Friday, December 31, 2004

i went to hong kong a few days ago as a birthday gift from my parents :)
it was pretty cold there, being winter season n all that..
the first two days were pretty hot but then suddenly i woke up one morning and i almost froze to death :)
okayokay, maybe it was just around 6 degrees, but its a huge difference from the weather in kl...

i wouldnt mind living in hk next time, the shopping there is amazing,
there were sales everywhere and even though their shopping malls arent that big,
everywhere you go is shops, shops, and more shops..
its like there are tall buildings everywhere and there arent any housing areas anywhere cuz everyone lives in flats and all so its like tall buildings everywhere..
and the lowest floor of these buildings are all shops..
so hk's actually like a huge shopping mall..
perfect for me! :)

too bad it was winter though, everything sold there was winter clothes and
thick thick jackets and stuff so couldnt buy much stuff :(
although clothes there are super super cheap,
the food there was terribly expensive:(
the first day i went there,
my mums friend brought us out for dinner and there were ten ppl eating,loads of food
and the total amount came to rm 1000++..
can u just imagine spending that much money on a meal alone?
yeah, and every meal after that cost at least rm 250..
so its hard to eat out in hk :(

yeah.. and its super convenient to go anywhere in hk,
there are mtr stations everywhere and it takes ten minutes to go wherever you want to go, but walking is like the main way to get around there..
so every night when we were back at the hotel,
i couldnt feel my legs and i think my toe's broken now :(
it hurts a lot :(
well at least its an excuse not to go school :)

well,happy new year everyone!
may your year be filled with loads of fun and laughter
God bless!! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

yeah, its a barbie doll cake :)  Posted by Hello
my jelly cake :) Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 19, 2004

hie ppl :)
the past week has been a bit of a struggle for me,
especially yesterday..
you see, i have these two big doggies, Hobbes and Moe.
Hobbes is my first dog and the oldest whereas Moe is the youngest, but he's the biggest lar,
these two dogs fight sometimes especially over food,
but they never got injured badly until last week :(
because they fight, my maids always,
ALWAYS lock them up before feeding them in case they fight for food,
but that day, one of the maids didnt lock the dogs up and they ended up fighting,
and Moe being the bigger and stronger one, obviously won, and in the end,
Hobbes' eye got hurt and now, his right eye is missing :(
all because of some one's little mistake,
i mean, since start also we lock the dogs for mealtimes already,
and i dont noe why she was so *arrrgh* to not lock the dogs..
and even when they started fighting, she didnt call us for help or anything,
she was just standing there until i heard them..

then yesterday, my dad gave Moe away :(
me n cassie started crying right away
cuz he's the only dog we've seen growing up,
ive got him since he was three weeks old and then i could carry him on my palm,
and he was soooo super cute, and he couldnt even open his eyes yet :)
he grew up at a rapid pace, and before long,
he's humongous now, and he's still a puppy!!
sumore i saved his life once,when he fell into the pond and he was paddling around,
and i carried him from the water..
i love him so so so much,
but he's gone now :(

spent a big part of yesterday night crying like mad,
but luckily i talked to someone and somehow the discussion wandered into how my parents never consult us before doing something..
you noe, whenever they make some decision,
us the CHILDREN are always the latest to find out,
everytime my mum plans a holiday or somethng,
my friend would always tell me and i always feel so stupid
cuz i dont noe anything and an outsider tells me whats happening inside my family :(
that's a bit sad rite?

i will never ever do that to my children when i grow up i tell you!!

Friday, December 17, 2004

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weng han gets punished for waking up late ;) Posted by Hello
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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

the past four days of my life was spent in camerons in church camp,
and i have to say, it was a realy good experience.
too bad it was only four days :(
i guess ive really known loads of ppl better, and
have a stronger realationship with God..

in this past year,
my faith hasnt been that strong..
especially early this year where i realised
im like a weekend christian only, you noe,
like only act holy n all on sundays n all,
and i guess i felt really bad and all, but luckily,
camp really helped me to connect to God again and i have to say :) im really happy!

other than that, there were numerous funny moments,
like when the punishments were carried out,
and during talentime when david was acting as spiderman and he wore
sumone's underwear on his head.. :)
needless to say, everyone was laughing their heads off,
and when david danced and weng han n jj imitated ;)

i guess ive always been taking church for granted..
i mean, im just so lucky to be a part of the happiest family ever :)
there's like so much love there,
and although everyone may not get along so perfectly n all,
but when you go there, its like so fun and all :)

anyways, the hike up gunung jasar wasnt a walk in a shopping mall at all!!
eeyer!! they lied to us again!!
terrible ppl, i had quite a hard time hiking up n down,
thank God for david n caleb who helped me down,
n gadiy n phye beng who pulled me up :)

all in all, i guess ive really learnt loads thru this camp
and really connected with loads of ppl n different ways :)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

caleb's been bugging me to update,
but there's nothing to update lar:(
owh yea, there are some people taking pics of my house now,
to be featured in some interior design magazine or something like that..

anyway, had our first cheer training yesterday..
as a result, im here today with muscle aches on my shoulder and
cassie is suffering from severe muscle ache everywhere :(
sad sad life..
but we have to buck up and start doing something
if we want to make a comeback from this year's competition in Cheer 2005..
im really really proud of the squad even though
everyone comes late, most of the cheerleaders go back early,
dont come for practices..
but we still train hard and have that determination in everyone of us,
so i guess we have to work harder in that aspect :)

okay, gtg now....
going shopping later!