house-to-house to do odd jobs to raise money for orphans! on a sunday morning!!
im just an angel, aren't i? ;)

nah, actually i was sorta forced to do it....
what person of sound mind would actually wake up early to go do stuff like that??
anyway, it was an Interact thing and we actually went to the Taman Petaling area, put on a smiley face and ask ppl politely if they wanted anything done in their house in exchange for a small amount of money..

so anyway, some people sctually gave us some money freely but some chased us away.. :(
our first job was a washing car job.. since i nvr washed a car before and i was wearing my beloved superstars, i supervised the washing ;)
later, we went to a few houses but no one answered when it was SO obvious there were ppl in the house.
and summore there was this woman who was so fierce, i think her face alone scared us away.

but there was this huge house, so we decided to try our luck...
and this rich guy (he's a Christian too) let us weed his garden...and gave us 150 BUCKS for it!!!
whoa!! he was so nice n all... and even asked us if it was enough!
but his wife was horrible!
she kept telling us.. 'you better do properly ah, give you so much already, if not call the gardener better..'
she kept checking on us to make sure we dont mess up and shouting at us to not pluck out all the grass and all rude!
right bfore going to church summore *grr*

yeah, that's all from me today. see ya!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

hello people! :)
freshly back from my first family camp *sadly*!!
typically, there was loads of fun, laughter, and as usual, some problems.. :(

anyway,anderson, my sis and i left my house at seven but we only started the journey at ten!
thank goodness we got to ride in style in uncle mark's lexus or i'd probably puke the whole way up.. ;)
made a few dozen stops along the way, can't really remember them now..
but for the last half hour, we opened up the sunroof and screamed the whole way up! haha :)

the first day was pretty uneventful, except that we got to see benny shake his butt in front of the whole(almost) church! :)
oh yeah, we also had the best camp dinner ever! eating steamboat in the cold cold night with church friends is amazing!
we should do that more in future yeah??

on the second day, i got the best news ever... cherru and hanjung were coming up!!! :)
it was totally unexpected and they had only made the decision that morning in church...
i can't believe that their parents actually allowed them to go in such short notice!
but anyway, they miraculously found transport and actually came up!

that day was also the so-called 'free and easy' day..
we found out that we actually had to go to parit falls before being allowed to go to town and all....needless to say, the majority of the youth weren't very happy about that :(
but anyway, it was better than nothing right?
then.... it RAINED! *argh* so cold summore!
but the people who had to climb up jasar were the victims le..
they had to walk all the way to the foot of the hill in rain, hike up in the rain,
and some of them actually got stung by wasps!

the third day-the best day! :)
we had this olympics thing where people had to eat weird stuff ..
and joanne, also known as The Girl Who Can't Eat Spicy Stuff, actually ate a chilli-tomato sauce sandwich!! :)
lauren and my sista drank diluted soy sauce while i watched them in amusement while taking pics! haha ;)
that night was pretty fun too.. with a very funny sketch by the elders n deacons ;)
the speaker actually stripped down to a singlet and shorts! very sporting :)

and just like that, camp ended :(
anyways, it was great being able to hang out with all the church ppl and getting to know some older people ( who actually are pretty cool)
yeah.. looking forward to family camp 2007!