Friday, August 25, 2006

i am so so so dead.

exam is on Monday
and i haven't done anything yet.
i forgot all my Maths,
i haven't finished Chemistry,
Bio got too much to study,
and i'm just plain bad at psych.




im never so unprepared before.


One U.
eleven thirty.
this Sunday.
be there.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

dear jakunjho/jhosium/dwoin,

i remember the first day i met you.
it was maths and i forgot your name =)
but after the first day i sat with you
in virtually all our classes and we hit it off straightaway.

i remember laughing like crap in our first LAN class
over how Ms. Norah read our names.
and how we named Ice and all the 40 other people
from Soulmate to Flawless to Army-Pants Boy.

I remember us running around in MPH
playing hide-and-seek,
singing all the Mariah and High School Musical songs :)
from Fire to BlueBertPig,
i'm still not sure if your taste improved ;)

I remember all the poser pics we took
and the time during Steroid Competition
where we huffed and puffed everyday
climbing the 38744538475984 steps
to Ms Ho's apartment with the rocker kittens.
(and then we saw ernie!!)

I remember all the times we laughed
nonstop over your lameness and joke-of-the-days,
your 'orgasmic moans' everytime you ate,
and my attempts to try to get you and ho
to stop swearing by whacking you real hard.
and also our countless names
like Europhia, the Y-Men, Copycat Dolls,
and.. Pimp My Roda!

sorry for all the times i annoyed you
i didn't mean it :)

happy 18th birthday.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i have got to be the biggest idiot on Earth.

i was walking just now then i saw those
please-donate-to-the-poor-kids guys.
then i faster walk across the road
because i just cannot say no to them.

then he walked across the road too!!!

then i walked faster,
praying that he won't come and approach me.

but yeah,
he did.

and i got suckered into donating ten bucks
to some Malaysian Council thing.
does it exist?

its not that i dont want to donate
but *hello*
half of these things aren't even real lah.
i bet they're probably counting their money now
while laughing at the idiots that fell into their trap.

the worst thing is i can't say no
i always imagine that God would one day say to me
'sammie, you've had so many chances to donate to the poor
when these good-intentioned people approach you.
but you didnt..'

then *BAM*
i end up in hell.

to donate or not to donate?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


all my applications and personal statements.
done done done!

no more prospectuses for awhile =)

thanks phyebeng,
we'll go for lunch if i get accept into any uni k?

*actually, we'll go anyway la.
just to celebrate =) *
speaking of which,
A Mantle The Sea's new album is out today =)
hohoho i cant wait.

Monday, August 14, 2006

i am not cold.
i am not negative.
i do have a sense of humour.

its just your stupid friends
that keeps on insulting what i want to do
and telling me what to do in my life.

i am not so moneyminded
and im not going to do something i hate
just to get tons of money.

i am not so shallow.

Friday, August 11, 2006

You are gentle, caring, quiet, dutiful, neat, dependable, modest, unassuming, and humble. You can be counted on to make sure everything is in its place, that people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing and all the supplies have been secured.

You prefer to work behind the scenes, driven by a sense of obligation, often overworked for the benefit of others. You prefer tasks that are highly outlined, organized and practical. You fill your life with meaningful activities and schedule any down time. You enjoy helping any friend in need. You have a strong work ethic and can be critical of sloth, laziness and people who have possessions only through extreme indebtedness. All you’d like in return for all of your hard work is recognition and gratitude, neither of which you receive nearly in proportion to the effort and time you exert.

One of your greatest strengths is supporting family or group activities. Your contribution of cooking, cleaning, fixing or constructing is an expression of your love and loyalty to everyone present, and such labor is truly a pleasure for you to fulfill.

You were a model child. Relatively neat, sweet and conscientious, you were the child that every parent thinks they’re going to have. You may have openly disagreed or rebelled but if so it was short-lived and harmless and you were quick to accept the judgment of your parents along with any punishment they deemed reasonable.

Parenting, for you, is a lifetime commitment. You are protective, supportive and patient, often putting your children’s needs before your own.

You prefer not to make waves or attract too much individual attention. You go by the book and are suspicious of anyone suggesting that tried and true established methods should be revised or ignored.

You have a strong appreciation for antiques, traditions and heirlooms. You have a natural appreciation for and connection with your past and the people in your family tree. You find special joy in guarding old family artifacts regardless of their monetary value.

You put a lot of energy into maintaining your home. You keep things tidy, visually appealing and in working condition. You make sure your home is always well stocked with food and supplies. You take better care of your possessions than most types, cleaning, oiling, maintaining things so that they will always be nice, maintain their value, and function when needed. You want things to be sturdy and may replace something which isn’t broken if, after acquiring it, you realize that it’s of the new, shabbier quality.

You may or may not be a pessimist, but your speech is laced with reminders to realistically expect problems to arise. You are aware of the general dangers of living and are conscious of the fact that other people don’t heed your warnings as often as they should. You are also the first to point out to someone who seems surprised that they should’ve known that setbacks would occur.

In a marriage you are helpful and supportive of your spouse. You enjoy working on tasks together, or working on your specialties at the same time (one cooks while the other fixes the plumbing). As a parent you do all you can to ensure that your children are well behaved and hard working.
Jennifer Aniston
Terry (yay he's the new capt!)

lots and lots of storybooks

my sister (erm. if she's a thing)
peanut butter

ace all my future exams

have 100000000 bucks to pay for my education
bring my parents to church
erase the idiots who judge people based on their looks
talk to ernieangel
make em perfect siewpaus

to kill a certain someone

to find Jo's Boys and Little Men. stupid MPH doesnt sell em!
to lose weight
an iMac
inspiration to study
to go to England

Snow Patrol- Run

Oasis- Let There Be Love
Mae- The Everglow
Jack's Mannequin- Dark Blue
Keith Urban- You'll Think Of Me
Oasis- Don't Look Back In Anger

the only surviving member of SUCKS club
world famous
doing good works for people who need it
with adopted kids
accomplished chef

My Terry became England captain!

Michael Ballack shaved his head. =)
im standing while typing this
im listening to keith urban *i so heart him*
im addicted to sudoku
i want people to leave me alone forawhile

noone to tag =(

Monday, August 07, 2006

The painful memories that she had been suppressing flooded through her.
The memories which she had carefully and persistently made herself forget
was now filling her mind,reminding her of who she once was and who she really is.

The person that she had tried so hard to hide was emerging again,
crumbling the mask that she had been hiding behind.

After the neverending taunts and snide remarks which made her feel ugly and worthless,
she had created a whole new identity,
breaking away from her true self to be someone she was not.
She wanted to be someone who everyone loved, who everyone looked up to.
She yearned to be the girl that everyone took notice of.

Slowly, she reinvented herself - she became what she thought was the perfect person.
She made herself study hard and slogged through endless late nights
to do well in school.
She forgot her shyness and forced herself to be loud, never shy, and laughed all the time.
She became someone she was not.

She built walls around her that no one could penetrate.
She never told anyone of her true feelings, of how she really felt inside.
She always pretended to be happy and optimistic.
She never looked for love because inside,
she knew that she would never be good enough for anyone
- no one would ever love her for who she really is.
Everytime someone got too close,
she would quickly retreat and build even thicker walls around herself.
She would never let her heart be broken
by hateful bitter words again.

But now, with fresh memories of the times
she repeatedly got hurt,
she will hide no more.
She will not be that person she was not to please anyone again.

She will be herself again.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

sorry for the absence =)

i can't take it anymore.
i really cant.

everywhere i go its endless mind-numbing noise.


at home, its the stupid freaking neighbour's dog
barking its head off.

and my room is right behind the dogs.
how can dogs have so much saliva
to continue barking?!
and they never seem to have
a sore throat from all that barking.

and college isnt that much better.
i dont know why some people just can't
shut up when there are people teaching in front.

i feel like dying.

and now because of those darn dogs
i have to retreat to the library everyday
to take my naps and do homework.

my dad got so angry yesterday morning
he threw bricks at the neighbour's house.
very violent, i know.

makela summore noise in class
i throw bricks at you.
i seriously will.