Sunday, January 30, 2005

JIE!!!WAKE UP!! ITS 7.20 ALREADY!!!that was how i woke up on saturday morning--late for school...ON A SATURDAY MORNING!!!!

somehow, my maids didnt wake us up and we both overslept and ended up being woken up by a waiting joanne at her house for us to pick her up :)
it was amazing how i got ready for school in fifteen minutes,from being in a deep sleep to rushing to pack my books and brush my teeth.
hopped into the car without tying my hair and struggling to put on my socks :(

still, my evil dad drove ever so sloooooowly on the way to joannes house,and sumore after picking her up, he drove into a DEAD END and stumbled his way to the main road...
and we were sooo close!!!
argh..five minutes earlier and i wouldnt have to stand outside the school listening to the morning announcements and stuff :(
and this is the story of me being late for the first time for school :)

anyway, had a terrible week with six days of school and one measly day of rest with tons of homework :(
luckily, saturday school wasnt much like a school day,
our chinese teacher printed out some cny songs and we sang them for one period and we got to go home a bit early as our english teacher was persuaded to let us off ;)
compiled this list in boring physics class :)

thirty things to do before im thirty
1. take part in a protest
2. take part in a parade ( i wanna be those people on stilts)
3. get married
4. travel n visit Vatican City, Greece, Italy, France
5. go skiing
6. go on a mission trip
7. learn to surf n surf with the sharks in the Great Barrier Reef
8. write a book
9. milk a cow :)
10. busk on the streets of europe
11. eat 5 McD's burgers in a sitting
12. paint a house
13. adopt a child
14. go pearl-diving (like Kino in The Pearl)
15. audition for a role as an extra in a movie
16. talk on the phone for 6 hours straight
17. go on radio air
18. visit the Louvre
19. preach
20. roll over someone's foot (this is revenge!! directed to anderson only)
21. design my wedding gown
22. go on a hunger strike
23. get mugged and manage to physically hurt the attacker and put him behind bars
24. save a person's life
25. attend a major award show (like MTV Asia Awards or bigger)
26. ........... erm... i cant think of any more.. any ideas?

Monday, January 24, 2005

sorry for not updating for so long..
blame my very smart dad who didnt pay the internet bill :(

simple plan+avril are coming!!!
i wanna go for the concert!!!
yeah.. i grew a liking for them late last year/early this year..
and i really REALLY wanna go for the concert!!! :)

Monday, January 17, 2005

hiya peeps! :)
few of you would probably heard of the Heavenly Man, Brother Yun who was tortured and persecuted for spreading the Gospel throughout China.
I read his book a month ago and it was truly eye-opening to see how much people suffer there for spreading God's Kingdom while we are having it so easy here.

anyway, he's in Malaysia and had this Revival meeting in FGT yesterday which was super super packed with people.
Went with Anderson but even though he sped fast (as usual), we reached there a bit late, sumore had to stop for food so in the end we had to sit down on the floor near the front.
I've never been to a Charismatic church worship before, so it was really weird to see people jumping and doing actions to the songs. Normally, ppl in YF hardly do actions even in though the song leader asks.

The place was humongous and there were easily a few thousand people there that night waiting to see Brother Yun. Since the message was gong to be in Chinese, i thought i would understand what he was saying but his Chinese accent was super thick, thank goodness there was a translator there, but even then, the translator was a foreigner so he had an accent too, which i found it hard to decipher what he was saying.

Only got to the first part of the message when i had to go home cuz my parents wanted me home at 9.30!! aiyerrr!! what was most irritating was when i came back, my parents werent even home yet! :(
but anyway, glad to be able to go to see him :)

to sloo and kevin: i'll miss you guys loads when you go back :) see you guys in july!
to sze yen: it's been a great few years getting to know you and having lots of fun+laughter with ya.. take care in Aussie yeah? :)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

one week of school gone :)
yay! i survived the first week of my last year in school..
its unbelievable how time flies, i mean like it was just a few years ago i came into school,
and now im already in my last year :(

anyway, school started off where it stopped,
there wasnt any of the usual getting-to-know-you jazz cuz we were all already classmates last year, so there was all the teaching and homework on the first day itself :(
and now i just found out that my tuition will be expanded to three and a half hours!
and ill be having tuition for four subjects all on one day :(
i dont really like that tuition though, im the only gurl there and all the others are very very good friends, so im like super left out all the time, and all they speak is chinese :(
the teaching isnt that great either, but there isnt any other tuition i can go to,
so i guess i'll just have to study harder :(

the highlight of the week is definitely just now..
went to send eugene off in KLIA, the first time ive ever sent someone off from YF..
apparently, we had to rush there from school so caleb, my sister and i were walking super fast, forcing our way thru the traffic jam of ppl and when we went out, anderson wasnt even there yet! :(

anyways, we reached there in plenty of time and saw loads of YF ppl in front of McD's.
i really like McD's in the airport ya noe, the interior is super cool one:)
were told that we just missed adrian who was leaving on the same day too :(
took pics, prayed for eugene's safety and walked him all the way to the aerotrain :)
its so sad to see him leave, the loudest person in yf, the one always with something interesting to say :(

yeah,that's more or less of my week,
will be updating weekly nowadays cuz have to spend all my time studying :(
happy weekend-ing!