Monday, September 26, 2005

*whee!* im not really a fan of his, but he's waaaay better than nita.
if you dont watch Malaysian Idol.. you're missing a lot!
but i still wish that Ash went through to the end... he's the best! :)

today in class we were all planning what to do after SPM,
and i got all excited thinking of the numerous pre-planned shopping trips, the four-class combined class trip to Pangkor, the restaurant-hopping outings with theresa,n-shuang, and yeanz, church camp, MY BIRTHDAY, christmas (as well as christmas shopping)...

then i remember that SPM is in 6 week's time.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

just when i thought everything was fine..
all the bad news just hits you in the face.
since monday, everyday has been filled with terrible stuff :(
and the ultimatum came on wednesday when i FAILED my piano grade 8.
as if barely scraping by in trials aren't enough,
i had to go and waste a ton of my parent's money by failing my last piano exam.
by four marks summore!
now i have to go take it all over again, another year filled with stupid torturing piano lessons,
another few thousand bucks just to take the dumb exam.
i dont know what's wrong with me lately..
i've been doing really really badly in exams and SPM's in... about 48 days.
so freaking fast!
starting from next week, i'm going to lock myself inside the room and memorize every reference book i have until i can dictate it word-for-word.
so there!

Monday, September 19, 2005

i really did it! its over!!
you have no idea how relieved i feel right now.
that's all my studied stuff coming outta my brain. :)

anyway, during the course of last month,
i managed to win two CDs from, get addicted to StarWorld and MTV, and set my personal record for sleeping the least hours in two weeks. I've gotten used to sleeping very little that when i finally slept for 6 hours that day i felt real bad :(
but those loooong nights are gone!