Friday, August 14, 2009

man this is depressing.

im writing notes to my older classes-
you know, as a goodbye gift kinda thing
and i've been reflecting over the past two months
and it's getting quite emotional

i dont like to think that i'd probably
never see these awesome kids again.
it's like last summer all over again-
except i'll never get to hear from them
cause they can't get email and sending letters
to the UK is probably too expensive.


i had the loveliest day yesterday,
it was a public holiday so i decided to bring
the older ones for a roadtrip to this giant park
and i've decided i'm never going to be one of
those parents who volunteer to chaperone their
children's school trips.

it was REALLY difficult getting everyone to stick together,
and there were only 10 of them!
even then, there was only one boy and he was
running all over the place going crazy (:

but it was really nice cause so many of them
haven't really been out of Koteshwor,
which is really busy and dirty and muddy
and on the way there, they just kept going
'miss look at this! look at that tree!
look at this river!'
it was a lot of fun, but also quite sad.

i mean, i dont know how i can help.

yeah, i'm spending some of my time with these kids,
but how do i help beyond that?
how do i make sure they continue to go to school
and not have to dropout because their parents
can't afford to pay for school anymore?
how do i help in ensuring they grow up to
have a good life with equal opportunities as everyone else?

i'm in a very messed up state of mind right now.

only 4 days left.
i'm going to really miss this crazy place.


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