Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"when you're sick with flu+cough, its actually a blessing in disguise because now you can appreciate your health more" ... im repeating that over and over in my head while my nose is peeling from the incessant wiping of my nose and my throat is dry and scratchy from phlegm and coughing so much. *ugh*

anyways, i got this disgusting disease on saturday, when we (the cheerleaders) had our graduation party! *yay*
it started off by going to yeanz' house at 1 pm where yeanz, cas, shingyiing, and i took off for our great adventure to.. MidValley to get groceries!
the stupid taxi cost us a whopping ten bucks though. summore it was actually only like, 7 bucks or smthing when he pressed a button and the numbers changed to 9.70! freaking cheaters!

anyways, we went on our way to Carrefour where we met up with yuenwah and got out food.. and on the way we went to every promoter and tested all the free food! *hehe*
we even saw the most feared teacher in school trying out the free food with her husband :)

*fast forward to 4 pm*
went back to yeanz house and just sat there watching cheer videos while peeling chicken and other food.
i just want to mention that... barbeques happen in the evening! and chickens are to be marinated!

anyways, charcoal takes a LONG time to burn, so we poured oil on the charcoal and it was instant fire! *boom*
the fun part was the dunking though, when emilia, our new captain got pushed mercilessly by us , oblivious to her pleads .. but she got revenge by pushing everyone's slippers into the pool, and somehow unfortunately, leeza left her hp on her slipper!
so me, as the ever brave heroine, jumped down to get her slipper... the same time as fiona did! so i pretty much jumped down for nothing. great.

later, we ate and ate like there was no tomorrow. summore we went and swim and everything til some spoiler ppl came down and scolded us.
but who cares? so we went and play summore until the guard sat down opposite us and stared at us, as if daring us to jump down into the pool summore :(

pics were taken like crazy and we went on a poser pic spree, taking funny pics like crazy.
will post em up someday.

and that's the story of how i got sick ;)
please feel free to send me flowers and fruits and other whatnots to make me feel better k?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

warning : major spoilers ahead!!

i just finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...
AIYOH!!!! J.K. Rowling totally spoiled the whole story for me :(
it might be a nice twist for some of you, but i feel like dying now!

anyways, its too hard to resist not to tell u guys who haven't read yet....
--someone important died in the end..
--Ron and Harry both got girlfriends :)
--one of Hagrid's monster friends that made a debut in the second book dies.

okay,i better stop b'fore someone kills me :)
enjoy reading!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

CHEER 2005 has just come and gone just like that :(
Our performance was satisfactory, with only one stunt falling each day, but luckily both these stunts were saved so no one fell
the first day, however, we were actually top fifteen but coz of infractions, we were minused 40 marks, so we didn’t get it :(
but luckily, the second day was better and we were no.13.. and we won maclay!
Sadly, it wasn’t good enuff to pull us into the overall top fifteen :(

And summore, we were expecting the ‘Best Dressed’ Award, but it went to the Titans
later, we found out that.. actually we were supposed to win but because of the infractions on our skirt length…. We missed it by 2/3 marks! Freaking close!!!!
If we won, we could’ve gotten RM 300 Adidas vouchers. And I was planning to buy Superstars summore!!!!!!
And I just gave them away just like that. *gRrRr*

Summore I almost took a photo with Joey G!!
He was just standing there so I asked him to take photo with me and he said yes!
Then when I was getting ready to capture the photo, leeza offered to help me take it and just when she was going to take the photo, some woman working for The Star said that he was working and dragged him away just like that.
So close!!!

Better go practice piano, taking my piano exam in…. 5 hrs time!
i totally screwed up my exam!!!!!
i played all my scales wrong and the aural was totally horrible.
im going to fail my Grade 8!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

i like this one :) Posted by Picasa
last stunt Posted by Picasa
first stunt Posted by Picasa
calyx (minus li yen) with coach Posted by Picasa
one of our cheerleaders, hui jing, got to sing with jac of Malaysian Idol! Posted by Picasa
super cute joey g Posted by Picasa