Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fashion For A Cause.

so i went to the SWOT Fashion Show last night.
it's basically a charity fundraising thing
by med students and apparently *THE*
biggest night of the year.

i was a bit skeptical 'cause everyone
says the same thing about their parties
but it was *really* good.

everyone got dressed up and lined up

which completely destroyed my hair
so i didn't take any photos of myself.

the opening dance.

so nice hor the runway?!
the place was packed with medical students,
who all got very drunk by the middle
due to the free flow of alcohol provided.

summore it was just on tables outside
so everyone just brought them all in
and drank throughout the whole show.

haha yes we got mooned!

more risque stuff to come (:

you should be able to tell what
song they performed to (:

it was nice because instead of just having
normal boring catwalks, they had dance routines
for every shop who sponsored clothes
so there were a lot of really funny ones!

there were people in super vintage '70s clothes,
some guy came out in a skintight wetsuit,
and one of my favourites-
all these girls came out in fairytale
princessy beautiful white wedding dresses!


Dr. Sean Roe- my favorite lecturer (:

and the highlight of the night was when
some of the most loved lecturers did
their dance routine+ runway walk.

the audience upstairs went CRAZY.
everyone around me jumped up to their feet
(probably fuelled by the free alcohol)
and danced and cheered like mad.

and then in the end one of the lecturers
came out wearing a gorilla suit (:
so cute.

the dullest person on Earth, really.

the women lecturers, however,
weren't so appreciated.

one of the lecturers got booed really bad.
but then again, she DID tell us
how stupid we were ):

and of course, the highlight of the night..

the Rowing Boys!
(as in, the Boat Club.
it's not some stripper troupe)

last year they modelled La Senza underwear,
and this year they decided to do a stripshow.

they came out wearing full tracksuit
and did some sexy strip to their underwear.

what made it so funny was that

i know one of the guys!

and also one of my friends threw
her bra onstage >.<
well she didn't actually take it off,
she brought an extra one with her.
(she's not mad, she's in the Boat Club as well)


it was such a great night!
and best of all?

all for charity (:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Don't Go Looking For Drama,
It Somehow Finds Me.

yup, another drama filled day today.
i really should be used to these by now,
somehow my life is never boring.

so today was my first day of work
(how do you think i paid for Oliver?!)
and let me tell you, it is CRAZY working
on Saturday lunchtimes cause there's
just hordes of hungry people coming in.
and i was at the till summore,
which was really not a good idea
knowing my abysmal knowledge of math.

anyway in comes this guy asking for
a cup of coffee right, and my colleague
asks me to check his money to see
if it was genuine and i was really clueless
so he did it and i thought everything was okay.

i turned around to get to coffee
and next thing i know, all the managers
were standing at my till yelling at the man
cause the note turned out to be fake
and he came in yesterday and gave fake notes also.
then a huge fight erupted and
i just stood there holding his cup of
(VERY hot) coffee looking bewildered.

it was so overwhelming cause
i was so new and i didn't know whether
i did something wrong or not.

after awhile, the fight got a bit boring
and i went to use someone else's till
and continued working until
i got called into the office and these
two policemen wanted to take my statement
and asked me whether, if the need arises,
i could go to court and be a witness.

seriously, *faints*

so there, my first encounter with crime!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Everyone, Meet The Love Of My Life

..... Oliver.

yes it is! (:

my camera can't seem to capture it properly.
but yes, i've got the iPod Touch to replace Nathan


i'm not bringing it anywhere near a toilet!
oh, and i eBayed it so it was a lot cheaper.


today we got to take blood off each other.
and since my veins can't be found
i got off scot free (:
i was the first to draw blood off people
and i got it on my first try!

it's a bit scary though,
poking people and being afraid that
you'd somehow hurt them or
get blood spraying everywhere.
(which did happen to a few people i know)



and i think i'm going to have the
BEST time of my life in 4 weeks time (:
not saying anything in case i jinx it!

happy Chinese Valentine's Day people.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update On Life


i just realised that I've only been here
for 5 months and not 6 like i thought!
(my Maths really *is* that bad)
which is great 'cause I don't feel like
I've achieved much for half a year.

but it's getting better everyday.
i'm loving it more and more and
i think i'm quite ready to call this home.
for this phase of my life anyways.

i love being able to wake up everyday
and have something to look forward to.

i guess what was missing was the spark of hope,
that eagerness to embrace the day
which sort of gave that boost of confidence
and the feeling of invincibility which to me,
is my natural high.

i don't think i'm putting the words right.


anyway i got my Gray's Anatomy today!
the book, not the show (:
it's my first ever Uni textbook and
i'm super psyched 'cause it's so shiny (:
(it took FOREVER to arrive 'cause the courier
got robbed and the books got stolen)

you know i have a super soft spot
for perfect edges and impeccable pages
which cannot CANNOT be creased
so receiving a whole thick new book
with lots of coloured pictures is
really enough to send me into euphoria.

and and and,
i got my Wicked programme book!
thank you, Lareina+GabrielTay (:
i almost died when I flipped the pages.

it's impossible not to be happy (:

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Celebrations Are Endless.

first there was Christmas.
few days after that they took the deco down
and put up New Year ones instead.
after New Year, there was pink and red
everywhere for Valentine's Day and also
chocolate eggs+hot cross buns for Easter.

yesterday was VDay.
and you know what I saw today??

you'll never guess.





seriously right, WHAT is there
to celebrate about Feb 29th?!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

White People Lion Dancing.

well, they were clanging away at the drums anyway.
pretty cool hor!

apparently, Apple is planning to open
the first Apple store in Belfast later this year,
which adds to the grr-ness of the situation
cause this means that I can get a new one
but I can't get this one fixed.

sounds like a nice excuse to get another,
but i *really* don't want a new one.
it's super sentimental and it's been 2 yrs
but I haven't even taken off the plastic yet!

anyways i dissected a live frog today.
somehow, i feel that seeing animals suffer
is a lot worse than seeing people suffer.
maybe it's the fact that animals can't speak

up for themselves when they feel pain?
i don't know.

i kind of freaked out a bit though.
it's really a lot worse than cadavers
'cause cadavers look extremely fake
but the frog's heart was beating and
there was blood and organs in the color.
and throughout the whole thing the frog's
hand was flopping about and it was still SOFT!

poor frog ):

imagine- 2 more days,
and I've been here for 6 mths already.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm so upset I can't even cry now.

...... my Nathan died.

not the character, not the car, not the phone.

the iPod.

my only friend when I first came over
and had absolutely no one to talk to.

my daily companion on my long walks.

one of my Three Most Important things
I always check before I go out.

and it died from such a pathetic reason
that I can't even bear to mention it.

i'm really not being a drama queen.

seriously, i'm beyond upset right now.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I Actually Got An AngPau Today..

.. and no, it's not sent from back home.
It's actually in POUNDS! (:


i was talking about ChineseNewYear
at small groups yesterday and today,
someone actually presented me with
a makeshift envelope saying 'HappyChineseNewYear!'
and said:' Even though I'm not married...'

and i think for the first time,
i really was touched by the thought not the gift.
(yeah, i AM pretty shallow)

and of course, now i'm trying to get
my other Brit friends to adopt the tradition too.
heh (:

instead of celebrating CNY this year,
i celebrated Pancake Tuesday yesterday!
it's supposed to be two days before Lent
and i'm not too sure what it's about but
mmmm pancakes (:

and Ash Wednesday is pretty big here too.
there were loads of people yesterday walking
around charcoal smears on their foreheads.

quite cool hor!

meanwhile, enjoy your binge eating people.
hope the CNY heat wave isn't too bad.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A New Red Shirt and Frozen Fishsticks,
That's All I'm Doing.

i hope you're having a good time eating
greasy but crazy addictive ba kua/
melt in your mouth pineapple cookies/
supersweet mandarin oranges etc etc.

gong xi fa cai
xing nian kuai le
wan shi ru yi
bu bu gao shen


have fun+drive safely!

p/s and because i'm Chinese,
(and i broke all my resolutions already..)
i'm making ChineseNewYear resolutions!

p/p/s i just read my sister's blog
and she's talking about home CNY prep,

*dad playing with psp*
daddy ar, go beat the eggs
why? what did they do?
cas: ....


Monday, February 04, 2008


Hello Samantha,

You are correct-
I have checked your log book
and the error was because the
attendance sheet at the front of your book
was not completed correctly.
I could identify your attendance
when checking through every week.

Sorry for any stress this has caused.
I will arrange release of you mark.

Dr Finbar McGrady

yup i passed!
not as high as I would have liked
but pretty good nevertheless.

anyways i did my first dissection today.
i volunteered to be the dissector
and i got to do pretty cool things.
but the body didn't look very real
so it didn't feel like a human.

it looked more like waterlogged cardboard
and the muscle areas looked like duck meat.
mmm (:

i *almost* got to fly to London (AGAIN)
this weekend to meet up with Benny+Lareina
and celebrate CNY with my aunt
but the air tickets were too expensive ):

sorry lareina, i tried!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


i came out from the cinema and
stepped into a world blanketed in white.
mmmm (:

i finally got to hold a snowball!
even though i cant really feel my toes now
but WHEEE! (:
everyone's out playing with snow now,
and boy, snowballs really hurt.
i'm not complaining though!

and it's still heavily snowing so
i really hope by tomorrow morning
i'll be snowed in and sleeping in warmth.
doesn't that sound nice? (:


Friday, February 01, 2008

Don't Wish. Don't Start.

Wishing Only Wounds The Heart.

thank God i'm back in my room
where warm air actually exists.

what a stupid day.

i had to walk 40 minutes to class today,
and it hailed after i walked out
so i forgot my umbrella and man,
do those little ice balls HURT!

all that way for some silly lectures
on how to make poster presentations
and some statistics after which
only around 50 people out of 350
stayed for the lecture afterward.
(i stayed!)

and guess what?
the results for one module is out
and everyone got theirs except me,
which is referred cause they have to sort
some things out before i can get it.
stuff like attendance and all which really
doesn't make sense because
i'm NEVER absent.

then it was so cold today that my teeth
were chattering the whole way home
and i couldn't even unbutton my jacket
cause my fingers were so swollen!
i really wonder how people can live their
whole lives in such cold weather >.<

and the worst news of all...
i was saving them up for an emo day
and really, that day has come.
but the whole pint is gone!

**edit- they just emailed telling me that
i failed cause i didn't go to classes.
lucky i got logbook as proof so that's okay.
got another module result and i passed yay.