Monday, February 27, 2006

road trip!

i'll be going to malacca this weekend with my college buddies
for Hitz fm's 9th Birthday Bash!

for once, my parents are SO nice :)
1. Who makes you smile?-

2. who makes you laugh?-
wah got so many. erm anderson, phye beng, jia hoong and ho.

3. Have you ever cried in public?-
of course la, CHEER '04 and '05, Sports Day (notice that everytime i cry its at some cheerleading thing)

4. Are you in love?-
with myself , yeah :)

5. If yes, with who? if not, why not?-
myself la. no one else worthy marr :)

6. Do you want to get married?-
of course la! i already know how my wedding's going to be like :)

7. With who?-

8. Do you like singing?-
at times.

9.Do you believe in God?-

10. Who matters the most to you at this point intime?-
no one in particular.

11. Who was the last person you kissed?-
never did :(

12. Who are chatting with?-
ben phua. teaching him Chem :)

13. Missing anyone?-
joel probably.

14. Crazy bout anyone?-
yeah duh. nathan la (AND myself!)

15. Are homosexuals cool?-
dunno, never met one.

16. have you kissed a gurl?-
i think so, but i cant remember!!

17. want to? and who do you want to?-
not particularly :(

18. have you kissed a guy?-

19. want to? and who do you want to?
depends la. any hot dude will be fine :)

20. Why did you answer this?-
nothing better to do :)

21. Do you like your name?-
the English one yes, the Chinese one not so much

22. Why?-
cuz it sounds stupid! :(

23. Who do you want to talk to, right now?-
er.. ICE!

24. who was the last person you called?-
my daddy :)

25. why?-
ask him to hurry come and pick me up! i wanna get HOME!

25. Who was the last person tht called you?-

26. why?-
to tell me to come outta the house

27. Who was your valentine?-
chui king.

28. Why?-
what why la, she picked my name wert!!

29. How many ex's do you have?-
none la :(

30. What's your msn nick&personal message?-
sammiesmartypants :i *heart* nathan!

i tag : nik, jho, joel, kimberly, and yeanz!
cut and paste this onto yr blog :)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

oh i forgot.
the weird chick aka skirts has stopped college.
taking time out to see the psychiatrist
plus she claims that this is because of the lack of attention
showed by her overly strict parents. :(
*poor thing*

p.s. 16 more days!
im joining Charmed-All Stars!
*that's the M'sian cheerleading team, btw*
yeah la i know im not THAT great a cheerleader but
the prospect of joining competitions again and FINALLY being able to make my
being-able-to-do-crazy-flips dream come true is too much to resist :)
(thanks cherru!)
supposed to go for my first practice today but the cancelled it :(
but if i DO make it in, it'll be super crazy
wednesday practices are 4.30-10.30pm *wow*
and they practice every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.
AND its all in Subang!

praying SUPER hard now that my parents will either be very okay about it or i can find transport or i can get a car :(

Friday, February 24, 2006


countdown: 18 more days.

aiyoh im going to die lar :"(

Thursday, February 23, 2006

fort minor arriving in KLIA
on the 27th of February 3PM!!!

aiyoh i SO SO SO wanna go :(

Monday, February 20, 2006

there's this weird chick in class who has to go see a psychiatrist today
just 'cause our very ganas Bio teacher screamed at her last Tuesday.
since then, she claims that she hasn't eaten/slept in five days.
summore she's our class rep(equivalent to class monitor)
and has the whole class' numbers so every night since last Tuesday
she has been calling everyone up one by one
to complain/cry about how stressed she feels/ how the teacher is prejudiced.
and then yday she came last period to college and brought her mum
to see the teacher to tell her that she'll be taking a LOOOONG break from college
to reorganize herself and all that.

all this for ONE scolding.
aiyorrrr. super can-die. :(

Saturday, February 18, 2006

my VERY CLEVER maids went and spoiled the Astro decoder.
no more TV :(

*yesyes i know it was very dangerous to drive like that, but i didnt drive LAR.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i lost my phone :(

please PLEASE tell me its in Yean's mum's car!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

had the WEIRDEST valentine's ever :)
started with my friend phoebe who needed to go home to get something,
but her stupid boyf wouldnt fetch her home
so she asked me (the one who went for 2 lessons so far) to take her back.
it was some stupid Malaysian Studies class so the 5 of us ran out of class
to her car (which is VERY far away btw)
and i happily got into the driver's seat and you know,
started the car and all, then when i started moving,
i suddenly realised...
and at that time, the car was already moving
and i seemed to forget EVERYTHING i learnt about driving :(

luckily someone more competent took over
(well,he claims he passed his driving test but he was no more better than me)
and the car jerked and 'mati enjin' repeatedly in the middle of the road ;)
and even when we stopped to pay for the parking
the car rolled behind ;)
and my poor phoebe was screaming her lungs out for the guy to
'press clutch!' 'press handbrake!'
so we decided to park at the roadside and run back to class
and at that time we were sweating and sweating so much
from running under the hot sun wearing stupid black shirts!

we tried again in breaktime, getting another guy to drive
and this time four people were piled into the backseat meant for two :)
stupid me forgot to on the air-con so we were literally sweating buckets
and by the time we found a place to park
we needed two different people to park the car properly!
so in the end 6 people spilled out of the car,
sweating and breathless from all the screaming and shouting
holding our wilted flowers with 3/4 of the breaktime gone :(

happy valentine's day everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2006

valentine's tomorrow.
yeah, whatever.

as a protest to Valentine's, all the single people in class are going to wear black
and the coupled (which is like more then HALF the class) ones are wearing pink.

looks like it's a black day for me :)

on another hand, yesterday was the Chinese Valentine's Day (chap goh meh)
on the way back from the airport, we passed by Taman Jaya
where there were HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of people
lining up beside the lake (which is murky and really disgusting) to throw their mandarin oranges into the lake!
*aiyoh what a waste of oranges la! my house no more :( *
a bit loser lah!
where got people so desperate go stand next to the dirty lake, fish out oranges,
AND call the number on the orange?!

so sad :(

*p.s. eh S.U.C.K.S. club, maybe we SHOULD do that next year, then maybe we'll can wear pink on V-Day 2007!

15th of March= doomsday


just kill me now!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

it's going to be so... quiet.
joel's finally flying off :(
it's going to be like losing an arm or something since he's my oldest friend (11 years and counting..) + closest guy friend...

no more funny phone calls
no more insulting him all the time
no more telling him about all the cute guys i've met :(
no more arguing over who's dumber...

take care :)
i'll miss you LOADS
he's flying off today :''( Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006

i *heart* Fort Minor!
i've been listening to them non-stop since i bought their CD :)
they rock!
i wanna go concert too :(
but my parents said its a waste of money *sigh*

i think im turning into a huge big orange.
i'm currently eating m 8th mandarin orange of the day ;)
(one for breakfast, 4 for lunch, and im eating four now right before dinner)
and i ate 7 yesterday :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

lookie all the pink pink PINK!!!
pink day for our class yesterday and everyone sportingly wore pink(except the class weirdo)!
some of the guys summore purposely went to buy new pink shirts to wear :)
but to our horror when we went into our first class of the day
we found out that thw two classes next to us all wore pink too!
in the end, the whole corridor was filled with pink people :)
since all my classmates are from all over Malaysia,
all of them brought all the traditional food from their state,
and we got to eat dodol and 'kongpiang' (which is a flat round biscuit with pork bits)

okay gtg eat :)
pink day at college :) Posted by Picasa