Thursday, July 30, 2009

phew i finally feel okay.

it's been six days of pain but on the upside,
i get to lie in and read harry potter all day (:

i really haven't been doing much,
but in typical sammie fashion,
i've been going to lots of shopping malls
(and haven't actually done any shopping at all!)
and it finally feels like its the summer holidays
cause im actually getting a break so yay!

went to my old high school today for the
parent teacher day and both the teachers
responsible for alyssa's class taught me
in form 2 and none of them recognised me!

it feels surreal that i've left CHS now
for 4 years already- i'm not sure if i like it.

apparently the clouds finally broke over nepal,
monsoon has truly arrived and it's water and mud
everywhere- im not sure if im looking fwd to that!
and theres been a week long strike called,
so all the exams the school is running is canceled anyway,
which is crap cause that means
even after i get back i dont have anything
to do and its too late for me to change my
flight plans now!! ):


gonna go meet cherru now,
my super awesome oldest friend- can't wait!


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