Sunday, November 23, 2008

wow its been over a month.

its weird to think that early this year,
i would've blogged all the time.

so updates.

1. its Week 9 out of 12.
which means- exams are soon.
): and ahhhh work!
at least i love what i do.
did i tell you that i sawed a human head few weeks ago
to get the brain out and now we're
dissecting the cadaver's face?
fun times.

2. i am super drained.
seriously, i dont even know what i spend my time doing,
and sometimes i feel like i have seizures or something
because i wake up not remembering
what happened the day before ):

but yes- the drained feeling is due to
i guess i shouldn't complain because
i am having the time of my life
but dark circles around my eyes
is definitely not a good look on me.

3. i am exactly 19 years and 11 months old.
yes, one more month and
i am officially old.
im sorry to anyone older,
but in my mind i just associate any age starting with a 2
and beyond with massive responsibility.

homesickness has just been growing ever since
i came home from America.

5. i am planning Summer 09 already!
dont know the details, but it's going to be
a combination of medical stuff+missions+ThirdWorld country.
im in the process of emailing anyone
who will take me and if all else fails,
i'm going back to America yay!

6. it is getting ridiculously cold.
which normally would mean 'yay excuse to buy MORE clothes!'
but for some inexplicable reason i am broke.
also, after doing a lot of social action this year
i am having lots of internal struggles.

on one hand, its 'how can I buy so many clothes
knowing that I have more than enough and
that money can go towards sponsoring a child
and also that these clothes are probably made
by children in wartorn countries under harsh
circumstances and no food?!'

on the other, its 'oooh look! so pretty!'

im still holding on.
when i came back from America,
i made a pact that i wouldnt shop for a year.
yeah- that was broken three weeks later.
i have no self control i tell you.

but yeah, i am trying.

seriously- the laptop has seen better days and
now refuses to connect to the Internet.
partly due to the broke-ness and partly
because i am very lazy,
it's been three weeks and i haven't done anything
other than to complain incessantly.

sometimes i wish i still lived at home
because my dad will always fix things.
but yeah i don't know where to send it to
so i have to resort to checking emails through
Oliver (the iPod) and coming to the library
for anything other than that.

8. I'm currently reading Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne.
not as good as his first book, but still a good read.
read if you're political and interested in
being radical for Jesus.

so yeah, that's a pretty comprehensive update
on my life so far.

i have definitely typed this as if it was a personal letter
to cassie because i've indulged waaayy too much
information in this and when i click the
'publish post' button, i will regret revealing so much
of my craziness and insecurity to silent Internet readers.

rights i have just finished a 1000 word essay
and im off to finish a 4000 word reflective journal.
have a good weekend and i'll probably update in another
months' time with more news.