Sunday, October 19, 2008

so ads, sayers and i went to a worship session
held by THE Tim Hughes today.
it was mind blowing.

i had the most intense worship ever
and it was just so uplifting and inspiring
seeing the huge church packed with people
just worshiping our Creator.

and what's even more amazing is that
you know how at concerts n everything
with someone famous they always tend to
focus/glorify the artist?
well at tonight's event no one really cheered
for Tim Hughes when he walked in
and it was all glory for God instead.


but yeah, it was mindblowing when he
played 'here i am to worship'.

how awesome would heaven be
when everyone is just singing and praising God?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

so yay uni has finally started!

and it's been going really really good.
i love how there wasn't any introductory lectures
welcoming you to second year and saying
that this year is going to be tough and all that jazz,
but my first class on the Monday morning
was in the dissection room with our fresh new bodies.

i was really excited!
and yay now i can add another new thing
to my ListOfAwesomeThingsIveDone,
which is make the first incision on a new embalmed
cadaver from the chest to the pelvic region.

i was kinda scared that maybe suddenly
blood would explode onto my face but
im proud to say everything went exceedingly well.

but yeah living in a house is ever awesomer!
i actually have people to walk to class with already
and cooked dinners everynight.
yay (:

but yeah busy busy year.
other than classes 9-5 everyday
i'll be leading a small group Bible study
which, scarily, will be on Romans.
and i'm also doing food safety courses for work
so my life is really really busy right now.
i have to admit that i'm really overwhelmed
at the minute but it's in a good kinda way
you know? (:

so hey i've got house photos up on facebook.
have a great day everyone!