Saturday, May 28, 2005

psst!! :)

leaving for family camp in a few mins time..
in andie's office now waiting for him to finish typing something *bleah*
we went out for breakfsat just now and i ... broke a chopstick!
i broke it while trying to... cut a piece of dim sum into half :(
im sad, aint i?

anyways, gtg now!
see you all and happy holidays!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

woo-hoo!!! exams are over! :)
last two weeks have been a nightmare :(
under the exam pressure, some people in my class turn to religion/beliefs to do well in this guy who sits next to me, he's this future feng shui master, and he IDOLIZES lillian too *bleah*
anyway, he got this obsession with anything to do with feng shui, so during the exams, he brings a crystal and puts it in the north-west corner of his table to bring him good luck or something like that.

then there's this other guy who's really really smart and all that,but even he wears those Buddhist bead bracelets to protect him to do well in exams!
but in the chinese exam his bracelet suddenly broke and the beads flew everywhere..
and cuz of that, he got worried cuz it probably means that he lost his 'protection' and will fail chinese ;)my class is so superstitious!a lot of people are claiming to do very badly in chemistry cuz the exams were on Friday the 13th...what?!!!

anyway, Cheer 2005 is on July 2nd!
yet another chance to see the great samantha tan embarass herself!
the people from THE STAR told us that they had to edit our performance a LOT for the VCD.. which means we were terrible :(

but this year, we shall rise again to the challenge!
ooh, i heard that there will be another guy team joining this yr.. YER!
dont you think its just wrong for guys to be cheerleaders? maybe i'm too old-fashioned or something... but bleah!!its just very very gross.. -_-''
the point is, just come and support MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!
bring all yr banners and flags and wear black shirts with my face on it yeah :)

date: july 2nd
time: nine-ish i think
venue: stadium putra, shah alam.

the perfect chance to show and express yr love and support for ME!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

* this was actually written last week, so dates are wrong*

Some weird guy with the exact same number as my friend (except for the 019/012 part) suddenly text messaged me yesterday asking if I was a girl. And I very dumbly replied, thinking it was my friend and it turned out to be a guy named Wilfred (what kinda name is that?!). so I stopped replying him and he keeps messaging saying that ‘he was sorry he frightened me’.
And this was right after I was thinking about the time one guy that I didn’t noe who just started calling me up to talk.. in Chinese summore! Super freaky!

What’s up with the people nowadays? What actually drives guys to do this kinda weird stuff anyway? Isn’t it kind of weird to just message or call someone randomly hoping its some hot chick or something? Just in case you are one of these people, it is VERY freaky to get a call out of nowhere.. seriously.

Anyway, last week I did something embarrassing again…
I really shouldn’t be too surprised that wherever I go, whatever I do, im bound to mess up and make a joke out of myself :)

Well, this time I got my hair stuck in a fan. (laugh ALL you want).
It wasn’t those ceiling fans, cuz im not that tall, and my head would probably be ripped off already anyway. We had this barbeque party thing last Sunday and it was so super hot.. and a few of the girls were using those hand-held fans to cool themselves and all so I butted in and used it. Then it got too close and a whole bunch of my hair got stuck :) I had to pull the whole bunch off from the fan and beebee used her scissors to hack it all off (she actually did it super patiently while I was telling her to just chop it all off).

Anyway, when it finally got free and cut off, I showed it to Anderson who was manning the pit and he just threw it into the pit! And *BOOM* it burst into flames. (that’s two strikes already! One for rolling over my foot and the other for burning my hair)
Sometimes, I’m just like this live walking entertainment show. Thanks for watching. more, after the break!

sammie.. OUT!