Thursday, July 31, 2008

so i guess its time to update,

so after my plans got canceled,
i went to Neebish Island for a week
and did ABSOLUTELY nothing.
and i mean, seriously NOTHING.

and im back at camp working
in the kitchen this week
(which is crazy exciting!)

and because camp is so addictive,
im trying to push my flights back another week.

yes yes i know,
it sounds like i can't let go
but seriously this is THE most fun
i've had for a really really long time.

i know i say this all the time,
but i've really changed from camp.
i guess i've just been very materialistic
for the past few years and camp
has DEFINITELY changed that.

i don't need 60 t-shirts!
i don't need to have my hair straightened
every year or have 700 dollar haircuts.
i don't need a new cellphone every so often.

and my parents were right.
whenever we have arguments
when i was younger i remember
them saying :'i dont think this is how a Christian acts..'

and yeah, they were absolutely right.

living with these people in camp is
like holding a mirror up to myself
and i really don't like what i see.

i am waaay too selfish
and although it may not show outwardly,
stuff that is going through my mind
is MILES away from being like Christ.

how am i supposed to be a
light of the world/ambassador of Christ
if i continue to act/think the way i do?

last week, during all the airport drama,
i really felt like i was abandoning everything
and following God like the disciples.
have you ever felt that way?

like for once, just giving EVERYTHING up
and just following blindly into whatever
that comes your way, knowing that
somehow God will provide?

yeah it was weird for me too.

but you know what?

it's time to change.
time for me to open my eyes.


Monday, July 21, 2008

so i was supposed to leave camp yesterday.

and guess what?
due to MORE airport drama that happened,
ive decided to forgo my trip
and stay at camp instead, which
is what i really really want to do anyway.

long story short,
one flight got cancelled,
my luggage is lost,
i missed another flight,
and the last one got delayed 3 times.

crazy or what?
but somehow i felt really peaceful throughout
the whole thing, and not worried about
anything at all.
isnt that weird?

so now i have no clothes whatsoever and
no plans at all and im absolutely broke.

at least im back at camp (:

love you guys.