Wednesday, July 15, 2009

so i'm sitting here with mountains of work!

i have a stack of Science exercise books to mark,
one more Health exam paper to write up,
lesson plans for tomorrow to prepare,
and also i'll be doing assembly tomorrow!

teaching is real hard work!

but i'm glad to say that it's not a burden
or anything at all, because surprisingly-
i'm really enjoying teaching kids!

it's definitely a real lesson in patience
and the ability to be calm no matter what.
i was talking to the headmaster the other day
about how some kids will not stop talking
in my classes and he was telling me about
some of these kids' backgrounds and
it's really shocking ):

so i'm happy that the worst thing they're
doing is making too much noise in class,
which to be honest- was my problem when
i was a kid as well (which is probably still my problem now!)

but yeah- there's this boy in one of my classes
who's from a rough background and is
really brilliant but is always a bit spaced out
during class time and it was his birthday today
and the really cute thing was when i walked into
class today and he jumped up and pressed
a few sweets into my hand and gave me this
giant smile- apparently that's what they do on
their birthdays here! (:

and that small gesture just meant so much,
knowing what his family life is like ):

so i went home and bought him a Mars bar!

and these kids really have no idea what they're
talking about most of the time cause the stuff
in their books are just ridiculous!

today we were having a General Knowledge
class and it was filling in the blanks and my
13 year olds made me laugh so hard cause
they insisted that Marco Polo served the
famous Mongol Emperor, Victoria.

(okay, maybe you had to be there..)

let's hope teaching continues to go well
for the next month! (:


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