Wednesday, January 31, 2007

guess what happened yesterday.
the saying 'what goes around comes around'
is really true :(

it was a conversation between Chin Horng and i.

*CH walks in, wearing this shirt with a huge 'B' at the back*

me: hey, what does the B stand for?
CH: er.. boy la.
me: haha, not B'Loser ah?'

then i started laughing at my own *stupid* joke
when i threw my head back and really laughed
and bumped my head really hard on the wall at the back.

so clever right?

you know how the cartoons have a huge bump
on their heads after they fall down?
well i had a bump too!
i looked like this:

literally i did :)

no more insulting people for awhile..

another thing:
i started watching Heroes.
it's like.. *WHOA*

and i love LOVE LOVE Hiro!
he's like the cutest person ever :)

MUST watch Heroes, seriously.
it's AMAZING :)
its premiering tonight anyway
in Star World, 9pm :)

look la, Peter and Isaac so hot!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ho really freaks me out sometimes.
this was at 4 am summore

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

im feeling really happy today :)

i finally got my car!
well, it'll probably take me a couple of months
before my parents would let me drive alone,
but hey, its better than nothing =)

i think i'm really learning from Ms Ho,
choosing whether to let negative/positive things affect me.
so im going to start putting up my defensive shield
to bounce off all the horrible things happening lately.

so my End-Of-January-Resolution is
to be happier and happier :)

another thing:

smiles elate me :)

its kinda sickening to be so happy.

Monday, January 22, 2007


i just found out that my cousin
is getting married this Friday
because his girlfriend is five months pregnant.
he's only a few years older than me
and just started working
and now he has to pay for his kid AND his wife.

the first time something like that happened,
it was my cousin who got pregnant
and died soon after childbirth.

it's so sad...
.... and so wrong.

another thing:

i'm *REALLY* going to miss you.
:( please take care of yourself k.
see you in four years' time.

i LOVE mika!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

so AS results came out.


guess i'll just have to work
about a hundred times harder.


who says if you work hard results will come??


Friday, January 19, 2007

now that i've got all the photos (more or less)
HERE'S sarawak part II!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

haha :)

read some of these t-shirt designs..

too bad they dont ship to M'sia.


summore they have nice Grey's Anatomy ones.

why does no one take notice of our country?!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

you know how they say a pet
will become more and more like its owner?

well i guess it's kind of true
because what happened to me
happened to Angel yesterday.

she got run over by a car!

more specifically, my dad's four-wheel drive.

she decided to run out while my dad was driving out
and her being so small, he didnt see her....

... she ended up breaking her pelvis.

:( thank God she's not dead.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I got rejected from Cambridge :(

i know i'm extremely indecisive,
but i've finally summed it up to two:

Its either Psychology or Medicine.

i'm either going to Bath or IMU.

im either leaving in Sept. or staying on for two years.

or... do Journalism in Cardiff.

headache la.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

two more days..

i cannot be more excited :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

because i am bored :)

Layer ONE : On the Outside

Name: samantha tan
Birth Date: 22 december 1988
Current Status: single| unavailable :)
Eye color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Righty or Lefty: righty but hopefully ambidextrous someday
Zodiac Sign: i'm stuck between Sagittarius|Capricorn

Layer TWO : On the inside

Your Heritage: Chinese
Your Fears: i dont have phobias :)
Your Weaknesses: low self esteem+ i dont tell ppl how i really feel/think
Your Perfect Pizza: nothing with cheese. ew.

Layer THREE : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up: good morning beautiful! =) ahaha.
Your Bedtime: no set time.
Your most missed memory: laughing in college :) THREE MORE DAYS!!

Layer FOUR : Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke: neither. i dont drink can drinks.
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's. Sausage McMuffins rock!
Single or group dates: group i guess. Single dates still freak me out.
Adidas or Nike: Adidas for the Superstars, Nike for their shirts :)
Lipton tea or Nestea: i hate tea.
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate for sure, vanilla's disgusting stuff.
Cappuccino or coffee: er i dont know how to differentiate one from the other :")

Layer FIVE : Do you

Smoke: Never ever ever.
Curse: occasionally in my head :)

Layer SIX : In the Past Month

Drank alcohol: In Sarawak then on Christmas.. :)
Gone to the mall: every week.
Been on stage: while singing in church yeah :)
Eaten sushi: yeah, in ShangriLa on Terez's bday :)
Dyed your hair: no, and not planning to.

Layer SEVEN: Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game: No, and never!
Changed who you were to fit in: Yeah, i think i ended up looking even stupider.


Age you're hoping to be married : Currently don't plan to.

Layer NINE: In a Girl/Guy.

Best eye colour: Gray!!!
Best hair colour: Light honey brown, something like Josh Duhamel :)
Short or long hair: SHORT HAIR. i cannot stand guys with long hair. EEYER

Layer TEN: What Were You Doing.

1 minute ago: answering this..
1 hour ago: YouTubing!!
4.5 hours ago: watching Will & Grace.
1 month ago: finishing college :(
1 year ago: still celebrating the end of SPM! and complaining about the Jan Intake.

Layer ELEVEN : Finish The Sentence

I love: myself
I feel: sick-ish.
I hate: that i dont understand stupid Pure Maths 3. GAH!!
I hide: the fact that i cannot stand to be around people a lot of the time.
I miss: the Joy of Studying. I can't study no more.
I need: to be more tolerant.

Layer TWELVE: Tag Five People
eeyer dowan :)

sometimes i feel like Jeremy...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


this year,

i will decide on what course i will study.

i will exercise more and thus,
allow me to eat more without feeling guilty! :)

i will stop having crazy crushes
and being so dumb-blonde.

i will be more contented with my life
and stop wanting more and more material things.

i will study like i have never before.

i will smile more and be happier!

i will learn to accept that people may not like me/
have a different opinion and that i am not always right.

these will all be probably broken on the first day of college.

have a blessed year everyone :)