Sunday, April 29, 2007

my marathon


10 km.
one hr 35 mins.
57th place.

oh yeah.
:) :) :)
i am mighty proud.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My testosterone fuelled night

so yesterday was caleb's belated birthday dinner.
it was kinda weird, sitting with 5 guys
who were talking nonstop about some computer game
... or something.

anyways, wishing you more years of fun and 'up times'!
you know what i mean :)

p/s. Alyssa has mumps.
one side of the neck has swollen to epic proportions
so she has to walk around with her head 45 degrees.
she looks like she has no neck!
pray for her please :)

p/p/s. joining Malay Mail Big Walk tmr.
10 km. my goal is 2 hrs.
wish me luck :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

midnight phonecalls

so the other day i got a phone call at 12am,
with some guy with an american accent
(calling himself Mr.Chew summore)
telling me that i almost knocked over his son.
somehow, the son magically got my number
and this guy was warning me about my driving.

expecting it to be a prank call,
(and half recognizing his voice)
i asked the guy back about the details
of this alleged almost-accident
and he stuttered and stumbled, blowing his cover

prank calls are not fun kay,
especially when im asleep


Monday, April 23, 2007



Friday, April 20, 2007


and i'm not loving it.
:( :( :(

it's all a matter of perception i guess.
it's just not good enough.
i'm not good enough.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

i love love love Las Vegas.
it's very cool and CSI-ish :)
(plus there's josh duhamel)

i wonder what was the guy thinking
when he went into uni and killed
so many people.

:( one day you wake up and go to school,
next thing you know all your friends are dead.

this really sucks.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


cherrulaurencassie and i are going to
the Good Charlotte's showcase!
:) :) :) :)

now all we need is joanne

waiting outside OneU holding red balloons really pays off

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


it is *so* yeng.
i looooove it :)

anyways, had one of the best days ever.

from getting stopped by the police (three times!),
posing next to Beckham to add to my MeAndFootballers photo list,
smuggling Juiceworks into the cinema,
finding my dream dress,
buying my pigskin shoes that gave me a blister afterward,
swooning at Stelios,
buying the ugly version of Jane Eyre,
buying ONE KG of potato wheels!

too bad i won't be here to celebrate this
for the next 5 yrs :(

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

its weird when you want something so much
but when it comes it feels empty.

so the great life of reading classics
and watching TV nonstop falls a little flat.
i prepared so much for these two weeks!
six classics are sitting on my shelf now
and a ton of shows are burnt into DVDs already.

im too lazy.
all i do is read blogs
and blog four times a day.

and hor,
my large clown feet cannot fit into anything.
everything i like, its all one size too small.
i tell you, bound feet are a real good idea.

do you think online shopping is safe ah?
it would be sooo much easier (and less embarassing)
than trying to find shoes in TheLandOfSmallFeet.

' can you give me your biggest size please?'
*shuffles around*
'er this is a size ten...'
*tries hard to squeeze feet into shoes*


p/s. i finished watching OTH d.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

so there Man U fans!!

The gap is now only 3 POINTS


yay Terry!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

oh how my chinese teacher will cringe!

i can't believe i'm leaving all this in 5 months' time.

so much for aftertrials celebrations.
here i am, with absolutely nothing to do
nursing a sorethroat and burning eyes.

here are some straightfromtheheart talk.
doesn't get much more truthful than this.

**this week has been a weird week.
stuff people say has really hit home
and i realise that i am

high maintenance
too competitive
too sensitive
unable to accept criticism

i know you're going to see me weirdly after this
but oh well. better now than later.

i don't want to ask for help in studies
because i see it as a sign of weakness.
when i hear classmates telling me the hours they study
i go home and double mine to beat theirs.
i don't ask people 'eh, how to do this ah?'
(except for the really closest ones)
because i dont want to admit that im stupider.
i work so hard, but it's not for me.
it's for the amazing feeling i get when
i feel that i'm the top of the pack.

this is what 11 years in a chinese school has done to me.

** you know the comments you make about
my weight/size/looks?
yeah i really take it to heart.
i'm reaaaally sensitive about it
and it may all be a joke to you

but i go home and cry after that.
ironically, its the Saturday nights when i cry the most.
so please shut up,

make fun of anything else, it's okay.
and for the record, i may smile and all,
but know that inside i really dont like you.

**i'm thinking about not going to YF anymore.
i dont know, its just the combination of
feeling old/obsolete, being left out of everything,
and so much more.
i mean, i'm still going to be in church and all,
but for YF?


so there it is.
the insecure girl with very low self esteem has spoken.

Friday, April 06, 2007

What's (potentially) in my wardrobe.

i really really really want to shop online :(
got so many nice things to buy!
stuff at Forever 21, after conversion
is more than twice their price here?
:( bleargh.

Slingback peep toe court shoes from Topshop

round toe nubuck pumps from Topshop
these are made from PIG SKIN :)
and it's frikkin comfortable.
like wearing air only.

Karen tube dress from Forever 21
i actually tried this on today :)

Green-eyed dress from Anthropologie

Cotton red dress from Forever 21

if you want to do a nice thing today,
donate some money to the Dress-Sammie-Fund.

please and thank you!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

my grandparents have been
living in my house for one week.
and i just saw my grandmother run to answer the phone,
carrying her long dress up to knees!!!


i dont know,
but i really hate the idea of getting old.
the wrinkles, the customary short white curly hair,
the standard uniform of *blah* samfoos and the like.

but beyond that,
i hate the thought of having to grow up
and being so jaded over things.
bleurgh! :(

i hope i die at 50.

i know i sound *really* evil over this,
but i try to escape from both sets of grandparents whenever i can.

it's just.....
frustrating that i dont have anything to say
or for that matter, speaking in the right language.
so i avoid the situation completely.

i shudder to think in 60 years,
my grandchild could be writing this.