Monday, August 29, 2005

hey. sorry for not posting :)
im banning myself from the computer and the Internet
cuz i have trials now :(

see you guys in Sept!

Monday, August 15, 2005

im so freaked out!
there's freako hanging around my house waiting to attack and massacre us all!!

okay. seriously, it started on saturday when this guy (or maybe guys. i dont know how many) broke into my house to steal shoes. (my superstars are safe! thank God) and since then, there's been sightings of an Indian guy hanging around, observing all our daily activities.
its totally freaky you know.
we'll never know when he's going to strike. and summore my parents are never home, so the four of us plus the two maids are left to fend for ourselves.
i mean, he can just come in now and stab me with a parang!
or when im in my room he can just come in and kill my siblings!

so i decided to take out my tennis racquet and keep it next to my bed just in case.
finally those loong tedious tennis lessons come in handy!
i can't wait till the loser comes and i get to whack him on the head with my powerful backstroke!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

the haze is TERUK!
and its getting worse and worse by the minute :(
by the end of this week, our lungs would probably be black already,
which makes us no different from smokers.
this sucks.
canceling school is no big deal, since they evil administrators are going to take our precious holiday time to make it up anyway.
but still, its SO serious until they actually canceled school. *wow*
but i wanna go school!!!

if only it would rain now. :(

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

after thrashing around in the sea on saturday, my left leg's cramped and i cant walk properly :(
retreat was pretty cool though, and luckily, the speaker was fun so it didnt really matter that the sessions were so packed.
anyways, sat morning started off on time, and we were entertained in the bus by cherru's puppeting for Stevie the Yellow Bear and us singing old N'Sync + Backstreet Boys songs ;)

but the trip ended all too quickly and soon we reached hot HOT port dickson.
aiyoh, i almost melted from the blazing sunrays.
thankfully, we were placed in a cool hall and the session started.
*aww* the videos of people who had premarital sex and got pregnant were SO heartbreaking.
espesh the girl who gave birth to her child and then the father came in and raped her and killed himself in front of her.

then it was games time! :)
joel's game was horrible, having to dig thru wet sand when the waves were coming in.
but then later we went playing in the sea and started lifting ppl up, i got a leg cramp and it has lasted until now. *ow!*

that night was the WORST nightever though, there werent any blankets and it was SO FREAKING COLD, summore i was sleeping right under the stupid air-con.
so i was shivering like mad, then as if it wasnt bad enough, it had to rain.
almost died from cold, so in the mid of the night i had to tiptoe around, finding for an empty bed's bedsheet to cover myself.
other than that, i had such terrible leg cramps i couldnt sleep thru the whole night.

all in all, it was a pretty cool two days and i pledged to abstain from sex until marriage :)
i dont wanna get no genital warts!

Monday, August 08, 2005

lifting hanj and cassie in the sea.. a bit blurry though Posted by Picasa
me and ru in the sea! Posted by Picasa
digging in the wet, dirty beach *bleh* Posted by Picasa
team two's sand castle! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 06, 2005

we dissected rats today! *woohoo*
the cute little white mice were bought and dipengsankan in bio class...
you should've seen em, all in a huge glass bottle and when the lab person put in chloroform,
they were stil happily jumping up and down when suddenly, they all fainted...
but one fighter mouse was still jumping, trying to escape :(

later, we took one and pin its four legs down, and cut a slit on its tummy.
then, we cut the slit up its whole abdomen part, and opened up the skin, and pinned it.
the innards were protected by this pinkish membrane, so there weren't any blood at all.
then later, we cut open the membrane and observed all the internal organs.
so cute!

can see the heart, the little transparent-ish bones, intestines, lungs.. and loads more.
after that, we chopped off its head and cut off the skin,
the saw the freaking brain.
its soooo small!
like a pea only.. its white and after poking it around, the brain became a white mass of nothingness..

pretty cool huh? i initially thought i'd be grossed out, but its actually kinda cool.
will post pics soon ;)

im a rat-slayer!! *whee!*
heyyo people!
me and yeanz were super bored and maths, so we decided to compose our first rap..
about everyone's fave food.. ICE CREAM! :)
yeah, we're a rap duo and we're called the cleverfatties,
so enjoy our beautiful song about the yummiest food on earth :)
(oh yeah, the red ones are by me, the blue ones by yeanz)


Cold and creamy, sweet and milky,
Pop in my mouth you tantalizing icey!
Choc, vanilla and strawberry,
Hey, you belong in our tummy!

Yea, ice! yea, cream! yo!
Let's take it back ya'll!

Freeze the world, make it all cool,
Put in under the ice cream rule!
It's all about bliss, who cares bout calories?
When you've got ice-cream and its sweet kiss?
You ain't got life unless you get some ice!
Taste it n you'll love it twice,
Eat em till u get frost bites!

Yea, ice! yea, cream! yo!

Let's run to the nearest freezer,
and get some honey flavoured beezer!
We'll eat 'n eat till we get so full,
And be as big as bulls!
But it's so good that we don't care,
Friggin ice creams shaped like bears!

Yea, ice! yea, cream! yo!
Let's take it back ya'll!

Freeze the world, make it all cool,
Put it under the ice cream rule,
It's all bout bliss, who cares bout calories?
When you've got ice cream and it's sweet kiss??
You ain't got life unless you get some ice!
Taste it and you'll love it twice,
Eat em till u get frost bites!

*scratch dics*

Yea, Buy the Cleverfatty ice-cream! UHUH!!
nice leh?? how's our future as gangsta-rappers? :)
FYI, i also dunno what's beezer

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

whee! im in schoool now, doing the nerd thing- hanging out in the library.

to caleb:

you know what?! im sick and TIRED of you always telling me that im fat or whatever okay?
yeah, i noe im fat but so what?? you dont have to keep rubbing it in my face k!
i dont go around telling everybody that you're ugly or stupid or something so just stop it.

it's been two freaking years of you incessantly talking about my weight and you still haven't stopped it yet. seriously, its not like i dont know or haven't tried to lose weight okay. i've tried, and it doesnt work so STOP RUBBING IT IN.

and you wonder why i hardly talk to you anymore. its not like i dont want to, but everytime i talk to you i just end up getting really annoyed and hurt by the stuff you say. do you think i like talking to ppl who just keep putting me down all the time?!