Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i am blown away.

seriously, i really think that this is
the best decision i've ever made in my life.

so far, i've worked with abused kids,
kids with parents that hit each other,
adopted/fostered kids, and this week
i have an autistic kid in my cabin,
and i've learnt so much from them.

i've just grown so much in the past month
and i really hope that this stays
with me when i go back
(which i dread everyday).

you know how parents always go:
'you don't know how lucky you are!'
and then we roll our eyes?

well yeah i kinda realise how true that is now.
the abuse some of my girls have
went through, it just makes me sad.
it's weird how parents can actually
do things to their own kids.

but anyway i'm having a good time
and i'm really growing a lot here.
(yes physically too!)

tonight's medieval night.
i can't wait!

love you guys (:

Friday, June 20, 2008

so i passed all my exams.

not as well as i wanted
but good enough to be forgotten
20 mins after so its not bothering
me while im here (:

so hello,

i'm officially a second year med student!

Friday, June 13, 2008

another update (:
i had an amazing day yesterday.

i fell out of a tree!
yeah i decided that i wanted to climb
a tree before i turn 20 and being me,
i fell out of it and landed on my back.

also, i decided that it would be fun
to roll down a hill like in the movies
so i did that and forgot that i have grass allergies
so right now, im covered with hives.


oh and yesterday,
something like the movies happened!
there was ANOTHER tornado watch
and we had to move all the kids in the
middle of the night to the basement
for safety while thunderstorms were
raging everywhere.

it was pretty cool, i always wanted something
like this to happen you know?
but we were lucky, the town 20 mins away
got hit really badly and we escaped
without anything being destroyed.
very cool.

haaave fun everyone!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

i just had the scariest wake up call EVER.

i was napping and this girl was
shaking me, shouting:
'SAM you have to wake up NOW,
there's been a tornado warning!'

so we had to run to the main building
for cover and wait for the storm to be over.

how cool is that?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

oh hey!

running in for a quick post before
i have to face the masses of kids.

it's been amazing,
the thing is that i can tell why
they always say US people are so big.

US food is incredibly sugary!

other than that,
i've been enjoying myself LOADS.

i've been doing rock climbing/archery/
canoeing my arms out etc.

soon i'll get to shoot a real gun and
also ride horses!

i am pretty excited.

camp starts properly next week
so let's hope no one boobytraps me
like in Parent Trap! (:

see yaaa!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

i am here (:


and you know what?

you can tell it's going to me a good summer
when on the first day i've helped build a house
and peed in the woods 4 times.

i went real camping and liked it!

don't think i can update anytime soon
so take care and see youuuu!