Sunday, March 30, 2008

My London-Paris Super Trip Part 1

so yeah.

i don't really know what to say
when people ask me how it was.
it was really great seeing my parents,
but i think this farewell was so much
worse than when i first left cause
all the excitement of going to a new place
is sorta gone and cause i know now that
i'll be all alone again i'm a bit depressed.

can you spot my parents?
its a bit blurry cause i was sitting on
my suitcase positioning my camera to
get the first shot of them as they walked out.

but i think the trip overall was okay,
just that the weather really
screwed up all our plans ):

changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.

so as i said before,
i woke up on Day One without
any hearing in my left ear at all.
it was really really weird.
so i said to myself:
'well i think i can live with one sided hearing..'
and didn't think too much of it.

mummy with her first of three handbags.

so i waited at Heathrow for the whole day
and FINALLY my parents arrived (:
we were pretty lucky because my parent's
client had an empty apt in London
so we stayed for free, which was a huge relief.

oh yes, and the apt was apparently 5 mins
away from Stamford Bridge, but no matter
how i tried to look, I COULDN'T FIND IT!
aaaand they had a home game on the day
i left for Paris >:(

he was very cold and bored (:

on DayTwo, we woke up bright and early
and went London sightseeing!
you know all the places like Westminster Abbey,
House Of Commons, Big Ben etc.
and went to the National Gallery,
our FirstMuseumOfTheTrip.

but then as the day went along,
my ear started to hurt really badly.
so i decided to get it fixed before
it spoiled my whole trip ):

at some Italian place in Covent Garden.

so i went to some random hospital's A&E.
and waited.
and waited.
and waited some more.

grrrr >:(
i was super frustrated la,
cause this wasn't how i wanted to
spend my FIRST full day in London!
and A&E takes FOREVER.

there were all the people bleeding
just sitting around waiting for their turn.

then there was this foreign woman
bleeding profusely from her leg and
had waited for 5 hours edi still no treatment,
so she got so angry she shouted at the nurses
and limped off with her bleeding leg.

and then after nearly 4 hours of waiting,
i *finally* got treated.

i love this street.

Day 3 was spent at this place near Oxford
where all the outlet shops are.
and in England, outlet shopping is very nice
because all the goods are from either
the last season or the current season
and they're really slashed prices.
it's like real proper shops as well,
none of that warehouse-type environment.

i know right, i laughed nonstop too
everytime my dad wore the beanie.
my mum forced him to cause it was so cold.

we met up with my aunt on Day 4
and went to Harrods (:

did you know that Harrods has
this mermaid fountain with real dead fish
pinned on it as decoration?
they have to change those fish everyday!

Portobello Market, which is this looooooong
road all filled with antique galleries and
little stalls selling vintage stuff.
it's also where Notting Hill was filmed.

so far we haven't gone shopping yet,
so i was pretty much itching to shop.
so Day 5 was spend in Covent Garden
and Oxford Street buying things (:

i got a sign for my room saying
'Drama Queen Drive'
so me right?!!

we were waiting for toilet for half an hour
in the hail then the snow.
it was really really *horrible*.

Portobello Market was for Day 6.
basically, it's this super super long road
filled with antique galleries and
it was very cool cause each gallery
had a lot of little stalls inside.
there were so many little cool things!

there were so many floors and the place was huge,
yet the only things from Msia took
up HALF a little cabinet, and whats worse is
our only contribution are METAL BARS.
very embarassing.

but the weather was disgusting.
it was rainy and drizzly the whole time
then suddenly started hailing and snowing.
even crappier, my mum and i were
desperately standing in line for those
self-cleaning toilets which was crap
cause people only use them for 2 mins
and the toilets have this period of cleaning
which took really FOREVER.
so we stood for half an hour in the snow
just to use toilets >:(

roof of the British Museum.
pretty isnt it?

so we escaped to the British Museum,
which was our SecondMuseum.
i really really like this place.
i tell you, i LOOOOVE museums.

but going to the museum with my dad
is a whole other thing to think about.
my mum and i would walk around the place
looking at things and finish by half an hour
and go looking for my dad to find him
STILL where we started, examining
all the stuff really closely, finding
all the perfect angles to take photos.
it was quite amusing.

and finished with a dinner at my aunt's restaurant.

and that was our first 6 days in London.
photos on Facebook asap.
next up, the Paris part (:

Friday, March 28, 2008

i am back.

and am completely wiped out.

in short,

twelve days.
two countries.
snow in BOTH London+Paris.
a new iPod.
two swollen ears.
more hours handbag shopping
to last me a lifetime.
endless eating and eating (:
5 museums.
amazing sights.
crazy weather.
walking and walking for ages.
800 photos.

loads of stories to tell.

but for now, my bed calls (:


Thursday, March 20, 2008

oh hello fast post!
i'm in my aunt's apt now stealing
internet while my parents are discussing
politics and other yawn things.
i've got 45 new emails!!
sorry yeah can't read them now im rushing

but anyway its been great
but London is freaking cold wei!
my parents are dying!
p/s Cassie mummy bought you things edi!

OH YEAH i woke up on the day i left
without hearing in my left ear
and the next day there was discharge everything
so i had to go A&E at the hosp here
on my first day and spent half a day there
in the stupid waiting room for a doctor.
damn crap right.

its slightly better but my hearing
still hasn't returned yet so im worried.
and im living 10 mins away from
StamfordBridge and the Chelsea-Arsenal
game is this Sunday when im in Paris ):

anyway yeah see y'all when i get back
(: byeeeeeeee


Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Back Is Breaking.

the new store opened today,
and boy was it tough.
all these people lining up before it was open
and literally ran inside when it did.

and i've had it with these picky people.
when you go into somewhere and order,
PLEASE don't go and change everything okay.

'i want this this without onions mayo blabla'
'oh i'll have that with extra sauce please'

and you know what request i got?!!
'oh can i have the burger bun to be the bun
from the kid's menu cause i dont like
the sesame bits up there?!'


'double cheeseburger without cheese please'


irregardless, i love working anyway.

but i'm super looking forward to tmr cause..

i've been looking forward to this for weeks
and it's finally happening!
we're all flying to London for a few days
and then go to Paris forawhile.
very exciting (:

i'm quite nervous though,
cause i've never actually been alone with them.
there's always one of the other three around
and i haven't seen them for 6 months so
having their full attention for 12 days will be new.

but whatever it is,
i'm bursting with joy (:

another thing is, ten days without Internet?
that's going to be torture.
so no updates or anything for the
next two weeks yes?

take care and see you when i get back (:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Year Formal!

so yesterday was our Formal,
or in more Malaysian terms, prom.

it was pretty weird 'cause everyone
had classes til 4 (half in the dissection room)
and it started at 7 so it was a MAD rush.

my beautician and i (:

since i can't do my hair and
don't know how to put on makeup,
i ran from house to house to get each done.

it was hair first then makeup
and right after my hair was all done
it started... RAINING.


i loooooove my dress.

and guess how we went to the formal?
we walked.
yup very classy (:

and what's worse was,
it started raining on the way down as well!
i can tell you that we looked very weird
walking at night with dresses in the rain.

almost all of my group, A15.

and when we were late so
everyone was seated at their tables already
so i sat with people i didnt know at all.
pretty awkward.

but after the dinner was over,
the fun began (:

our ladders of shots.

right after dinner, everyone decided to go
to the bar opposite to get shots since
the bar at the hotel was too expensive.

it was pretty cool, all these people dressed up
storming into the near empty bar
buying lots and lots of drinks.

and then i got 8 shots.

i felt woozy for about an hour
and that was it (:

our last shot at the afterparty.

the formal here is pretty much same as prom,
just that there's no emcee and no performances.

well, a guy in our year got his chest
waxed for charity ):
poor guy.

i had such a great time
and my feet were ready to die
due to my super high shoes ):
i felt a bit pathetic also 'cause
*everyone* looked sooo good seriously.

anyway, lots of photos up on Facebook
so go check it out k! (:

my heart's ready to burst.
6 more days.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

To My Utmost Horror,

i walked into my room yesterday
and this strong dank smell hit me
i thought: 'Whoa, i didn't know
i had so much dirty laundry..'

then i realised the carpet was soaking
and i opened the bathroom to see
the the stupid showerhead was leaking
(AGAIN!!) and half of my room was flooded.

this has happened twice and both times
i thought, 'hey maybe it was my mistake'
but im QUITE sure it isn't this time.

so to get rid of the stench
im opening my windows to let cold air in
but it's SO VERY COLD.

so now im sitting in my disgusting
smelly cold room shivering!


*btw, this site
i am slightly sick reading it but still
morbidly fascinated.
faster click!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Boy Do I Miss Real Food.

i've been having really really bad cravings
for real proper cooked hot food.

i haven't been cooking since London
and it's been cereal for breakfast
lunch and dinner for the past 6 weeks.

it's just that after 9-5 classes,
i come home and feel so lazy that
i just take whatever is there you know?

the whole process of prepping food,
waiting for it to cook, cleaning up,
and then eating the food.....

seriously, by then i dont even feel like
eating anymore ):

so i've been living on cereal/bread/fruit
and it's lovely and all, but after eating
nearly 3 large boxes of cereal a week,
i'm quite ready for a change.

and this is the amount of cereal i've been
consuming for the past few weeks.
(there were more, but i threw them out)

as you can see, i've not only become
too lazy to cook, i've also become too lazy
to throw my rubbish out.
(only the cereal boxes though)

and each box contains 750g of cereal.
so yes, that is a bit too much no?

i did add rice recently to break the staple
and add some zing into my meal plans
but even then with no cooking,
it's been plain rice and soya sauce 3 times a week.
but it is soooo yummy though!

i can't wait for my impending holiday
so that i can eat and eat and get really fat!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

For The Last Time,






it's Northern Ireland laaa.

they're two different countries,
and Ireland isn't in the UK!

and people here don't consider
themselves Irish, they're the Brits.

p/s. how boring is AmericanIdol?!
there's nothing good on TV anymore
except Project Runway which is
ending this week ):

p/p/s. two more weeks til Easter break (:
and 14 more days to THE day.
i can almost die of excitement.