Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

i didn't know Halloween was so big here,
so i didn't make any effort to dress up
although now i wish i did ):

it was kerr-AZY!
throughout the whole week there were
Halloween parties for everything and
kids here get a whole week off for this day.

*entrance of some club.
see all the short short skirts?!

i went to watch fireworks with some people
but they weren't spectacular.

but it was really cool being out
looking at people's costumes and trying
to figure out what some of them were.

our fireworks back home nicer la,
this one lasted like 15 minutes and
were all the same thing >.<

*spot the Orc!

the place was jam-packed but
thankfully for the cold weather,
no sweaty people+body odor.

*lots of people dressed up as bananas,
here's one!

almost every girl dressed as a Sexy something,
sexy nurse/Playboy bunny/witch etc.
so unimaginative one!

but a lot of guys wore really cool costumes,
zombies, superheroes, BananasInPyjamas,
BigBird, surgeons and really bloody stuff.
weirdly, there were loads of male nuns walking ard.

*happy kids asking me to take a photo of them

my FAVORITE costume of the night has to be
this fella who wore a box over his head,
which was labeled 'From: God' and 'To: Women'

get it?
he was God's gift to women!!!

and there were these two guys
wearing these HUGE Pacman costumes
which looked really really cool (:

*cute girl on bus

i walked home alone after that and
it was really quite scary walking past
the two bars outside Elms where
there were reeeally long lines.

i'm kinda scared of people in costumes,
they just really freak me out somehow.

p/s is it me, or is Heroes really really boring?
i think i'm going to give up watching altogether!

Monday, October 29, 2007


a bit confused now.
and a bit annoyed as well.
*bank people ah, please >.<
i'm going to kick you if i dont get it.

i had a really good day
and i think i'm starting to fit in well.
still not quite *me* yet here
but i'm getting there.

there's a sudden drop in temperature though.
even the Irish are complaining already,
and they're telling me it's gonna
get a whole lot worse ):
i lose all feeling in my hands
after 5 minutes of being outdoors.
and that takes forever to get back.

but today during a really boring lecture
the fire alarm rang and we all had
to go and stand out in the cold.
fire alarms go off all the time here!
this is my third fire drill in NI.

oh yeah, and i went to the
Msian Student Society Open House
on Sunday, which was pretty awesome
because i got to eat proper rice!
im not allowed rice cooker here see,
so i only can boil rice which
makes gritty and weirdish texture rice.

and after they gave me a whole tray
of rice to bring back home! (:
i froze it in the freezer though.

are you allowed to freeze rice?
and how would you cook it ah,
must thaw or just microwave?
i would ask my mum but she's
off gallivanting in exotic Thai now ):

please reply, i want to eat my rice.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

This is Belfast at 5.30pm.
it's slightly darker than this but
somehow the camera can't take it.
aaanyways it's supposed to look like
how 7.30pm back home would.

it's so cold im swaddled in thick quilts.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

ohmygosh Daylight Savings is tmr!

you know how i told some of you
that i thought the time diff bet
UK and Msia was 8 hours but it was
only 7 when i arrived?

well it's because of DaylightSavings
and in 5 hours' time, i'm supposed
to switch the clocks back one hour.

i didn't know because i haven't been
really reading the news and everything
so i found out thru Facebook

so weird how people like to
play with time and everything.
so from tomorrow, EVERYTHING
is one hour later than it should be.

strange huh?

in other news, i've been talking to Ho
on MSN for 12 hours and counting!
yep, we're just crazy exciting people.

Friday, October 26, 2007

you know how in live TV shows like
30 Seconds Of Fame where they ask
the audience to vote the people
they don't like out using this
handheld device thing?

well we used that for a quiz today.
everyone was given this
small calculatortype thing and
when the questions where flashed
on the screen we just pressed
our answers on the device and
the answers would be tabulated into a
poll-like result showing the percentage
of students who gave particular answers.

*so* cool lah.

for the other class we each got
videoed giving a one minute monologue
to try and improve our comm skills.

i never realised that.....
my voice is so annoying!
and i really sound like im from China.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

today's my only real day off
since it's the only night i'm home.
*finally referring it as home now*
and today was almost perfect.

met this Msian guy after class
and went walking around the city.
talking to him was almost like talking to IMPP.
the lame jokes, the laughing, everything.

i miss the other two so much,
even though we talk online everyday
and send flying emails about everything
it doesn't feel right ):

after weeks of riding that loopy
emotional rollercoaster that had me
smiling to myself one minute and
angry at the world the next,
it's really nice to talk to someone
for hours and not about small talk.

i'm *so* bad at small talk!

and i came home to find that
SideReel has already uploaded last
night's PrivatePractice+PushingDaisies eps!

it doesn't take much to get me happy

* this morning it was THREE DEGREES!
i walked out and i turned blue.
my fingers were frozen so bad,
i couldn't write in class for 1/2 hr after.
i'm in dire need of mittens, really.

it's gonna get a lot colder.
i think i'm going to go
kill myself now.

i just went searching and found out
that the Westlife tickets are


they just opened the ticket selling
on Friday and 5 days later,
BOTH dates are sold out?!!!!!

thank God they added a third
date to their tour in Belfast,
and it's opening this Saturday at 9am.

i'm *so* going to be ready this time.

*but by the time they perform for
us they'll be so tired right,
performing 3 nights in a row.

the Irish must really love Westlife!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Think I Feel Insulted.

i called someone up for something today
and once he heard me talk he started
laughing his head off at me.
so i asked him what was so funny
and you know what he said?

'oh, it's just your voice.'

very funny meh my voice?!
summore he laughed for so long!


anyways, update about the stomach thing
i met a Msian med+pharmacy student
just now and they were doing the House
differential diagnosis thing on me,
and concluded that i have some form
of bacteria or something in my colon.

so i think i'm going to go to the GP
tomorrow and see what happens
because my stomach is frikkin killing me,
the explosions are going off all the time
and makes really weird rumbly sounds.

6 weeks here and i've already gone
to the hospital once and going to
see the doctor again soon.
loser la, really >.<

Monday, October 22, 2007

my one source of amusement is gone!
apparently the TV Links owner
got arrested by the police,
so says my sister's friend.

but he/she gave me this new site
where i found the latest ep of
my new favorite show, PushingDaisies!

you really made me day,
thank you *so* much (:

i had cramps the whole day.
then suddenly in class when i was
sitting next to some stranger
my tummy made this loud rumbling
which lasted 30 seconds.

so embarrassing lah! ):
she must think i'm some weird Asian freak.
there are constant tiny painful explosions
going on in my stomach now.

painful >.<
i can just imagine what my mummy
will say tmr on our daily Skype sessions.


ahaha can you feel the excitement?!
i remembered this girl telling me she
went to TakeThat's concert last week
so i figured, if you like TT= you like Westlife
so i asked, and YES SHE WANTS TO GO!


now i must think of a plan
to go ambush them backstage.
haha (:

p/s i think my tongue cannot take
all this properenglish speaking all the time,
i stutter 50% more than what i used to now.
i can't really say a proper sentence
without stuttering through a few words now.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Weather Is Getting Colder.

the temperature now averages on 11C
at daytime and 6C at night.
all of a sudden, 7 am looks like 5 am
and 7 pm looks like 9pm.

i'm slowly freezing to death.
i walk out the door and my fingers
are numb instantly ):
and everytime i breathe,
wisps of hot air condenses immediately.

the really annoying thing about the weather
is that it's really increasing my appetite.
i just *cannot* stop eating.

i bought a 750g pack of muesli yday evening
and there's only one third left now.
luckily i bought two packs,
but i am such a gluttony cow!
oh, muesli+yoghurts will be the death of me.

the only thing i can console myself is
that i'm eating really healthy stuff
like muesli yoghurts and fruit.
apparently GrannySmith apples
help to curb your appetite.

thank God i bought like 20 this week.

anyone got any other ways to curb my
crazy appetite anot?!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

SouthAfrica Beat England ):

my English apt mate asked me
to go watch the rugby match live
with her English friends today.
since i had nothing better to do
than to stay home and study,
i went and watched rugby for the 1st time.

it's weird, you would think that
the Irish would support the English
but the whole place was supporting SA
and booed the English thruout the whole game.
apparently there's some rivalry between
them and England so whatever team
England plays, they'll support.

i didn't understand the game at all,
so the whole time i was staring
at the players, thinking WHY on earth
would they wear such tight clothes >.<
can see everything one!
the SA fellas are pretty good looking though.

sigh my whole weekend is ruined lar.
TV Links cannot load on the laptop ):


yesterday at some Q&A,
JK Rowling outed Dumbledore.
some young fan asked if Dumbledore finds
true love and she replied,
'Dumbledore is gay.'

... and that he fell in love
with Grindelwald!

click here

and here!

seriously man.

Friday, October 19, 2007

ohmycow la
they're selling the 30Gb Nano here
with video or everything here
for 100 plus pounds!

stupid Apple people.

never mind, i'll wait for Belfast
to sell Touch (:

and and and and aaaaaand,
my childhood fave band+ study music
is going to perform in Belfast!
i know this sounds really cheesy,
but it's Westlife and I WANT TO GO!

everyday this year when i woke up
at 3 to study for ALvls the first thing
i would do was play them on Ipod
so that i wouldn't fall asleep while studying
and still not get distracted.

i remember my mum
surprising me with tickets to watch
them live in Genting the day after UPSR.

and all the karaoke Westlife songs
TheTen used to sing (:

i have every song they ever sang
and i know them by heart!

tickets are 40 pounds and surprisingly,
my dad thinks they're cheap (:

i better go make some Westlife-loving friends fast.
Someone Asked Me If Korea
Was A Part Of The EU.

i almost died.

anyways, today while walking home
i saw this bunch of burly muscular
fellas with tattooed arms wearing...




*so* cute.
so difficult not to laugh summore
because i'm quite sure if i did
they would come and whack me up.

you know what's weird?
none of my body parts that normally
sweat now sweat anymore, and
all the sweat seems to be coming
out from my palms n soles of feet.
i can't even write properly anymore!

so annoying >.<

i still find it weird that all the Irish
ALL go back in the weekends and
Elms is like a dead town since there
are hardly any international students.
and it's not just the beginning of the year,
they really go back every weekend one.
so nice, laundry and cooking all done ):

have a good weekend!
every morning i have to psych
myself up and tell myself
to hang in there, it'll get better.

i really expect too much sometimes.
why is it so difficult to be happy
with where i am right now?

i'm freaking lucky okay.
come on, sammie.

wake up.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's A Bright, Sunshiney Day!

my mood has been going up and down
these few days but today,
i feel like i'm on top of the world!
somehow i couldn't stop smiling at everything
and felt so immensely thankful.

all my food smelled weird today.
and my stomach has been aching quite
a bit lately so i threw them out.
): i feel guilty.

oh, and did you know that the ProtonWira
is called the ProtonPersona here?!
hahahha so weird.

have a good day people!
i'm off to watch Heroes now.
i hope they show more of Nathan (:

**Edit: i forgot to say..
2 people asked me which school
i was from on Monday, which means...
they thought i was Irish!
haha ey i dont sound like one at all kay.
my la's slip out all the time!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I Saw Something Freaky Today.

in practical class, we saw something
that really looked like what you
would see on CSI/ Bones..
okay i'm not really allowed to
talk about what we do in labs and stuff
so no details but it's something to do
with the human head, obvious enough.

went to Christian Union (CU) today
a bit reluctantly because i thought
it was going to be one of those services
where you jump and shout like a rock concert.
(it's just a personal preference)
but someone asked me to go and
it *was* like a concert, but only in the fact
that the musicians were crazy good
and sounded like it was a recorded CD.
it was all slow worshippy songs and
boy, they can *really* sing!

i'm really loving the services here (:
the CU here has really cool stuff as well,
like ThursdayNights which are THE partynights
they have this thing called LateLove
where a bunch of them will stand
outside a church near Elms,
serve tea/coffee to drunk students,
and make sure they get home okay.

speaking of which, while walking home
i was jumping up and down (literally)
trying to get warm in the bitter cold
and the roads were FILLED with
girls wearing tube tops and shorts.
i know i've said this like a million times,

yeah, they *are* used to the weather
but i doubt even Eskimos don't shiver
wearing next to nothing at 5 degrees okay!

looking good isn't *that* important.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


i just nicked my finger with the knife
while preparing for dinner AGAIN.
this is my 3rd/4th knife-related incident
since i've started cooking in Belfast
(it's been only 3 weeks!)

i didn't realise until i looked down and
saw my fingers covered in blood.
and it just wouldn't stop flowing
so i wiped my finger every 10 secs
in case it spilled onto my veges
and i unknowingly drink blood.
(which reminded me of the ProsaMelayu
in form5 where the king wanted
human blood in all his dishes)

anyways, 5 mins ago my finger started
to hurt and i looked at it closely and realised..
a chunk of my finger is missing!

it's a small chunk, but still a chunk!

you know what's scary?

i may have eaten it.
For My Daddy....

who wants to see more pictures (:

i went out for lunch with two Msians today
and they brought me to see the
finer sights of Belfast after!

Here's a pathway somewhere in Botanic Gardens,
which is right beside QUB main building.
see all the nice crisp leaves on the grass?

so nice to hear them crunching as you step.
and the gardens here are nice
'cause you get to lie down,sit on the grass,
and even make out if you wanted to.
(i saw a couple today!)

Flowers in Botanic Gardens.
but since it's autumn, the flowers were not that
huge or anything and the trees were botak.

more of these in spring.

just thought it looked nice (:

lake/river at River Lagan (or Lagan River..? no idea.)
where people come to jog/cycle.
the lake/river (i really dont know,
i didn't walk to whole length to see where it went)
is filled with swans and ducks.

but it smelled a bit though.

nicer shots of the lake/river.

my route to my favorite store,
Tesco's! (:
this road is called Derryvolgie Avenue,
leads from the entrance of Elms
to right in front of Tesco's.
and to think i walked for an hour
on my first day, finding for Tesco's huh.

aaaaanyways, you know what's weird?
the Msian students here are like some
top secret spy society you know!
when we met other Msians today
(somehow, SO many of them popped out)
i was introed and once they heard my name
they went:' oh, you're the first year medic!'
............... they're watching.

oh and i checked my SiteMeter today
and i found out that 2 people googled me.
so i read the Google search results
and found another Msian SamanthaTan
who's super famous and got invited
to TRL studios! *jealous*

wouldn't life be great if they sent
that invitation to me instead?!
then i can finally meet Damien! (:

p/s it's Calvin's bday today.

p/p/s did you know that the Titanic was
built in Belfast?!!
well, i guess it doesn't really matter to
me since i've never watched the movie.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Interesting Things That Happened Today.

1. as i walked out of the uni main building today,
i saw the whole front area of the uni FILLED
with malays really dressed up in all their
traditional clothes and the guys were
even wearing songkoks and everything!

i blinked and stood there for a moment
because i thought i walked through space
and arrived back home (like Hiro).

2. i have no one to talk to, so i stop random
Malays on the road and wish them a
very happy Hari Raya (:

3. today while talking to someone thru
the phone he asked me whether i was
Polish because apparently, i sound like one.
please ah, i do NOT sound Polish.
(how *do* Polish people speak?!)

4. Life is great because autumn is here,
so the streets are covered with really nice
brown crunchy crispy leaves that i can step
on with a satisfying 'crunch'.

5. just found out that TV Links updated
2 seasons of Whose Line Is It Anyway?
whoever you are, ILY!
(: (: (:

6. someone asked me yday if i knew what
squash was and if we played it back home.
i wasn't thinking properly so i just
said 'yeah, but i dont play.'

today while i was rethinking through
yesterday's conversations
(which i do constantly),
i realised that i should have replied
'er hello,the world's 1# squash player
comes from Msia okay' >:(
my mind is always so slow!

7. i saw the police giving this guy an
alcohol breath test just now.
he was breathing into this thing
while he was frantically explaining
something to the police.
poor guy.

8. saw this HUGE pink limo yday night
with huge Playboy decals on the windows
and huge painted letters on the side,
saying something about Playgirls or something.

TakeThat performed in Belfast yesterday!
yer i wish i went ):
apparently GwenStefani was walking
around in Belfast the other day!
*lauren are you jealous?!

have a good weekend people!

Friday, October 12, 2007

today all the Malay students came into class
dressed in their nice baju kurungs and
the guys with gold sarongs and baju Melayus.
i asked them what were their plans,
and they're going from open house
to open house tonight eating! ):

such fun lar!

plus one of the Malay guys intro-ed
me to his Irish guy who's Muslim.
i was *really* surprised!
he fasts and everything as well.
wow huh?

today i had a ClinicalRelevance class
which was all about pediatrics+ prenatal surgery
(which Addison specializes in!)
and it was really a whole slideshow of gore.

pictures after pictures of deformed fetuses
and these babies with genetic defects
were flashed and it was pretty scary.
these were real photos of dead children
and they showed us the process of doing
post-mortem procedure to find out how
they died and cut up parts of their body
to get specimen for slides.

i have a morbid fascination for these things,
it grosses me out really badly but
then again, i can't tear my eyes off these images.
but it was really gruesome.

like u could see all these babies where
the umbilical cord strangled them
and resulted in all the blood accumulating
in the head, causing the head to be all bloody
but the rest of the body pale white.
and babies with genetic defects....
well that's just really sad.

it's one thing to see photos on a screen,
but i think when i see these in real life
i'd totally freak out.

wouldn't you?
Is it better to hang out with people
you don't really like or to be alone?


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Halloween decorations are up already.

apparently, it's really big here in Belfast
and there's like Halloween stuff *everywhere*.
when i tell people that i've never celebrated,
they look at me like i'm from
some kampung and gasp so loudly.


i wanted to say something but i forgot.
urgh so annoying.

anyways watch PushingDaisies+Chuck!
watched both pilots today thru
TV Links after frantically finding the sites
that i can download them from,
and they're really good! (:

happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i just googled the nutritional value
of McVities' wholemeal digestives
and one biscuit contains 3.2gs of fat.

argh i ate so many summore!
and they taste so so *SO* good la.

i'm gonna go kill myself now.

*kicks self repeatedly*
vacuumed carpet+toilet floor.
long talk with parents.
did laundry.
cleaned room.
went to library and studied.
bought file to organise notes.
got letter for bank+nationalinsurance.
borrowed book to study back home.
almost finished researching for
assignment that's due in 3 weeks' time.

it's only 3pm.

productive days make me feel amazing.

Monday, October 08, 2007

today is the birthday of the
most important guy in my life
(: (: (:

happy birthday daddy!

don't work your back so hard,
find a doctor about that nasty cough,
get your stomach-thing checked out,
(or wait for another 5 yrs til i graduate)
and wait for those air tickets from me
for you+mummy to go to Italy okay.

work on those Sudokus and when
i see you in two years' time
we will have a SuperSudokuChallenge k?!

and don't worry so much about me,
i will survive.

Guess What I Got Today?

My HugeBoxOfLove that weighs 16kgs!
(: packed with loads of new clothes
+ everything i that i couldnt fit into
my 30kg limit of baggage!

there's a postal strike in the UK
at the moment so i was worried
it would never come and i'm really
running out of clothes to wear already.

but i was so excited when they told
me that i got a package today (:

my room after the massive ripping of paper
and taking everything out.
i can just hear my mum saying:
'WHY you never pick up your room?!!'
it's a whole lot cleaner than that normally k (:

anyways, now i got enough
sanitary pads to last me for the next year,
enough clothes that i don't have to do laundry
for a month maybe, and the incredible
feeling that my family loves me (:

and the coolest thing was
i was thinking today that i'll need to walk
into CityCentre to get a new wallet


i feel *reaaaally* good today, because..

1. i got the HugeBoxOfLove.
2. went to the hosp. and everything's grand.
3. joey just sent me UB, Grey's + pushing daisies!
4. i talked to cherru today.
5. i think i fitted in really well today.

as the Irish like to say, happy days!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

i dont have to use my hands to
pry open my eyes anymore!

there isn't any pain as well
but it's still red so no contacts forawhile.
have to go back to the hospital
tomorrow for another checkup but
i don't think i'll be going blind anytime soon.
so yay!

i went to Tesco's again today as usual
(again because i go both on Sat+Sun)
i love grocery shopping la.
i can stand there, just looking at all the food
and thinking what to buy, comparing prices,
contemplating whether it's worth it or not.
also, a great way to boost my maths
because i constantly have to multiply
everything i see with 7 and then
think all over again and again:
Do i *really* need this?!

that process goes through my head for
every single food item i buy.
fun huh.

in the end, i go with all the Tesco brands anyway.
i really can be a Tesco endorser already.

i eat the same thing everyday here,
peanutbutter+jelly sandwiches,
yoghurts, muesli and cheese+ham sandwiches.
i think i can eat them for the rest of my life.

i also get really fanatical over the foods i like.

this week, i bought a 2kg bag of muesli
and 18 packs of lowfat yoghurt.

**they have supercool flavours over here!
rhubarb, gooseberry, pineapple, blackcurrant,
and my all-time favorite- black cherry.
plus they're super cheap, 12p one
so i eat yoghurt 3 times a day sometimes.

i almost cried when they didn't stock
the Swiss Muesli i wanted so much yesterday.
so i ran back today and bought the 2kg pack.
but it's the wrong one! >:( >:(

oh yeah, and i fried noodles today.
waaaay to go, sammie (:

p/s is my new best friend!
crazy great site.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Had The Craziest Day.

i woke up with a swollen eye
and i couldn't even open my eyes properly
so i went finding for eyewash at pharmacies
but since it was a saturday,
*everything* was closed.

worst thing was, i was due to be somewhere
at 10 and i didn't have the person's number
so i had to take the train all the way there
to tell them that i can't go and then
took a train straight to BelfastCityHospital
to get my eyes checked out.
*going to the doctor's voluntarily-
shows that it was crazy painful!

so anyway i waited with my searing pain
eyes which were swollen closed for TWO HOURS,
just feeling sorry for myself
and it struck me that i am *all* alone.

i have no friends, no family,
NO ONE that i could call to help me.

and for the first time since i've arrived,
which was exactly four weeks ago today,

i cried.

i've never cried since i was here
(except when watching Grey's and stuff),
and i was sobbing uncontrollably
in the middle of the hospital,
just crying my eyes out because of the pain
and the realisation that i have no one.

after *ages*, a doctor came to sort me out
and told me that i have cornea abrasion
which will heal about 2 days' time and all.

as i was waiting for my meds to come,
i talked to this Chinese couple next to me
and when their doctor came,
they couldn't speak any English so i offered
to help translate everything they needed to say.

and i told the doctor that i was a med student,
so she taught me how to examine a patient
and everything while i was translating for her,
which was very cool since i almost forgot
how to say things like 'muscle', 'nerves',
and i certainly didn't know how to translate
'physiotherapy' to Chinese.

she left to get some meds after awhile
and this nurse came in and asked for 'The Med Student'
so i said 'er, i think that's me?'
and then she brought me to another room
and asked me to translate for her as well!!

her patient was a guy who was slashed
(i asked 'Knife or sword?' just to make sure
and he said it was a sword, both in C& E)
by his roommate who got too annoyed with him.
very very very scary.
where do you get swords to slash people?!

after everything was done,
the doctor was saying that the hospital should hire me
(which is not a good idea since my Chinese
is totally rubbish!)
and that i have a standing invitation
to go back and just learn things from them.
very the cool.

somehow, i had a moment-
that moment when you *know*
you're right for something and that
this is your calling, you're meant to do this,
you know?

anyways the Chinese couple drove me back
and my eyes are swollen from all the crying,
and the right one is swollen bigger
so i look reeeeally funny.

i'm not allowed to wear contacts
but i'm definitely not gonna be wearing specs out
since my specs are held together by rubberbands.

very cool day.

*mummy- finally all those 11 years of studying
Chinese produced some results huh?!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Irish names are *so* confusing.

i got syringe-shaped chocs
and syringe-shaped highlighters yesterday,
and jiahoong was so excited about it
when i told him so i went back
and got another syringe shaped choc
and took a photo for you guys.

yeah it's kinda broken up though.

anywaaay back to irish names.
i have people in my year with names like
Graeme, Aislinn, Eamonn, Roisin, Aoife,
Dianamh, Lli, Niamh etc.


anyway pop quiz:
these two names i *do* know how to pronounce
and try to see if you can!

1. Caoimhe
2. Ciaran

comment comment comment!

*btw i found out that walking distance from
Elms to the main building where all my
classes are is 1 mile.
so on average i walk *at least*
2 miles a day here.
today i walked at least 5 miles!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Crazy Golf!

*my crazy golf group.

I went to this ChristianMedicalFellowship
event today and we went to a mini-golf
place to play crazy golf!

my fingers are toes are still thawing
from two hours of golfing at 5 degrees.

i think it has been a little bit more
difficult making friends here than i
expected because i'm so used to
having friends and talking all the time.
and so far i don't have a core group
of friends like in college and all yet,
it's all people i wave and smile to
but that's about it.

i think it's getting better day by day
(very slooooowly though)
and that period after ALvls where
i hardly talked to anyone and did
everything by myself really really helped.

there are some difficult days
and some really good days,
but i'm learning to get by.

today was a good night (:
oh and i got to eat a banana today
so i'm reeeeally happy!

*incredibly, i automatically just join all
the Christian medical small groups,
go to events and church here.
i'm even thinking about going for two
different services in two diff churches
each Sunday here.
im growing up!


i just had the bestest sandwich ever.
i bought these cooked ham and cooked chicken slices
from the Tesco Value range and 'cause
it's so cheap i bought big packets
and when i went home i opened the thing
it smelled really chemical-y
so i microwave my ham everytime
since i microwave my bread anyway.

but today i tried it on the griller,
bread, ham, chicken slices and cheese
together and grilled it for like a minute
til the cheese got all melty and everything.

explosions of joy in my mouth.

i know i say i hate cheese and all,
but i have nothing else to eat ):

i looooooove bread.
esp warm bread with peanutbutter+jam,
which i eat once a day (:
did u know that most Brits have never
eaten peanut butter in their lives?!
and there are whole aisles just for jam.

by the rate im eating these few days
i'm gonna look like a meatball
when i get back to Msia ):
today in class we watched this video
of a surgery that was really bloody
and someone fainted!
she's so gonna have such a bad time
at hospitals in the future.

i was fascinated and watched the whole
thing with my mouth hanging wide open
but i guess it was basically like
Grey's but more blood
and less goodlooking doctors.
i think i wanna go into surgery, really.

anyways, people here charge me for
sachets of ketchup here.
i should've brought some from KFC back home
and they don't even have chilli sauce here
>:( >:( >:(

oh yeah, i've been seeing ProtonWiras everywhere!
apparently it's a very very good car
here and it's cheap and doesn't guzzle petrol
so quite a lot of people buy it.

also, there are stretch limos everywhere,
and these 16 year old girls always
stick their heads out and scream around.
seems so fun ):

and someone asked me today,
'Is Msia in Africa?'

i almost shouted: 'YOUR HEAD!' at them,
but they probably wouldn't understand anyway.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


just watched Heroes+Grey's
and i totally freaked out.
esp at the last part of both episodes,
i was gripping and banging the table alternately,
covering my mouth and gasping nonstop.

email me and we can discuss!

** hey i have to write an essay on the
Advantages+Disadvantages of the UK NHS,
and i know nothing about it.
any pointers?!

i really should've smuggled my
Bioscience 1+2 into my luggage when my
mother wasn't looking because everything
i'm doing now im my Cell+MolecularBiology
lectures are exactly what i learnt at the start
of ALevels last year and i'm learning the value
of MissHo's notes now because the teachers
just whizz thru powerpoint slides without
explaining anything.

i'll probably be up the whole night
Wikipediaing and GoogleScholaring.
but i'm really enjoying what i'm studying now,
which is totally awesome.

i think today is the first time it rained for
so long in Belfast since i've arrived.
i was debating whether to wear my Chucks
and decided against it, and had to walk
the whole day with muddy and wet feet.
urgh ):

and i saw people wearing PhuaChuKang-esque
bright yellow rubber boots!
but instead of looking ridiculous,
they look really really good!
somehow, Brits can wear anything
and still look super cool in them.

what la.

apparently no foodstuff in post
so no nice thick undiluted soy sauce for me.

and i just found out that Med students
get 1 and 1/2 weeks less Christmas hols
compared to the rest of the students so
i think i need to reschedule my flights!

): urrrrgh.

p/s i think i've learnt something really
important from Grey's this week.
i've gotta start to adjust my expectations,
because nothing's ever gonna turn out
the way i want it to be/should be.

p/p/s oh yeah why must they stereotype ah?
that new Chinese intern on Grey's
so cina looking one!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

i just heard the funniest story today about Calvin.
my aunt from London called speaking in
Chinese asking for my mum and
my brother picked up and said to her
'i know you are a bad guy!'
or something that extent and asked her
not to call again and hung up.

then he happily told my mother
that he was so smart to avoid evil people
because no on in London can speak Chinese.


so funny.

i can't find UB+Greys+HIMYM
online anywhere to be dled,
and everything is in .rar files which
i can't seem to extract i dont know why.

help la someone ):

Monday, October 01, 2007


i am fuh-reek-eeen tired.
walked almost 10 km today i swear.
just came home at 10 just now after a superlong day
(i didnt go partying and all la k)
and i think i'm gonna do some reading up
before i collapse into bed from exhaustion.

and hot water!
it feels really good.
and today practical was a letdown.
i think Ms. Ho would have a coronary
if she was in the class, really.

the teacher described the cells arrangement
as 'crazy pavement like arrangement'!!
hahahaa so weird.
and we don't get to use much microscopes.

but the equipment here is really topnotch,
plasma screens everywhere in labs and
dissection rooms, and flat screen comps
on all the tables for us to access to
virtual slides in class and everything,
so very cool.

and you know what's stupid?
they made us buy all these printed out
booklets of study guides which cost 20pounds
so i could've actually printed all of them out
and save all that money for food.

very clever la.

anyways MUMMY!
pictures of my fried rice.
considering i did it without a recipe,
i think it's pretty good (:

when i ran to my room to get the camera
my apt. mates seem to be v amused.
i take it that no one takes photos
of their food here unlike *some* weirdos back home.
you know who you are haha.

okay that's it.
im crazy pooped and feet are giving out
and covered with angry red welts and blisters.
feel like my head is gonna drop off
because my shoulders can't take it anymore.
blergh g'nite people.
I have three big blisters and a few little ones
on my feet now and because it's so cold,
my feet are numb so i don't really feel pain.
which is really handy because i need to walk
at least 3 km a day.

has anyone watched Private Practice yet?
Addison was so sweet i cried.
i hope i become a doctor like her one day.
(except for the cheating part)

later i got microanatomy Practical class!
and we're gonna be using microscopes
to look at slides and stuff,
which is my favorite thing to do EVER.

i miss those days in Bio/Chem labs where
we would wear lab coats and covered shoes
and do QA where everyone would be rushing
to fume cupboard and MrMurali would say
'Flush it out!' and Charleston would,
as usual, make a mess out of everything.
haha and where i would run over to Joey's
table and crouch down to copy answers with KJ.

and how Ms. Ho would always be
PMSing in the mornings and pick on us
to describe the slides and everything and
if we stuttered/didnt know we had to
Ho would take forever to draw something,
we always played with chemicals+mung beans,
and i would always have heart-to-heart talks with
Ms. Ho while the class was doing their experiments.


oh i hate the soya sauce here.
it's like 10 times more dilute
than the ones back home.
how to eat eggs now?!

ooh my mum just said she'll send soya sauce.
back to egg mode.