Sunday, April 30, 2006

i FINALLY watched Pride & Prejudice
(yesyes i am very outdated lah)

*huge contented sigh*
i *heart* that movie!
i *heart* the book!
i *heart* Mr Darcy!

i absolutely adore classics =)

*isn't he cute?! but he's married =( im heartbroken*

but anyways i was at this YF All-Girls Slumber Party.
it was super girly, we actually did the cucumber thing
you see in those brainless chick flick movies =)
and hey,it works!
try it, putting cold slices of cucumber on your face,
very relaxing =)
and then we stayed up till 3 am watching P&P
and swooning at Mr Darcy.

eeeks. i REALLY dont like Keira Knightley.
she's right up there on my list of
with Scarlett Johannson. (is that how you spell it?)
they both have funny faces :(

driving update:
yesterday Anderson let me drive his car to drop Sam Chew home!
i am told by my sister that my driving is very scary =(
and that LOADS of people honked me.
aiyo :(
but anyway, my dad asked her about my driving
and due to the bad reviews,
my dad told me to stick the P sticker on the Estima this morning!
AND he let me drive to church!
*while telling me the whole way: 'Dont think you're so clever ah!'
just because he asked me where the accelerator was
and i said:' here la, duh.' and i couldnt find the stupid handbrake
that was next to the brakes. ON THE FLOOR!
why call it a handbrake if its on the floor?!*

anyway, i drove there with no problems.
i didnt crash!
i am so proud of myself =)

Monday, April 24, 2006

guess what
the funniest thing happened the other day :)
Anderson was dropping me home when his car suddenly went reeeeally slow
and before we knew it, it stopped
the car ran out of petrol!

yup. right in the middle of the road.

thank God there was a petrol station about 50 metres in front.
thank God that i just got my licence and could drive properly.

so i got to steer while Cassie and Anderson pushed the car!

Anderson doesnt trust my driving skills much though,
the whole time he was pushing
he was shouting stuff at me

hello, i also can see the petrol station in front la
so anyway, while they were pushing away pretty slowly
i got to stick my head out and watch them
(which got them screaming at me to look at the road again)

i think God's giving me a little incentive
in return for not being able to go for the Quiksilver Revolution Tour
even though i got free tix :(

*apparently the very hot Colby Miller was there. AND there was a water mosh pit!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

happy 18th birthday,
Lor Yung Ming, Caleb! :)

*hehehhehe! okay lar, he looks MUCH better in real life!*

after close to 5 years of constant bickering (read: me screaming at you.a LOT.)
im really happy that we haven't killed each other yet =)

it all started one day waaay back in
Form Two
i was very innocently doing my class duty of sweeping the floor
when the evil one stormed in and walked STRAIGHT into my sweeping,
and i accidentally swept his foot.
then out of nowhere he just SWORE at me
he went:
'you B****!'
naturally i was shocked and retaliated la
so i swore back (i was pretty rebellious then la!)
and that was the beginning of our friendship =)
cool huh?

but anyway,if you ask Caleb this,
he'll tell you that I, Samantha Tan, the oh-so-sweet-and-innocent one swore at him first.
so dont listen to him =)

anyways, to my horror,
one day he CAME TO CHURCH.
i almost died on the spot,seriously.
i mean, its horrible enough to see some random guy who swore at you 5 days in school
and now i have to see him in the weekends as well!
so for 3 years, i saw Caleb EVERY SINGLE DAY.
(quite sickening la. LOL!)
seriously, EVERYWHERE i turn, his face would be there.
remember 8) ?

and from then, i hated him.
i mean i really REALLY hated him.
everytime i saw him in school/church,
i would just look one side and ignore him, trying to pretend he's not there.
i did that so much that until now i tend to walk past him
and pretend its all empty space =) (sorry!)
and until now, he's the only person i've ever hated.
i am the HORRIBLEST person in the world, i know.

and that went on for ages until Form Four i think
when we started having these amazingly long conversations over the phone.
that's when he started to REALLY annoy me by constantly insulting me
and calling me fat.

(blame him la, coz of his CONSTANT insults I started to crash diet.
see la, until now im still on a never-ending diet!)

throughout 2004/05 there were periods when i really really hated him
and then suddenly i'd be best friends with him :)
quite weird, i know.
one minute i'd be screaming at him over the phone/online
and the next i'd be having 3-hour phone conversations almost daily
(im amazed. I also don’t know what we talked about for THREE freaking hours)
er, sorry ah, i know im very scary =)

but anyways, everything's okay now (i hope)
and we're pretty great friends.
it's probably because i hardly see him anymore though =)

thanks for always putting up with me yeah,

(even though im always at my worst when talking to you)
always offering to download One Tree Hill so i can watch Nathan,
*OTH is waaaaaay better than OC la!*
putting NATHAN as your MSN display pic *LOL*
specially downloading boyband videos/ songs =) ,
*BSB still better than N'SYNC kay! but Westlife rules over all!*
risking being disowned by your parents for calling my handphone
just because im lazy to walk downstairs to the house phone =),
have freecell competitions over the phone (which I always win!)
listening to me ranting nonstop,
the list is endless.

thanks 8)

*urm, there was supposed to be this pic of caleb n i smiling really wide and another one i drew using paint. Blogger is not coorperating. too bad :( *

*this is a very long post, but then again..
i dont have a present. so this'll do for the meantime kay?*

Thursday, April 20, 2006

self indulgence =)
(this is SO leeza foo)
it's Drake Bell from The Amanda Show, Drake& Josh etc.
faster go watch, its super super funny =)
Astro Channel 60, weekdays 7.30 pm

i *heart* drake!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the tan house has a new pet.
we have a disgusting tortoise now

my dad was travelling outstation
when suddenly he saw a tortoise and decided to capture it.
(or something like that, im not sure what happened
because my dad is still not talking to me)
quite jakun right?!

so now we have this gross thing at home.
i had an emotionally very trying night yesterday :(
due to my overstuffed wardrobe which cannot contain any more new clothes,
i had to clear out some stuff that i dont wear anymore.
yesyes, it was a very very sad occasion :(

i just can't stand throwing/giving away any clothes i have
and now all my clothes have evolved into many mountainous piles.
actually, i dont even wear half of these clothes
but i can't bear to part with any of them.
its like each piece of clothing has a special meaning to me you know?

AND i finally know what my talent is!
i am talentless no more!
my special talent is remembering exactly what people wore and when!
i still remember what hanjung, cherru and caleb first wore
when they first came to church ;)
and which cute guy wore what when i first saw them.
very very good talent =)
(and very very bimbo too)

anyway i gave away lots of stuff,
most of which i've never even worn anyway.
quite sadly, i think i have to continue to throw away stuff
because even after throwing away all the clothes
the wardrobe still has hardly any space :(

i need a new wardrobe.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

nik left Malaysia on Sunday :(
it's amazing how big an impact someone can make in your life
even though i've only known him for about three-and-a-half months.
he's one of the friendliest people i've ever known, and in that short span of three months,
he's practically friends with the whole of Taylor's (seriously!)
when i stand next to him in the corridor,
i'll feel very inferior and loser-ish
because the whole world seems to be greeting him (and he knows all the hot girls+guys!)
he's my first Malay friend and remains my only Malay guy friend,
(its you and Nabilah only)
my first smoker friend,
my first smoker friend who successfully quit smoking :) ,
and my Converse twin (hah! im the only one that has the beautiful shoe now)!

i'm so going to miss those loud outbursts of 'DENG!'s in the middle of class =)
have fun with the Nibbletts and take care :)

we'll miss you loads :(
i am officially a legal driver!

okay, so maybe it's not that amazing 'coz i had to take it twice
but i did it without any bribing
and after four freaking months of lessons
i can finally stop going to that stupid place
which is always so hot and full of smokers and pervert instructors.

luckily i was one of the first to be tested
and the guy was still in a pretty good mood :)
he even chatted to me on the way
and gave me a few pointers to be a better driver
AND FINALLY i did my balancing perfectly on both slopes!
*phew* and when i finally reached the driving school,
he said:' kamu sangat cantik ar, tetapi perlu slim sedikit'

whatever la, who cares if im obese
as long as i passed!

my next mission: get a car :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

playing hide-and-seek in MPH, racing against time to catch the last bus of the day, making the bus driver+ passengers wait for three out-of-breath teens sprinting across KL Sentral, cable care rides with two altophobics, midnight karaoke sessions screaming along to Britney and Westlife, 1 am mafia games and ghost stories, catwalking on the metal plates on the pond, competitions to walk a straight line after turning ourselves as mush as possible in the cup-and-saucer ride, taking photos at every opportunity, stealing the kid's turns at the carousel and the flying elephants, sitting in the bus station waiting for the bus while playing 'I Spy With My Little Eye'....

i like =)
it's been two years since you first rolled over my foot (with your bad driving) and made me cry =)
thanks for all the lifts everywhere, the silly SMSes, the very annoying-but-funny MSN chats, the loOoONg phone conversations about hot guys (nathan DOES NOT look like a crybaby) and advice about my future =)
here's to many more years of fun ahead!
remember to name your first child after me okay?:)

sammiethegreat and anderson the foot-roller
stupid JPA.
made me wait so freaking long i cried.
went there bright and early feeling so happy,
to this forsaken place 109029339148038 kms from my house
to sit for a 45 minute aptitude test and a 6 hour wait for my interview.
what's worse was that i made the guys wait for me to go Genting :(
so i cried, right in front of all those very-kiasu-for-the scholarship-people
while talking to my lovely daddy who offered to drive me up to Genting =)
(i dont normally do this okay, i was super stressed out that day)
all that lousy wait for a less-than-one-minute speech by me.
this girl la, snatching ALL the opportunities to talk
summore outside she was reading this long list and an exercise book
FULL of potential interview questions
so i glanced over and i saw this question
*almost died* should've seen the answer la =(
then she la, outside saying all
'okay, we must give each other chances to talk okay, take turns..'

by the time i got my golden chance to talk
everyone got all my points dee :(

stupid people.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

im so paranoid i scare myself sometimes.
i was thinking about all the little little things i always do
and i realise... im probably the world's most paranoid person!

* i used to think that someone installed a CCTV in my glasses so everytime i showered
i would put in facing the wall so no one could secretly watch me bathe. (so so so stupid)

* i used to think that in everything, there must be equality, if not the world is off balance.
so in order to do my part in keeping the world safe again (like superhero only),
i would do everything in equal. one of the STUPIDEST things was if one part on the right side of my body itched, i would scratch it together with the same part on the left side, and if i didnt scratch both sides, i would feel super uncomfortable. so you'll see my scratching my face all over even if only one teeny part was itching. >.<

*my greatest fear in life is... to lose my two front teeth.
there is NOTHING worse than that trust me!
so everytime i run/jump/skip, i will put my tongue into the space between my two front teeth and the back of my lips. this is to cushion my teeth in case i fall (according to the Laws of Physics, this will prolong the 'masa' and 'mengurangkan daya impuls'. Physics DID come useful after all!)

*my other greatest fear is if my zip is undone.
seriously, observe me and you can see me always, CONSTANTLY touching my zip to make sure it's still up.
(im not doing anything gross okay!)

there's a lot more but i have to stop cuz the mosquitos are KILLING me
and i have to look after my siblings if not i can't go genting tmr :(

p.s. my JPA interview tmr. praypraypray hard!

p.p.s. going genting with class people tmr also. *wheee!*

p.p.s. if you've watched OTH Season three episode 17 & 18, share la! me and yeanz are DYING here okay!

Monday, April 03, 2006

so i failed my road test :(
but i know i didn't drive really well,
so i have no one to blame but me.

but still....
i hate being a failure.
i absolutely CANNOT stand not being the best at everything.

oh well.
at least i passed the parking, balancing and the 3 point turn.
AND my dad failed 5 times!

i feel good now :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

random fact: the Hitz.TV VJ Xandria Ooi studied in Catholic High School!

okay anyway i made my decision la.
only if i get the scholarship then i will be a doctor.
if not then i'll go study something in the arts/humanities.