Tuesday, February 22, 2005

im almost dying already :(
funny how i studied earlier but in the end, its never enough..
i feel like i've just started studying and the amount is humongous :(
i think im going to crack soon!!!
s' not fair how much pressure they're putting on us :(
even i bring revision books everyday to school just in case there are relief periods so that i can study.. seriously, all the people in my class do that and whenever there's a few minutes to spare, everyone in class would bring out all the revision books and start studying like mad.
how not to be pressured in this kinda class?!!
somebody help me!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

bye esther!

highlight of the past week :esther's farewell
shes really been a big influence and impact in a lot of people's lives, including me, and its alwys sad to see someone like that go :(
sumore in her farewell, there were more pics-taking than usual and all the little notes written to her was all about how she would always talk to newcomers and make ppl feel welcome in yf, and how her cheerful attitude makes everyone feel happy..

farewell esther!
take care in aussie
and i hope that you will be able to remain the smae cheery person :)
happy valentine's day everyone!!

Monday, February 07, 2005

guess what?
my mum's so super strict now cuz my brother almost got kidnapped on friday!
she was going on and on about how these things can happen to anyone and stopped me from going jogging and stuff :( bleah..
anyway, my brother and his friend both got sick on friday so they hadta go home, and my bro's friend went home first with HIS brother.. and they both got kidnapped!!!
just like that!!
and right after that my brother went out to meet my mum, so my mum's saying that if my brother went out first, he would get kidnapped first..!
yeah, and now im stuck at home :(

anyway, YF had the valentine's special yesterday..
when i asked my mum whether i could go and she started lecturing me!!
she was telling me that i was too young to celebrate valentine's day and blah blah blah..
argh.. she's just trying to get me not to go :(
i mean, i do appreciate the concern, but this is going a bit overboard right?
i mean, there'll be people there in church and ive been going to church for years and nothing has ever happened to me right?
sheesh :(

anyway, happy new year to all! :)

Friday, February 04, 2005

hi people!
had merentas desa on tuesday, which was also my last cross country ever :(
pretty sad, considering that i would never ever be forced to run 5 km under the hot sun again..

but anyway, the weather was pretty great on the day
and i ran almost half of the track for the first time in my life..
and when i finished, i almost died :(
sumore i missed the qualifying time by 5 minutes, so it was pretty wasted..
but that's the closest i got to qualifying in five years :)

there were loads of controversy on the day though,
apparently they grouped two different categories together on the starting line,
and mistakenly asked one category to run first, so some guys from a different category ran together with the other one, so in the end loads of people got disqualified :(
then sumore the scouts and the guides accidentally or something switched the signboards or something, so the motorcyclists that were supposed to lead the first few runners went the wrong way and in the end, some guys ended up running 12 km instead of 8, plus there was this guy who ran 12 km and managed to get back in time to get a point for his house...

anyway, yeah, that's all about merentas desa,
will update soon about the valentine's event yf is having this sat :)