Friday, July 30, 2004

arrrgh.. so nervous now!
tmr got piano exam n im so going to fail:(
*today we had a so called full dress rehearsal but it was so messy!
the guys from the three other schools all came as usual, very late n the whole thing started only at three thirty when a lot of people left already.. sheesh..guys arr.....let's hope the Installation's not going to be a huge mess...

*lately, the whole school has been hit with the frisbee fever.everyone's playing frisbee and there are so many competitions revolving around the frisbee lately.e.g., the frisbee selling competition.. which is totally weird, and now the interclass frisbee tournament which i am taking part in 2 oclock under the burning, scorching, shining bright sun!!!
the guys in my class broke the school frisbee record today..:)

*there's this guy who got my number n misscalled me. i made the mistake of calling him back with my house phone n now he has it n keeps calling me!!! i dont even noe who he is and when he calls me, he's talking to me like an old friend and keeps saying he wants to meet scary larr!!! anyways, thank goodness he doesnt have a house phone n has to use a public phone to call me so its hard n his phone got no more credit *phew* so lets hope it'll be looooong time before he calls again..:)

oh well... have to go get some sleep now.. to play better tmr..:)
wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

rising star

my friend hui jing got into the seventeen star search final!!
check her out at
vote for her yea:)

Sunday, July 25, 2004

the weekend is over:(

oh no.. the weekend is over.. the start to ANOTHER boring school week...
i love school, jz that this week will be a very horrible week for me :( ive got a piano exam this friday, then frisbee competition after that, and the Installation the day after:(
then after that.... IM FREE!!!
the only good thing about this week is that.... *drumroll* my mum is going to Hong Kong! i'll be home alone.. yay!!! she'll be going only for 5 days though. too bad:) but she's going there for a shopping spree so when she comes back i'll get a lot of stuff:)

baptism classes have just ended but i still dont noe whether to get baptised or not..
that day when i told daddy about joining baptism classes he was so shocked he reacted so loudly..."WHAT?! You're joining BAPTISM classes?" yea, that's what he said.. sheesh.. sumore he was driving n swerved to the left so fast.. scary la...
well, i really dont noe whether i should or not... help someone!

the cheerleading squad got an offer by this MSE company thing to perform in Bukit Jalil in October.. the thing is, we get paid n we get to quote the price too !!!!
too bad we turned it down cuz we had to perform the same day for the Scouts campfire too..
all the money gone:(

anyway, its been a boring week so far:( hope it gets better...
hv a good week!:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

phyebeng to the rescue!

phye beng taught me how to use the links and stuf... sheesh.. im so useless at computers and stuff la:( ... so this post is a tribute to the great phye beng:)
for those of you who dont know, phye beng is a youthful, amazing guy who's ready to help anyone :)
erm... b-gurl needs to use the com now.. i'll continue the tribute to phye beng with a poem next time..:)

Monday, July 19, 2004

tangled in thorns

life is a bed of roses. how true.. but lately, i seem to be tangled in the thorns..:(
im beginning to feel the pressure weighing down on me... **sigh**.. been having friend problems for the past weeks and it can seriously tag you down. It all started with a few unhappy people that led to a separation between a group of close friends, and in the end, everyone was on one side or the other. it just goes to show that how mean some people can be when things don't go their way..:(
anyway, that's not the end of my tangled thorns.. my piano exam's coming up and i can't even play anything!!! arrrrgh... piano is so frustrating!!! no matter how much i practise, i still cant get it.. the worst thing is there's two more weeks to the exam and i cant quit later cuz apparently, im"wasting my long years of musical education" if i do.. great..:(
haven't told my parents my results yet... they're definitely going to blow up at me n ban me from everything.. luckily, mum's going to be in hong kong when i get my report card and i'll just ask my dad to sign it..knowing him, there will be some grumbling but he wont go berserk..yay!!
i also found a blog of an ex-cheerleader, and reading it really cut me deep...
there's so much criticism and hate in it about us and it seems that the whole world is against Calyx joining Cheer 2004. The whole school is so unsupportive and everyone's so doubtful about us. I guess we really proved them right especially when we did horrendously in the competition.*sigh* all the practices n hard work for nothing:(
well, i guess there are still roses in life's bed of thorny flowers, so i shouldnt grumble too much..gotta go catch up on my homework that was due last week...have a good week everyone! 

Thursday, July 15, 2004

pioneer post!!!:)

heyheyhey people
yay.. first post!!! anyways just trying out the 'blogging craze' that is taking over..:)
thanks for reading :)