Friday, June 30, 2006


you guys take all the cute footballers la!

cherru you can have ruud.
yean you can have kaka.
ho you can have roque.
princessjo you can have beckham.
anderson you can have gerrard.

i have my juergen klinsmann!
i can hear people telling me
' why?! he's so old!'
but hey, how many older guys
look THAT hot?!

for those who dont know,
juergen is the Germany coach.
you guys can take all your
young hotshot footballers la!
i'll take my hot-40-plus-coach instead =)

he's not like the other balding old coaches
who wear suits and ties to the games
but he wears these nice dri-fit polo t-shirts!

i want to post pics,

i cant believe my stupidity.
i only watched 2 Germany matches so far
and if they lose tonight i will cry.
im going to miss watching
ballack + klose + friedrich.
they better kick some Argentina butt.

*plsplsplsplspls let England win*

and im never eating Italian food again.
obviously Aussie should have won la.
we boycott!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

one of my cheerleaders,
yuen wah broke her hand on Wednesday.

there goes our dreams.
there goes their hard work, aching muscles, blood and sweat.


Thursday, June 22, 2006


okay, here's eight more weird things
to complete it all.

1. i have 3 sets of grandparents.
(my mum was adopted)

2. i have never attended a funeral or a wedding dinner before.
(well, gabriel's one is my first-- wedding dinner, not funeral)

3. i ate 9 mandarin oranges in a row this year.

4. like jho, i channel surf in sequence.
its 71,72,16, 70,40,41,42,11,17,61.
if there's nothing good, then i just off the TV la.

5. i fall asleep during horror movies.

6. i dont know my cousin's names.
(i only know the paternal side)

7. the cousins on my mother's side pretty much failed their SPM,
and the cousins on my father's side are all top scorers
(one is a top scorer in s'pore AND m'sia. stupid freak)
so yeah, i think i tend to take my mother's side.

8. none of my relatives died since i was born
except this cousin who sorta had premarital sex
and died shortly after giving birth.
sad huh?

9. i've never seriously liked anyone before.
yeah, its just all the hype over cute guys =)

10. i think i belong to the 1800s.
you know, like in the Jane Austen books
where guys like Darcy lived and they dont do anything
but have dinners and balls and socialise =)
ho IS right though,
they dont make guys like they used to =)

11. the latest i've woke up is eleven.
my automatic biological clock usually goes off at 7.30am.

12. i dont cry at movies/TV shows but i cry when i read.

13. i HAVE to cry every three weeks or so,
if not i'll just feel uncomfortable.

14. i got no ambition, REALLY.
i have no inkling of an idea what i wanna do.
for now though, its to marry a rich dude
so i dont have to figure out what to study =)
yesyes superficial me i know..

15. i hate people who like me.
well not the like-friend way but the like-like way.
ah, you know la.
no idea why though.

16. i think the Germany coach is pretty hot for his age =)

i rambled on and on....
i AM pretty weird after all huh?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

everyone's blogging about their results.
i thought i was happy when i first saw
but then everyone else did better

but never mind,
one more week of holidays to enjoy first
before getting screamed at by Murali.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Rules:
Once you have been tagged you have to write a blog with six weird facts/things/habits about yourself.
In the end, you need to pick six people to be tagged and list their names.

Joel a.k.a. Golden Rabbit tagged me.

6 weird facts:

1. my sisters and i are all born on the same day.

2. my natural hair looks like a mass of Maggi.
seriously!! it took three times of straightening
to get it this straight =)

3. i used to have an eating disorder.
i havent drank any carbonated drinks for 4 years.
i havent eaten rice regularly for 4 years.

4. i used to have very serious asthma.
eat half a grape and i'll be up all night coughing.

5. when i was a baby i wouldnt sleep.
i would nap for 15 mins and wake up for hours,
causing my mum to be so exhausted
she had to go to the hosp to get some sleep =)

6. apparently my fave artiste as a child was Kylie Minogue.

6 weird habits:

1. i eat two oranges everyday.

2. i only wear watches on my left hand.
my right hand is reserved for other wrist-thingies.

3. i read magazines from the back.

4. i ..

im not weird la so i have no weird habits!

6 weird things:

1. apparently our blood in our veins are blue.
thus, causing our veins to be blue.

2. ...

gosh this is bad.
i go think first!

6 weird people I tag:
joel tagged everyone already =(

i tag leeza, yean, claryn, joel lee...
and whoever else who has nothing else to do.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

something happened at the KLCC LRT station
that made everyone laugh at me.
when i say everyone, i DO mean
as in, the people inside the train,
AND the people on the platform.
peak hour summore, so the place was jam-packed.
and they were all laughing at me.

i stepped into the LRT too early
and left my friends still on the platform.
so i kept making punching gestures at them
and looking angry + annoyed
even though i couldnt see them (tinted windows)
and my friends were laughing their heads off outside
which made everyone waiting for the train to
look at me doing stupid things inside the train.

then suddenly the train doors opened
and i quickly hopped outside.
triggering another bout of giggles from the two,
and it infectiously spread around
making the everyone within 10m of me
laugh and smile and POINT.

ah who cares when
*i overslept though, and i woke up to all these
text msgs saying 'your horse scored!'
you wanna know who looks more like a horse?
ronaldinho okay!*

p.s. ho, we WILL see la.
see my ruudie BEAT your argentina.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i watched The Omen
the other day with Theresa.
there goes my dreams of having ten kids
(Tristan, Mischa, Tyler, Nathan... i forgot)
scary kids.

i was covering my face the entire time.
sorry lah
its the first time i watched a scary movie
without falling asleep.
it's probably because Gavin Yap was sitting behind me!
he's so cute but short =(
(erm he's the theatre guy)

there's something wrong with my legs.
walking walking walking and chasing trains
are really taking a toll on me.
i can't walk properly now
and i look like Dr. House when i do.
must be the obesity i tell you.

i wanna go out
but somehow
all my money flew away from me.

sponsors, anyone?
i just found out that we were 16th last year.
(yesyes it IS quite lousy but we're new okay?!)

we didnt make top 15 last year
and we didnt win Best-Dressed
we were 2nd!


oooh and guess what?!
im on TV!
you know those TVs that One U has in the new wing?
(okay, so that's not REALLY a TV.
its close enough anyway)
well, The Star has this CHEER advert
showing these videoclips on some squads
and Calyx is the first squad they showed!
they showed us spiriting in.
can see my balloon face there with the stupid smile.

i actually stood in front of a TV
waiting for myself to appear.

eheheh i am such a loser.
take that Japan!

i *know* jiahoong is probably hopping mad


Sunday, June 11, 2006

since the World Cup is here...

my RUUD-ie! =)
*shutup he does NOT look like a horse la*

kaka =)

roque santa cruz from Paraguay. =)
he played yesterday!

and how can you have a hot-footballers series
without David Beckham right?
(i bet princessjo is squealing like mad now)

.... lazy to find anymore la.

its a Sunday morning
and i cant go to church because
my dad is LAZY and its raining.
my holidays havent even started yet

i want to eat siewpau la.
i want to marry a siewpauman
and eat eat eat thousand siewpaus everyday.

they even have a website!
cannot tahan already.
going to go persuade my parents
to go hijack the siewpau shop.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

You Are Jean Grey
Although your fate is often unknown, you always seem to survive (even after death).Your mind is your greatest weapon, literally!
Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals
Which of the X-Men Are You?

see ho?
i deserve Wolverine!

*AND it says i am smart too!*

Friday, June 09, 2006

*my F's are going to roll in i tell you*

two whole weeks + 3 days of TOTAL bliss.

anyways i shall do some shameless publicising.

CHEER 2006 is coming up..

*yesyes look at those monkey faces*

please come in pink to support Calyx!
supportsupportsupport =)
if you dont support them,
at least come and support ME
because the superstar is the team medic.
ehehhe =)
time to put that hospital training program into action.
dr sammie is coming to save the day!
(well hopefully a hot guy faints or sth.

its 1st and 2nd July
at Stadium Putra
from 9-5pm.
wear pink!
(we're performing 11th on the first day and 23rd on the second)
sure win wan lar,
its my magic nathan number 23! =)

okay anyway if u want transport there better tell me fast.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

past week has been super drama lah.
i feel like im in One Tree Hill or something
(nathan is mine okay)
i have my Semester 1 exams tomorrow.
and if i dont do well,
have to say byebye to the scholarship la.

another note,
remember ...
**when we used to write raps in The Cleverfatties?
**and the barbeque where we took hundreds of poser pics
**and the prom dates dare-thing
(when i ate my first Sub. mmmmm)
**and watching Exorcist together
where theresa would keep screaming for us to wake up =)
**and Simple Plan concert!
where we pushed our way to the front and lined up since 3 o clock
(where we saw soonguan and stalked him since then)
**CHEER 2004 and CHEER 2005.
all the freaking hard practices and crying sessions (me!)
**watching Friends everyday and going to school to recap =)
**chasing One Tree Hill!! (thx for the dls)

the list is endless =)
but the time i have is not,
so our pics up soon yeah =)

psychology, here i come.