Tuesday, August 31, 2004

a dreary monday morning again. :(
i actually wanted to skip school cuz i was sort of sick but was forced to go to school cuz i was supposed to pass up an add maths project i haven't even started doing yet and have to do peka physics.:(
so off i went to school... in the middle of assembly.. it rained!!!
yay!! i love rainy days!
so we had an extra period to start on our due projects and all la..
lucky me... :)

today an old classmate came back to class
whoa... he changed so much!!!!
he used to be pretty plump but he went to the MARA boarding school and
now.. he's so thin!!!!
ooh.. i want to go to that place too!!!
he said that there's absolutely no entertainment there...
no tv, no internet....
i was like... what?!!!!how do you live without television and the computer?!
i'll definitely die :(
so sad laaa....

zoe's party was a bomb!!
after we ate... my dear sister linked hands with me and took me for a 'walk'
and suddenly, all of them took me by my hands and feet and started throwing me into the pool..
i quickly sat down on the floor and just sat there so they couldnt lift me up:)
but they did, so i started lying down on the floor... yea i noe its gross ;)
then dear caleb started dragging me by the feet... ow..:(
later the guys all tooks my hands and feet and threw me into the pool
i was struggling like mad and i think i accidently kicked beebee..
and she couldnt swim and was holding a camera and a phone and her atm card..
so she started to cry cuz everything was spoiled...
oops.. i feel soooo bad!!!
luckily, its all okay now and it wasn't reaaally my fault cuz everyone pushed too ( im not in denial!)
later went to change and i realised something embarassing...
too embarassing to blog so u guys guess la....
anyway, went to tmc to buy somemore marshmallows cuz some pigs ate all of them
aiyoh.. and we made yummy s'mores!! :)

later everyone was dunked already and was trying to get sze yen cuz he's the only dry one...
they took him and took all the phones and all and pushed him into the water..
richard was only in his swimming trunks and a wet shirt...
yer.. luckily all the other guys were full clothed..
the pool was really inviting though..
the water was just right and it was so dark already
yay.. i wish i had a pool at home :(

gotta go eat dinner...
byee... have a great week!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

ns results are out..
christine hasnt checked yet..
Richard wasn't chosen... *why not?!!*
i do hope that i wont get chosen when its my turn....
knowing my luck, i'd probably get chosen la :(

went to caleen's birthday party yesterday nite@ klgcc
whoa.. its such a better club compared to bkt kiara...
the place is super big and so peaceful.. there were monkeys also at the driving range
so cute! :)
anyway, the party was better then melissa's cuz.. i was the emcee!! hehe:)
noler. the crowd was so much more sporting and the games were better la
after ten when everything was over everyone went wild..
lights were off, music was turned up, everyone was dancing..
urgh.. i just can't stand it when parties turn out this way...
i always feel so awkward cuz everyone's so small and im some giant standing stupidly in the middle of them..
and i always feel so weird in this kind of situations where everyone's loosening up and having fun and all that but i can't join in cuz i feel so out...

anyway, going to another party tonight.. zoe's!!
farewell cum bday party.. :)
luckily it wont be like the two previous ones:)
looking forward to being dunked and dunking ppl tonite:)

gotta go now.. have a great weekend!
*happy birthday caleen!!
* get well soon anderson.. haha;)

Friday, August 27, 2004

went to the 'stepping stones' orphanage...
Interact had a charity drive not long ago and now we were delivering all the donated stuff to them..
whoa.. when we just went in, groups of teens were actually doing... Bible Study!!!
*man,this puts me to shame*
anyway, there was this pastor guy teaching them and they were all orphans..
the place was just a concrete place with a zinc roof...
and the hall was also the same... the whole place isnt even a proper house!!
it's just a roadside place covered with concrete and with a zinc roof.. :(
i can't believe 86 of the orphans stay there....
how to live?!!

the lil ones were soooo obedient..
they hung on to our every word and they were sooo cute!!!
they're all Indian and all Christians..
the orphans actually practice fasting and praying every Friday.. coool..
anyway, we played some stuf with them and they were super super wonderful..
all of them are super polite and treated us like... royalty.. :)

anyway, after playing with them, we gave them toys and stuff
everytime they took something, they would say to me:'thank you, aunty"
so cuuuute!!!!!
anyway, when we prepared to leave,
all of them started shaking our hands and saying thank you aunty..
so sweeeeet!!!! i think im going to adopt them as a start for my ten children...
i reallllly want ten children now

the orphanage is run by.. this pastor and his doctor wife
his wife actually quit her job to become a full time worker for the orphans and the old folk home nearby..
super cool man... i ve decided now to be like her
she my new hero!! :)
but seriously, she's super 'mulia' lar..
i hope to grow to be like her next time:)

well... gtg....
smile!! :)

just came back from genting...:)
all i can say is, its good to be home, even though the trip was so short :)
the weather was horrible there.. cold and misty *brrrrr*
all the rides were closed due to thick mists and strong winds too :(
luckily, we got to enjoy a few rides first before they closed it..
so we only could enjoy limited rides lar.. :(

the only highlight of the trip was.... Fantastica!
it was cool :) the surroundings, sound effects and lighting were extremely good compared to Royal London Circus which i went in June..
the performers were also better la.. younger and more muscular/flexible
but the acts were a lot alike :(
anyway, the performers were mostly these chinese acrobatic people who were amazing :

that's all la for today..(the trip was really boring la)
have a good weekend! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Good morning!!
just woke up and im going genting later.. waiting for breakfast :)
went to melissa's party yesterday...
she invited so many people but only a handful came..
and many who did come were playing with their phones the whole night...
so the atmosphere was kinda cold lar...
there was this DJ who was super lame and laft most of the audience cringing when he made jokes..
so me and my few friends tried to liven things up but my dear mother was there
and she kept asking me to sit down and act like a lady..:(
and on the trip home, she was nagging me about behaving myself in parties and all that..

then this morning i had a weird dream again....
i dreamt that i was an Olympic swimmer!!
haha.. then i lost my swim suit and i couldnt find it so i had to make do with this very very skimpy bikini that was stripey orange ;)
i had already got th first place when we had training with the other Olympic swimmers, so i was very very nervous that i couldn't get first again...
so anyway, i went to the bathrooms to change and i saw Douglas Tong ;)
i dont noe why he was in the girl's bathrooms but yea, he was there in a towel.
so i asked him to move cuz i wanted to change and suddenly he turned into Christine ;)
after i changed, i could sense this presence in the corner of my bathroom..
it was Douglas in Christine's body!!!
then i found out that Douglas had a crush on me ... ahahahha.. sorry man.. ;)
after that the details are pretty blur.....too bad i didnt dream of winning the gold medal part ;)

anyway, gtg go eat breakfast and all la...
;) have a good day ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

thinking about Copa Iba lately and the after effects..
i think most people on the team would probably want to thank Gadiy :)
for bringing so many friends!!
especially for those last minute replacements.. thanks man :)
without you we won't have two senior teams..lifesaver.. :)

the juniors too.. joanne, zoe and cassie..
for bringing all the junior players and having a great team to play..
i think it was really amazing that out of the whole team on that day,
only two were from church..:)
*congrats on your achievement to the semi-finals even though we had so little training sessions..
great job!! never mind, there's still next year as your final year as juniors..
we'll aim for VICTORY next year!! :)

senior 2!!!
although we went out there and lost three games,
in our hearts, we're still winners ;) cuz we gave our all!
doesn't matter la, at least we won ... one game :)
great job everyone, especially Christine our dear team cap,
thanks for the encouragements and the advices..:)
had a great day hanging out with you after so long!.. especially looking for cute guys and cute little kids ;)
looking forward to that again :)

Senior 1.. you guys did great la, although you only reached quarter finals...
it's okay, the opposing team were very scary la.. especially that guy who scolded esther
anyways, you guys did well especially after people pulling out at the last minute

last but not least....
esther ho 'ah peng'!![ oh no, she's going to kill me if she reads this ..;) ]
great job as a team captain!!!
i know u were disappointed in the second team.. so sorry ...:(
but anyway, without you we wont be able to even join Copa Iba.. thanks!!!
this is probably your last Copa Iba before u leave rite?
at least u helped the juniors to go furthest ever in PJGH history ;)

reading this again, i feel like im going to die and am thanking everyone :)
gtg eat dinner now... bye!! :)

Monday, August 23, 2004

Copa Iba is over.. :(
senior 2 did okayla..
could've won against Elim but there were two injuries.. myself included.. :(
Senior 1 got into the Quarter-finals but lost to Kelana Jaya..
good job anyways :) keep it up !!

Juniors got into the Semi Finals!!! :)
so proud of them.. overall, they did so well compared to the trainings we had..
especially during the semi's.. the three guys from my school were just.. marvelous..
it was amazing how when the Juniors played,
the Seniors and even the referees from our church supported them so much..
the PJGH spirit was so evident :)
haha.. i was the flag gurl in that match and embarassingly,
when i was waving it the flag just flew away.. -_-'

watched van helsing jz now...
yeayea i know im outdated..
super cool man :)
too bad i missed three quarters of the show cuz i was talking on da phone ;)
but anyway, it was a cool movie ;)
talking about movies,
Pjgh will probably be booking a cinema hall for a screening of 'The Passion of the Christ' mpvie..
any takers?
the details aren't confirmed yet but email me or something la if anyone is interested yea :)

okay.. gotta go rest my aching body now :(
have a grrrrrrrrrrreat holiday n week ahead!! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2004

im so happy now :) using the new laptop and its super fast compared to the old one..:)
yesterday, again, my post was on its way to publishing when the window closed down!
i was so frustrated... thankfully, its in the shop now being repaired. *yay*

im xtra cheery today cuz its a FRIDAY!!
another start of a busy weekend and the August holidays!!
too bad the holidays are only a week long..:( so short!
the holidays wont really seem like holidays to me cuz my whole class has to go back to school in the holidays for extra English lessons + aural tests.. urgh..
this is so pointless!!!! my English teacher is like super lazy and she always postpones the aural tests and because of her laziness, we poor students have to come to school early in the morning to watch other students have their aural tests... stupid larr ..
luckily im going to genting so im missing some of the extra classes .. yay!!

i have four birthday parties next week and i still dont have any idea what to buy for the birthday gurls yet..:(
a few of my guy friends are buying two of them underwear... urgh..
i can't imagine receiving a G-string for my birthday.. so weird la these people
anyways, a shout out to the birthday gurls... melissa, caleen, leeza, and zoe
Happy Birthday!! :)

can't wait for Copa Iba tmr!! it's going to be so cool...
well we'll probably lose but it'll be great fun just being there and playing our best..
the teamings have caused so much little rifts between us and i hope that we'll all just forget everything for tomorrow and do our best.. :)
the juniors almost couldnt participate this time cuz we had not enough gurls, but luckily, everything's okay now and they are really really good :)
it's really amazing that the whole team is from my school except for Jon Ooi :)

oh yea! phyebeng, keith, adrian, and benjamin cut their first album already!!
super super cool :)
check it out: http://www.purevolume.com/amantlethesea
whoa... this is sooo cool!! u guys are amazing :)

running out of things to say... :)
see y'all and have a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

stupid com.
i hate this com.
i hate HATE this com.
i shall post on my previous post before the STUPID COM closed it AGAIN.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hey y'all!!!
yay, just finished my very boring Malay tuition..:)
this blog was supposed to be up on Sunday afternoon but afer i finished typing everything, the stupid window closed again... TWICE... sheesh. so i went online this afternoon and again, the same thing happened.. twice also!!! arrrgh... i wasted two whole hours today on the com for nothing!! urgh...so im typing blog on Wordpad and posting it later when i go online..just in case :)

on a brighter note, the much dreaded Youth Quiz is... OVER!!
we didi pretty badly and we got fourth overall... what a disappointment :(
luckily, the floor pulled the team up and saved us from getting last.. *phew*
at least its over now till next year :)

and Copa Iba is in 6 DAYS TIME! yay!!!
yesterday Esther announced the teams and i got into the weaker one :(
pretty disappointed at first, but then again, there's always next year! i have about.. 7 more years before im uneligible to play, so there's no point being upset :)

i was supposed to get baptized yesterday..
but in the end i decided to forgo this year's baptism and be more grounded in my faith before i get baptized.
still wondering whether i made the right decision, but im really happy that my dad let me make my own decision in the end and that he let me decide what i want to do with my faith even though he isn't a Christian anymore. :) he finally let go of me..
anyway, im hoping that in this year, i'd be come a better Christian and be more firm in my faith..

time is flying so fast!!! after this week is already the holidays...
going to genting for one night with my family.. its a real surprise that my parents actually are taking time off work and teman-ing us for a trip!
i hope that i'd never be like them when i grow up and neglect my children like that.they actually work 7 days a week and never have time for us :( sad la ...

gotta go watch tv now:)
have a good week everyone!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

arrrgh.i just typed EVERYTHING and the stupid window just closed!!!!!
i'm on the verge of exploding now.
i really need to control my feelings. I have been getting lectures for being so agitated all the time n frustrated. :) from now on, ill be a very cool, calm person.:)

anyway,im HAPPY today! its a THURSDAY!! i just love thursdays coz i have absolutely nothing to do after school. a whole day to my self. :) ahhhh.....

have been getting lectures from a few teachers lately. My classmates decided to hold a form four prom and asked me to be the emcee for the event. yay:) they got me into the committee also and since then, teachers have been giving me the evil look.
we sent out forms asking people to sign up for the prom if they are interested. At first, the prom ws meant for only the science classes cuz we were afraid that the others would get out of control. Seriously, this isnt discrimination.... a lot of guys from my school get into fights easily. Today when i was walking out from school i saw this bunch of guys walking normally,joking n all n suddenly this very big-sized guy started punching another guy. Obviously, the other guys punched him back, and a fight started just like that. Books were flying everywhere and they jz kept punching and whacking one another although their friends were stopping them.... it was so scary..:(
anyways, back to the point. so some people were critisizing us and saying that we were discriminating the art class students.Then this class went and scribbled stuff on the form like 'this is a smart class party' and that it was organized by'smart block students'. The form got into my form teacher, of all people's hands and we got into trouble.
after explaining to my teacher, she promised not to tell anyone but the next day, another teacher lectured us and she claimed that a lot of teachers complained about this to her...
so we opened it to the whole form four and thank goodness, everything's okay now.:)
These people are so.. spiteful la... arrrgh. i must learn to be more tolerant of them n contain my anger more...*calm*

went walking in Section 5 with Yi Yean yesterday after cheerleading practice. We passed by this abandoned house and being the nosey parkers that we were, we opened the gate and creeped in. The house was so overgrown with plants and all and when we went closer for a look, we realised that there was water seeping out from underneath the main door! the water was just flowing and flowing. So scary. When we went out, i saw that the upstairs window was perfectly clean but the windows downstairs were very dusty.
Whoa, some one could have died there and no one will know ... imagine if i went in there and found a corpse lying there... urgh...
now my muscles are aching from walking too much.:(

im not getting baptised after all..:( my mum sez that she wants me to be more prepared first. I guess sh's kinda right since she and my dad backslided from their faith. Now, i think they expect me to be the same too when i grow up, and i will not believe anymore. How do i convince her?! Im really sure that i wont backslide from my faith and become a non-believer. But then again, honor your father and mother, so i'll just have to trust in God that i will remain strong in my faith and i'll have to wait for ... 6 MORE YEARS before i can get baptised... arrgh!!!

gotta go eat dinner now...

Sunday, August 08, 2004

arrrrgh.... my computer is soooo slow! its attacked with viruses n it takes so loooong to open a page!!!
anyway, its my mum's bday today..:) happy birthday!! made her breakfast in bed but typical her, went back to sleep after we woke her up n by the time she ate it, it was all cold n hard :(
later we'll be hving a steamboat dinner to celebrate:) cant wait!!! yumyum..
it was brian's wedding yesterday.. this time, the yf got to sit in the hall instead n i finally got to see a real wedding properly. This is my second weeding ive been to my whole life.. so im really fascinated by weddings. ive bever been to a funeral before, and i hope i never will :) yeayea,im very ulu rite?

i wont be one of the people getting baptised this year...:( my mum says that i only can get baptised like when im twenty one or something bcuz i have to 'be sure' of what im doing first n mae sure this is what i want... sigh.. this is sad. but well, i dont want to go against parents as well.. u noe,'honour your mother and father'? so i guess i'll get baptised 5 years later..:(

everyone's leaving Malaysia already. Adrian's leaving on Wednesday, Szeyen is preparing to go already..
i cant believe that i'll be going also 2 years or sooner later too.... whoa.. so fast! IM GETTING OLD!!!
anyway, have fun in texas adrian!

i gotta go change for cptball training ... have a good week:)

Friday, August 06, 2004

being sick isnt nice...
i have probably wasted a few trees already, judging by the number of tissues i have used up.
my nose is peeling off from me wiping my nose all the time..:(
my throat hurts n its really really dry..
worst of all.. I CANT TALK PROPERLY!!!
urgh... this is horrible..!! i feel like im going to die soon...
if i die, please have a fun funeral for me.. everyone must wear orange k :)
and dont ever cremate me.. take my organs and donate them to the less fortunate...

pros of dying
1) no need to study for the year end exam!!
2) no more tissues wasted
3) i get to meet God while u guys suffer!!! haha:)
4) one less mouth to feed, one less sibling to annoy, one less person to fetch...

cons of dying
1) people will miss me!! haha :p
2) no more Copa Iba and Youth Quiz
3) i haven't achieved my goal of being a mother of ten yet!!!!!
4) i need to get married first..

anyway, if i die soon, i hope i die by the end of this week.. im still behind in homework ;)
gtg ease my poor suffering throat :(
see ya!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

arrrrrgh... IM SICK!!!! Im down with the flu n a sore throat n a dash of fever.. :( why me?!!
all this must be a result of staying under the scorching sun yesterday for the frisbee match(semi-finals n finals) and..... WE LOST! we are quite happy with the result since our star player sprained her ankle when she tripped over this large pothole right before the competition.. what luck :(
anyway, after the frisbee match i went to fitness first with mel.. whoa.. the place is sooo cool!!!! there were so many people there, all working out ... there were so many treadmills n all the equipment was so shiny n polished ...
we went for the bodyjam lesson.. which was a mixture aerobic n dancing thing, and the class was full of these people coming to workout after work. he taught us to dance for 6-7 songs nonstop, and it was a really good workout, after 15 mins everyone in the class was already sweating like pigs... :)

yea, so now im sick.... great..:( have to go to ICC meeting in mcdonalds now..

Sunday, August 01, 2004

most of u would probably already read the newspapers and know about the lorry driver who killed his three children and himself later..
his eldest child was in my school..
its really scary how sometimes stuff happen in your life and how they can drive you to do things that you would never even think of doing normally..
i hope that i will never be driven to the point of killing people n committing suicide..:( *shudder*

my school is seriously strict about minor, silly things.. arrgh... even having an Interact event the school authorities have to call up the discipline teachers to come to school early to just stand there and monitor everyone who comes in.... sheesh.. anyone who wears jeans or earrings can't come into the school!!!! they are seriously paranoid...

* on a lighter note... my piano exam's OVER! my installation is OVER!!! yay!! im finally free to do what i want.. which is probably getting started on studies for the year end exam :( better buck up before my parents start complaining..i haven't even gave them my report card yet!(its still hiding under a pile of books)

oh well...gotta go..still have to do four chinese homework n add maths.. :(
have a great week!!:)