Tuesday, January 31, 2006

this is the WORST chinese new year.
im super sick now :(
having a constantly dripping nose and my throat is burning..
think im running up a fever as well *sniff!*
this sucks la, i havent even eaten ANY cookies or ba kua yet!!
blame it on the stupid weather,
you have NO idea how freaking hot it is in Teluk Intan.
even inside the house, you can just put water on the table and
im SURE it'll boil by itself.
im dead serious. :(
and to add insult to injury, i HAD to have diarrhoea.
there is NO pain that can match the one i had in my stomach
during the 2 and 1/2 hr journey :(
i almost died!

this is great.
one full week of nice vacation and im sick at home.
WITH my parents :(

Thursday, January 26, 2006

chinese new year is here.. again :(
it's probably nice if you've got a nice big close-knit family
but since i dont have all of that,
CNY ranks pretty low on my 'fave holidays' list.

i've always wanted a huge family with cousins all over the world
but sadly the furthest cousin i have stays in Penang :(
i hate family dinners and stuff *urgh*
the relatives on my mum's side all speak hokkien
and since i can't speak a word of Hokkien (although i undstand it really well),
all the communication between us is done in sign language.
my dad's side is slightly better
but there is always immense pressure coz' they're all super smart.
all of my cousins on my dad's side get straight A's in every exam
and all of them receive scholarships!
there's even this cousin who went to some hotshot school in S'pore
and got first in the whole school.
what's worse is that my grandmother keeps on telling my mum
that she beter bring me to a doctor to see why i am so overweight.
*my great family, huh?*

the only one thing nice about CNY : neeeeeewwwwww clothes!
and that makes up for everything *yay*

happy new year :)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

i drove on tuesday for the first time!
such a heady rush :)
it was surprisingly easy and i had LOADs of fun..
the best thing was..
after 20mins of driving i drove around in PJ!!
*better than u guys la gadiy&caleb!*
then i drove again yesterday!
*sry la so jakun*

Monday, January 16, 2006

college is *aaackkkk!*
i got kicked out of class today :"(
seriously! i got kicked out of my first class on a lousy Monday morning...
for getting a 2/14 for a Biology quiz.
*blush* very loser right?
at least a bunch of us got kicked out together.
*im NOT that dumb after all!*

anyways, the worst possible thing happened to me at Midvalley yesterday
(this is why i HATE going to MV, gadiy!)
i was in the toilet right, and i am absolutely sure that i locked the door behind me.
so i was happily peeing there then suddenly i felt a breeze on my butt
then i turned around and there was this Indian woman staring down at me.
no more urge to pee anymore :(

but anyways, i saw Nita at MV yesterday too!
*woah* super tall, super thin, super heavy makeup...
so scary!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

college has started :(
there are thousands and thousands of ppl here, its very intimidating..
and transport is SO FREAKING DIFFICULT!
thanks a lot to yiyean, who has very graciously agreed to take me to school! :)

gone are the days where i can just walk to school in under ten mins.
gone are the days of one dollar lunches :(
*seriously the food here is expensive!*

time to buck up and study hard. :o(

Sunday, January 08, 2006

my gosh you should see the new CHS!
i went back on saturday and the whole school is SO different!
its like suddenly they won lottery or sth
because the school authorities went and installed so many high tech stuff.
for instance they tore down the main gate which was those wire netting stuff
and put steel bars instead.
and they have surveillance cameras everywhere!
the main gate, the back gate, the hall.. now all got cameras d :(
*no more cutting class*
then, they tore down the foyer...
and build this huge arch sustained by thick pillars (think Roman pillars)
and on top of the arch there's this huge white cross.
and this has to be the topping on the cake...
you know those ticket dispensers they have in parking lots?
the ones where you press one button and they give you a ticket right,
there's always this automatic gate thingy...
and now its installed at the main gate!
CHS becoming very rich :(

going college tmr... and i have to wake up earlier than last year
cuz its so freaking far and i gotta take some bus somewhere :(
wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

*happy new year!*

so fast yeah, one year passed d :)
2005 has been a great year,
but im looking forward to the this year even more!

new year resolutions

1. eat less, lose more weight

2. jump more (so i can grow taller)

3. smile and laugh more (so i can grow abs)

4. save $$$

5. pass my Grade 8 (idiot examiners)

6. read the Bible more

7. judge people less

8. buy MOREMOREMORE clothes!

9. stop being such a nerd :)

10. stop smoking and taking drugs.

anyway, i already achieved one so far, i feel GREAT! :)
*it IS no. 10 btw*