Monday, August 10, 2009

im back in Nepal!

i really dont understand why my luggage is almost
double the weight of what i brought back
and i haven't really gone shopping at all!

yeah- it was NOT fun lugging all that to school
and then all the way back home, but i made it!

i almost didn't make it back cause the line was so
incredibly long at KLIA but thankfully this airportman
told me to go to this particular counter and
i jumped like 80 people in the queue! (sorry!)

and because there were only 4 women on the flight,
i got my own row again, it was brilliant!

i think most of the people on the flight were
Nepalis going home after working in KL,
the perceived 'land of opportunities' or something
cause everyone brought home a TV
(which was better than ours at home)
and it really looked like our flight was going to
a Hell's Angels convention or something cause
half of the flight were wearing leather jackets
and leather boots- in this weather!

another 10 days in Nepal, then back to UK-
i am so very excited to start uni again (:


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