Friday, May 30, 2008

Hello From New York!

horrible flight,
delayed and i had to sit next to this
woman who kept complaining to me and
kept harassing the flight staff
and waking me up from sleep ):

but all that matters is that im here now!

i have another 2 flights to go before reaching
Michigan and it's gonna be another long
day of travel for me.

four flights in two days,
i feel like a jetsetter already!

by the way, im staying in Columbia Uni halls
and the rooms are so run down.
makes me appreciate Elms a lot more,
but seriously, the campus is FREAKING huge
and it is really THE most beautiful campus
i've ever ever seen.

there are huge roman pillars everywhere
and the brick lanes are all lines with huge trees.
i'd LOVE to study here.

but anyway, i gotta go and not sure
when i'll get to blog/email again
so take care and i'll see ya!

*btw i thought i packed quite heavy but
you should see some of these girls
with their 30 kg wheelie bags
and there are some wearing highheeled boots.
hello, you're going to CAMP.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


i just finished my OSCEs,
and guess what?!!

i FORGOT to wear gloves
while during the urine analysis.
who does that?!!


and then also i finished my chest
examination and was standing there
waiting for the next station then i remembered
'oh freaking crap i forgot heaves and thrills!'

so i ran back and asked the guy to
please take his shirt off again
cause i forgot something.

you can tell i'm going to be a GREAT doctor.
So I'm Leaving Tomorrow.

i'll have very limited access to the Internet
so i dont think i'll be able to blog much
bt i'll be emailing as much as i can?

i'm not that excited anymore
but oh well, we'll see what happens.

looking forward to a whole day of
flights and airports tomorrow.
(i really am!)

let's hope i get back in one piece
with loads of stories/photos yeah?

see youu in 10 weeks (:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Maybe It Is Possible To Have Too Many Clothes?

so i've moved house!

i am no longer living in my little pokey room
in halls and i'm now living in a proper house!

ALSO, i have a double bed (:
the only thing is, my comp can't connect
to the wireless network so i'm at the library now ):

well, another reason for me to buy my Mac!

anyway, moving was really crap.
somehow, i arrived in the UK with one giant bag
and now, i need one large luggage bag,
one 65L backpack, and six giant trashbags
and another two large boxes for my stuff.

how did i manage to accumulate so much?!!

half of my stuff, we had to transfer stuff twice.

half of my clothes on the bed.
the pile looks deceptively small here,
but trust me i almost died lugging
it up and down the stupid stairs.

aaanyway three more days til i leave.

why do i not feel excited at all?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

tomorrow's my biggest paper.

i can't study anymore, really.
i just can't look at another word.

you know what i really want now?

my favoritestest thing on Earth,
peanut and lotus root soup.

i kept tasting it in my mouth today.

and some super thick slices of smoked salmon.

and those kauchis and lobakkos from the pasar.

and the brown eggs that come with duck.

and that super moreish ngauhor at Jln Imbi.

summore my fridge got no more food!
): ): ):

Sunday, May 18, 2008

So It's Confirmed!

after months of endless planning and paranoia,
i've got my visa and all my flights are booked!

so this is what i'm doing this summer.

yeah i'm not coming back.

i *did* book a one way flight to the UK after all.

so anyway i decided to do something really different
cause i really didn't want to go home
and sit there doing nothing for 4 whole months.
it's nice and all, but seriously what am i going to do?

and when i graduate i'm never going to
get holidays and breaks all that much
so i'm determined to do it all while i can.

in ten days' time, i'll be flying to the US alone
to work in a summer camp as a camp counselor
for eight whole weeks (:

yeah i really *do* miss YF camps that much!
i'll be working in Michigan and
to me, the best bit is that it's a Christian camp.

then after that, i'll be doing a backpacking/camping
trip with some people whom i've never met before
from New York to Miami for two weeks.
(see map below!)

yup, i'm going alone and i don't know who else is going.
but hey, isn't that the exciting bit?
and also, i came to UK alone so i dont think
US is going to be a far stretch.

and i think another great thing about this trip
is knowing that all the expenses are selfraised.
all that freaking hard work for the past three months
(and a few more after the trip) will be all
for the trip of a lifetime (:
so i won't feel guilty spending my parents' money.

anyway that's in ten days and before i go,
i still have to study for physiology/medical stats/
individual in society/ epidemiology/ OSCEs,

take two more papers for the exams,
move all my crap from my tiny room in halls
to my NEW house (yay!) but that's going to
be super hard work cause somehow i've bought
so much crap since i've been here,

and then buy all the things i need for US,
AND lastly pack for the US.

in ten days!!

i am *SO* excited!!!
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Thursday, May 15, 2008


no more Gray's Anatomy for
the next four months! (:

and i tell you, after reading that book
everyday for the past week,
i really can't think of anything better.

anatomy was okay today,
i really love how the Brits structure their exams.

it always seems like it's some kinda
obstacle course or something because the
exams are always in a few stations
and you are shuffled from one stage to another
in these mysterious staircases and waiting rooms.

and today's one was actually quite fun.
there were so many specimens around
the room an everytime the bell rang,
everyone moved one step to the right.

it really was quite funny.
and a few times i would forget
that there were two questions on the table
and remember it just before the bell rang
so i hastily scribbled something relevant
to the structure and pray i was right.

i've never seen so many hearts in a row.
it became really hard to orientate myself
after awhile because they all look the same!

but anyway i'm glad that's over
and it's another 6 days to the next ):

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


seriously wei all this studying
is really getting to me.

went to some anatomy revision class today
where they had all these plastic structures
and i realised how stupid i am.

thought i was on pretty good standing
until i saw all the muscles that i still
need to know and seriously,
there are names for EVERYTHING.

some people are really too free one.
like there are these few holes on your bones hor,
when you look at it from the front one name,
look from the back a different name one!

the only good thing is that it's
something i actually enjoy studying,
not like physics or what.

just that there is SO much of it!

*blood curdling scream*

Thursday, May 08, 2008


time to get serious.

there's going to be a self-imposed ban
on Everything Fun and Time Wasting
for at least two weeks from today.

my anatomy exam is in a weeks' time
and i still have SO many names of the
arteries and veins to remember!!
summore hor, they have the most
ridiculously long names EVER.

it is *so* difficult to study when
everyone is frolicking in the grass outside,
playing football, lying on the gardens
talking and laughing while i look on
from my sad little window knowing
that i still have to memorise names
of each small nick of a particular bone.

and i can never concentrate cause
it's so bloody hot in my room!

time to turn Nathan (the laptop) off.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

it is so bloody panas.

it's 18 degrees outside and i feel
like i'm walking around at 2pm back home.

i'm going to melt ):

Saturday, May 03, 2008

This Is A Sign From God.

just my luck.
it's a three day weekend,
EVERYTHING is closed and no one's working..


i'm going hysterical.

i have no internet.

and hor, i have no one to talk to also
cause EVERYONE went back home cause
of the three day weekend!!!

i guess in a way i should be thankful
cause i will be able to study properly.

but still!!
i have to resort running to the
library to use the stupid computer now.

i couldn't sleep last night cause
i couldn't hear any of my computer's noises.
it was eerily quiet ):

Thursday, May 01, 2008




then First Year is over.

come on come on come on!