Tuesday, August 25, 2009


i have no internet and since my laptop
is so crap im thinking of buying a new one
but i have absolutely no extra money
and i'm finding a job but it's so difficult!

sigh ):

my friends are awesome though.

came back on fri and spent the whole weekend
up in the north coast near the beach
just relaxing and lots of NI sightseeing!

and now im back in belfast being
cooked a steak dinner by natalie-
im loving being back (:

money troubles- sigh.

on the upside, cas is coming soon
and im prolly flying over to see her yay!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

im back.

after a horrific flight involving terrible
food i ate the day before- it was not good.
recuperated in London
(thank God for great public toilets!)
and was back in Belfast yday and already
had a get together so i got to see everyone
once i came back!! (:

so yes- i'm spending this weekend with the housemates
and finally getting a summer holiday!

photos and updates soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my last day in Nepal!

it was really quite sad today,
i got a LOT of cards and they were very sweet.

im really going to miss nepal but
im super looking forward to flying back also!

and the bad thing is,
i feel absolutely horrible now-
i think i'm having a fever/the start of stomach upsets or something-
very bad timing ):


Sunday, August 16, 2009

this morning, i checked my fb account
and i got tagged in an AWESOME photo!

which is 15 years old ):

guess which one i am!

(yes, i was the tallest even then)

and loads of people were tagged and
everyone seems to remember one another
but i have no recollection of kindergarten at all!

and boy, do my classmates have awesome memories,
cause one remembers having a crush on me
and i apparently kissed another.

and i've always thought i was a really
goodytwoshoes kinda girl when i was younger!

my love life has really gone downhill huh.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

i am having a terrible time deciding
which of my stuff to keep and which to give away.

i keep looking at these clothes that i will probably
never wear again and a small voice keeps going
'but- i might want to wear that someday
when the sun finally comes out in belfast!'

did my last sightseeing thing today at Bhaktapur,
this ancient city where people still live in
houses built hundreds of years ago
(it's a UNESCO heritage site)
and it was really like stepping into a different world,
cause saturday is their washing day (as in clothes AND body)
so everyone was out doing things the old fashioned way
in their really old beautiful houses,
it really felt like i stepped back in time!

the only terrible thing was that on the way back
it started raining crazily and the road back home
is basically a two-way mud path,
it was like driving in a mud pit!
(not that i know how that actually feels like)

almost got knocked over by a bus,
and i had a terribly awkward conversation
with this slimy Nepali guy- they are awfully staightforward!

that's one thing i won't be missing
(the men here striking up a conversation-
i get too distrustful and give monosyllabic answers)

plus the stares ):
i really hate the stares.

when i wear my normal western clothes
and get on a bus- everyone turns around and
proceeds to spend their whole journey looking
at me- and not with a nice expression,
i feel like the monkey at the zoo all the time.

and the worst thing is when i finally get to
blend in wearing my kurtasuruwal and
i have to open my mouth to talk to the bus conductor-
then my disguise shatters and the stares are worse than ever!

my last Sunday tomorrow!

Friday, August 14, 2009

man this is depressing.

im writing notes to my older classes-
you know, as a goodbye gift kinda thing
and i've been reflecting over the past two months
and it's getting quite emotional

i dont like to think that i'd probably
never see these awesome kids again.
it's like last summer all over again-
except i'll never get to hear from them
cause they can't get email and sending letters
to the UK is probably too expensive.


i had the loveliest day yesterday,
it was a public holiday so i decided to bring
the older ones for a roadtrip to this giant park
and i've decided i'm never going to be one of
those parents who volunteer to chaperone their
children's school trips.

it was REALLY difficult getting everyone to stick together,
and there were only 10 of them!
even then, there was only one boy and he was
running all over the place going crazy (:

but it was really nice cause so many of them
haven't really been out of Koteshwor,
which is really busy and dirty and muddy
and on the way there, they just kept going
'miss look at this! look at that tree!
look at this river!'
it was a lot of fun, but also quite sad.

i mean, i dont know how i can help.

yeah, i'm spending some of my time with these kids,
but how do i help beyond that?
how do i make sure they continue to go to school
and not have to dropout because their parents
can't afford to pay for school anymore?
how do i help in ensuring they grow up to
have a good life with equal opportunities as everyone else?

i'm in a very messed up state of mind right now.

only 4 days left.
i'm going to really miss this crazy place.

Monday, August 10, 2009

i was wrong.

setting papers isn't the hard part-
marking them is!!!

the worst thing is that the teacher lost
ALL my answers so i have no idea what the
right answers are- i'm very crabby at the minute ):

im back in Nepal!

i really dont understand why my luggage is almost
double the weight of what i brought back
and i haven't really gone shopping at all!

yeah- it was NOT fun lugging all that to school
and then all the way back home, but i made it!

i almost didn't make it back cause the line was so
incredibly long at KLIA but thankfully this airportman
told me to go to this particular counter and
i jumped like 80 people in the queue! (sorry!)

and because there were only 4 women on the flight,
i got my own row again, it was brilliant!

i think most of the people on the flight were
Nepalis going home after working in KL,
the perceived 'land of opportunities' or something
cause everyone brought home a TV
(which was better than ours at home)
and it really looked like our flight was going to
a Hell's Angels convention or something cause
half of the flight were wearing leather jackets
and leather boots- in this weather!

another 10 days in Nepal, then back to UK-
i am so very excited to start uni again (:

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

so, i got my flight postponed to Monday.

not just cause i flippin love home
but also cause theres been a strike and there's nothing
much i can do back in Kathmandu anyway.

i love home *sigh*
its like finally having a summer holiday
and it's amazing, i've been spending days
lying at home rereading all the harrypotters
(and have now moved on to narnia,
but it really isn't as exciting as HP)
and eating eating eating (:

got my durians yesterday which
i am really happy about since i haven't gotten
to eat durians for 2 years so i can't wait
to have durian breath for days!! :D

i've also been in shopping malls quite a bit
cause i've realised- there really isn't anything
much to do in msia other than BE in shopping malls!
and i met this fella yesterday who knew my name
and everything- i have no idea who he is!
so i had to play along and nod emphatically
and reminisce over school times ):

im returning to belfast in two weeks time,
im not ready to start 3rd year medicine ):

okay gotta go buy some chopsticks
for the Belfast house now whee!