Monday, March 14, 2005

Mario Vazquez Drops Out of 'American Idol'Mar 13, 11:05 PM EST
Fan favorite Mario Vazquez withdrew from "American Idol" on Sunday, and producers called in the son of a baseball Hall of Famer as backup.
Vazquez, 27, cited "personal reasons" for his withdrawal and no other details were available, Fox announced in a statement. The New York City singer, who works with emerging musical artists, had been picked by many fans and three fellow finalists as a favorite to win the competition.
Fox bumped Nikko Smith, the son of baseball great Ozzie Smith, into Vazquez's spot because Smith got more votes than Travis Tucker when both were voted off Wednesday, the network said.
Smith, 22, of St. Louis, Mo., said in an interview before Sunday's announcement that he wasn't surprised to have been voted off.
"I wasn't as disappointed as people thought I would be because I've made it so far," he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "I'm happy to get all that exposure. Millions and millions of people watch the show, and hopefully somebody saw me and liked what they saw."
Now, viewers of the No. 1-rated series will get a chance to reconsider their votes as Smith and the other 11 finalists perform next Tuesday.
Vazquez is not the first to leave "Idol" unexpectedly, though few have done so willingly. Last year, George Huff was called back to Los Angeles when contestant Donnie Williams was cited for DUI. And in 2003, three contestants were dropped by Fox, two for failing to disclose arrest records and another for posing on an adult-oriented Web site.

my life is OVER!

top five cutest guys!

i've compiled a list of five guys who i think are the cutest so far especially for people like phye beng and anderson ;) so yeah, here it is!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

ruud van nistelrooy :) nuff' said.. (and he DOES NOT look like a horse) Posted by Hello
rob williams!! finalist from MANHUNT, he got second place but deserved first :( too bad he's gay though :( Posted by Hello
kian egan, a guy from westlife. i used to be crazy over him, and i still think that he's the best looking singer Posted by Hello
edison chen--probably the only really really cute asian guy around Posted by Hello
fthis is mario vazquez!! you guys may know him from American Idol 4,which i am crazy about,and he's my fave one :)  Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm B-A-C-K!! :)
*ahhh* the exams are finally finally over!
the last two weeks were spent slaving hard over the books, waking in the middle of the night to study, and worrying about having studied enough..
i know now never to do any last minute studying anymore :(
its really amazing to see what pressure can do to some people..
people in my class were all sleeping only two to three hours a day, and we all looked like zombies for the past two weeks..
even the most relaxed of people could be seen panicking and feverishly memorizing stuff..
but now.. its all OVER! :)
one blissful week of doing nothing, PLUS my parents are going overseas tomorrow..
and we're having the house all to ourselves! *yay*
but then again, my parents are always out anyway,
so it doesnt really make much of a difference...:(

but to reward myself after working so hard , i've bought.. SIMPLE PLAN CONCERT TICKETS!
[well, my mum actually bought it for me, so its a double reward since i dont have to pay for it :) ]
the tickets are all at one price though, so i'll go to the stadium at two or something,
bring a tent or something, and entertain myself till 7pm to get good seats ;)
or maybe i'll offer the people at the front of the queue some spiked stuff and by the time the concert starts,
they'll to sick and all have to go home.. then i'll get front seats!! ;)
any other good ideas??

i've been hooked on the tv series, My Fair Princess III..
ive watched the first part when i was younger, and it was like the best show ever!
then i stumbled across 8tv showing it now, and i've been hooked ever since..
the cast is different though, but the storyline is still so dramatic,
its just so interesting to watch and i just cant help but to watch it everyday, ya noe?
i've even influenced some friends to start watching too and we discuss all about it the next day ;)
and i wanna buy the whole set though, and start watching from the start again..
go watch it, and i'll bet that you'll get sucked in too!!
8tv, 7pm on weekdays..

speaking of series, do you guys watch american idol??
yeah, another evil tv program that is out to get me :(
yay! i just watched the elimination yesterday and stupid scott got in :(
but my super super fave is.. MARIO VASQUEZ!!
i've made bets with anderson and my sis on who will win
and they've both chosen anwar robinson against me and my dear mario ;)
but seriously, the guy contestants are really really good...
the girls are nothing compared to the guys ya noe?

yeah, anyway, it's great to be online again :)
ill be back!