Friday, February 27, 2009

its been a GREAT week.

the homesickness has cured amazingly
and somehow the general mood has
greatly lifted and i don't know why,
but im still on a emotional high right now.

maybe i just needed a really good alone time

but anyway yes formal is next week!
i am super excited.
what is it with the combination of
getting to dress up and eating posh meals
that makes every girl giddy with excitement?

oh yeah and main focus on the past week-
i went iceskating for the first time with small group
(the things i would do for them!)
and fell about 8 times on my bottom
(i am told that i have vastly underestimated the number)
and i fell once really really badly on my ankle
and i really couldn't get up cause it hurt so badly
and the rinkguard (the equivalent of a lifeguard?)
came over and had to help me up.

i know, i somehow always manage to create
the most embarassing moments out of everything.
but anyway i thought it was okay and all
but the next day i couldn't walk up and down stairs
and my ankle is KILLING me.

thankfully its slightly better today,
but my whole body is aching instead from
tensing so much trying to iceskate!

i am aging really quickly.

anyway yes off to read the God delusion now.
i feel apprehensive cause i want to challenge myself
but somehow i am afraid that my faith might
somehow be compromised ):

ooh i got exciting summer updates,
nothings comfirmed yet but i think i can safely say,
Nepal here i come!!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

okay its been 6 days since i came back,
and i'm still feeling a little weird.

the first time I came here it was all
'ooh new place/people/everything!'
and a lot was pushed aside to concentrate
on the sudden newness of everything.

but now?
it's just a bit bleargh.

i love this place and everything,
but its not the same.
and not as good.

sometimes I wish that i never went home
in the first place, maybe it would be easier?

oh well.

so i have two full days in front of me
to catch up on whatever that i've missed in the
past two weeks (one week in Msia, one week too sleepy to listen)
so yay!

and it really doesn't help that
i'm pretty much hooked on this TVB serial
that i started watching back home
and found all the links online.
and the worst thing is, its 82 episodes long
and i'm only halfway through.

how did i survive so long without
a daily dose of chinese drama?!!
(btw, SO much better than stupid american ones- too much skin!)

i think i can make a wonderful housewife.

okay, got lots of bones to learn up on.

oh btw i got two offers to work in schools
in India+Kathmandu in the summer.
things are finally happening!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

here's an update for kimmy.

long story later when i get back,
but for now-
it's been great.

first week was kinda bleh but
it's been getting better and
college friends are AWESOME.
i dont know if i can find such clickable
friends again and its sad that half of us
are in UK and the other half, thousands of
miles away in Aussie.

which i guess kinda makes meetingups
better cause we appreciate it more.
but oh well.

i love being with the family!
im scared that being away all the time,
i'll miss a huge chunk of the two younger ones'
growing up life, where i can be a great influence
and right now, im trying to make a
really strong imprint so we'll still be close
in future.

it was really weird with church friends forawhile.
but thankfully, things are back to normal
and lots of time was spent in the house
playing cards and just hanging out (:

i'm eating more than ever and
still getting a bit annoyed at fat comments
but i need to remember-
i'll not get this again in at least a year!

but yeah, im looking forward to going back
but not too much.

5 more days.