Wednesday, September 02, 2009


i super need an update.

and since my laptop STILL isnt connecting to
the Internet, i've had to borrow adam/sarinah's
just for important emails and stuff.

and i'm not really planning to fix it though,
i realised i've been spending waaaay too much time
doing nothing on the Internet and i'm not
going to do that this year!

i started 3rd year yesterday.

big step huh- i feel like i just left!
and it's only been two weeks and Nepal
already seems like a lifetime away ):

i'm so excited about this new year though,
it's going to be so busy with everything i want to do,
and i have a feeling that this year's going to be
totally different and i really want to somehow
make a different this year and not waste it.

and cas is coming too!
which i'm excited about- really hoping
to fly down next week sometime,
it's just really nice knowing that she's so much nearer.

so that's about it for now-
i have to get changed for class!