Thursday, September 18, 2008

work is sucking my soul away!

my 6 weeks of full time work
is almost coming to an end,

i feel like i've faded into obscurity
in the past month and wake up
everyday to the same thing without
nothing much to look forward to.

if this is work,
i dont think i want to ever graduate.

anyway uni starts in ten days.
i can't believe i had 4 months off.
i really don't remember anything i learnt last year.
how ridiculous is that?
only 24 weeks of study in a year.

but yes, i'm pretty excited to be able to
read anatomy books again and
marvel at the amazing intricacies
of our magnificent human bodies.
i really love medicine.

but yeah, i've decided that this year
will be a really good year.

i WILL have friends this year!

there's a whole lot of resolutions
in my mind which, surprisingly,
have nothing much to do with studying
but more with my social life
because i definitely don't want to be
that girl holed up in her room alone watching
endless hours of tv to pass time anymore.
nor do i want to be like the majority
of people here, going out and getting drunk.

but yes.
i am optimistic that this year will be
excellent and incredibly enriching.
i hope.

updates WILL be increase in frequency soon
when things in my life pick up abit.