Sunday, October 30, 2005

my fave teacher! he confiscated my magazine and hasnt' given it back tho :( and i look really spaz here because my contacts were killing me  Posted by Picasa
*whee!* yeanz and me Posted by Picasa
estrogen boy and i! :) Posted by Picasa
calvin's BIIIIIIG smile Posted by Picasa
the hottest teacher in school and i Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the smartest guy and girl in class and i :) Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005

should i or shouldn't i?
i should take a break right
i mean, studying for so long, being locked up in my room fr a week isn't healthy.
i need to breathe some fresh air and live a little!
i should just relax for awhile and continue studying later.
i'll study even harder later.

that's the evil little voice in my head, trying to convince me that i should go out today :)
the evil voice won eventually and im going out with phyebeng lauren cassie and cherru later.

shopping always wins.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

the PM's wife just died :(

the poor guy!
he's going to have a very sad Hari Raya :(

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


This is a test post from

all i want for Christmas is...

loads of stuff! ;)
and this is not a hint because i doubt many people can buy the stuff i want :)

1. the invention of a food that is a fusion of two of my favorite foods,peanut butter and popcorn!
hopefully popcorn inventors will realise that peanut butter will make a good accompaniment for popcorn and sell them everywhere. :) i'll buy those everyday!

2. rainy days and thunderstorms.
i want to be able to control the weather and make it rain heavily anytime i want to! :) i'll make it so that there will be beautiful thunderstorms everyday but stops when i watch Astro 'cause stupid Astro doesnt work on rainy days :(

3. to have superpowers like that girl in X-Men.. whatsername..mystique??
it'll be really cool to be a shapeshifter!:) i can be anyone i want anytime. imagine the amazing things i can do and the havoc i can cause! and no one can ever catch me cause they dont know how i look like! then i can sneak into the room where the SPM papers are and turn into an elephant so i can remember the questions and change back. cool right?!

4. get straight A's in SPM
yes, like any other normal Form Five student.. i want those results! :)

5. to have the ability to eat and eat and eat without gaining any weight.
this would be the ultimate superpower! unfortunately i know lots of people who can do this :(

6.the complete collection of Friends/One Tree Hill/ Whose Line Is It Anyway?(i dont think this one exists) DVD box set.
i'll die if i have this :). i'll die for it too.

7. no more animal cruelty.
did you read about the poor poor tiger?? i can't believe someone would have the heart to do that to such a magnificent beautiful creature! i mean, tigers are facing extinction and look at what these stupid people are doing. if i could, i'd like to chop off THEIR heads and bodies up and keep them inside a fridge and see how they'll like that. stupid cows.

8. a talent.
i have no talents! i can't sing, dance, write, act, or whatever. i'd like to be able to do something really really well and help people through it. :)

i will think of more soon. gotta go watch friends!

Friday, October 14, 2005

some idiot called me just now and said im selected for National Service.
i dont know why, but i knew straightaway it was some stupid prank call...
thank God i didnt lose my cool and started crying because if it was real,
i definitely would have started bawling my eyes out straightaway.

then i found out who it was..
my English teacher's son.

thank God :)
happy birthday calvin!

it's my fave brother's bday! (well, i only have one)
but anyway he turns seven today.
you know when he was a baby, and even before he was born,
i was convinced that he would die early, at about three yrs old.
well, im happy to say that he's alive (although sometimes i wish it wasnt so) and healthy :)

but im very very sure he's my parent's favourite out of all four of us.
my parents insist that they have no favourites, but they buy tons of toys for him..
and that's not enough!
my dad went to Thailand last week and he came back with a few bags full of toys for him and guess what the girls got.
the older, smerter, and less annoying children got......

a packet of pencils.

nice huh? :)

then yday when we went shopping....
he had to tag along and kept demanding that we go Toy's R Us and MPH.
so we had to go to the stupid toyshop and he bought another bagful of toys.
stupid spoiled kid.
but he's SO SUPER ADORABLE! he's very very smart, and he's extremely good looking too. when he grows up, he's going to be this hot guy where all the girls go crazy over.

i love him so so so much :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

hiya people!
im feeling really really good today.. im going shopping later! *whee!*

anyway, i was watching TV last night.. and i realised that the TVshows in Malaysia are so...
americanized! :(
i was surfing the channels and i suddenly turned to nTv7
and they were airing this show called Doop! and its an exact copy of MTV's Punk'd.
you know the concept of Punk'd right?
its where these people go and play tricks on celebrities and see how they react..
and Doop! is exactly like that!
they even have the line in the end where the celebrities go 'I've just been Dooped!'
aiyohhhh... so lame lar!

then our Malaysian Idol is also another carbon copy of American Idol.
the judges of MI consists of Roslan Aziz who looks like Randy, Fauziah Latiff whose exactly like Paula Abdul, and Paul Moss, the foreigner who gives the worst comments..sounds famiiar?
summore the format is EXACTLY the same!
when American Idol changed the show's format to dividing the contestants to guys and girls, Malaysian Idol did that too.
even the show's logo and all that is an edited copy of American Idol.

another one is all the reality TV shows.
Malaysian versions of The Apprentice, Amazing Race, Fear Factor and US dating reality shows are showing everywhere.
i was talking to my friends that day and i found out that there are reality TV shows that match divorcees/widowers up and the kids get to choose their parent's potential dates.
its so weird!
i mean, do people actually join these things thinking that they'll walk away with their life partners?

er.. to be continued, i got piano class now :)
(have to take summore... stupid examiner!)

Monday, October 10, 2005

this one i want to put for photowall in my room. see the poster of simple plan?? :) Posted by Picasa
i love this picture :) Posted by Picasa
the Japanese pancake with the superyummygoldenbrownpeanutbutter. peanut butter is THE best thing ever invented! :) Posted by Picasa
daddy and calvin. see calvin's hair?? i spiked it! *whee!* Posted by Picasa

happy birthday,daddy! :)

just came back from daddy's birthday dinner at Genji,PJ Hilton.
casandra went there hoping to eat loads of fish to help her in her Chinese paper tomorrow ;)
so anyway, we ordered the normal Japanese fare, sashimi and stuff.
i thought the food would be great, you know, being Hilton and all,
and summore the dimsum at KL Hilton was amazing.
but the pieces of raw fish were frozen in the middle,
the food was waaaaay too oily,
the sushi was all warm and tasted really weird..
you get the drift.
the only nice thing was the dessert, which was Japanese pancake which was filled with the bestest food ever.. peanut butter! *yumyum*
then i thought, the bill would probably amount to RM 300++,
since the dimsum at KL Hilton was about RM 200++
and when the bill came,
guess how much it was...

faster guess!

okay, got the price in your head yet??

it was a whopping RM 721.43.

yes, you didnt read wrongly. it was THAT expensive.
i almost died when i read it. how is it possible for so little dishes to amount to RM 700?!!!
i mean, there wasn't even lobster or any other expensive rich food.
all we had were some sashimi, a plate of sushi, some funny looking mushrooms, icecream... and i can't remember. but im sure that the number of dishes didnt number more than 10.
but i know that a small scoop of icecream with a pancake at the side costs RM20.
who in the world charges that much for icecream?!!!!
haiyoh, i can eat like 10 days worth of food with that money.
freaking rip-offs!

see why Paris Hilton can afford to live such a lavish lifestyle without having to work??
see why she can afford shopping splurges all the time at all the expensive stores?
by ripping off people at her dad's hotels!

i hate rich people.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

10 things you never knew about me and my family

1. my two sisters and i share the same birthdate.

2. i was born in Australia, stayed there for the first 10 months of my life

3. my parents met in Form 3 (they were in the same class, same band, same church)

4. my silly dad slept through the sermon in his wedding ceremony (it was too boring).. ON THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF HIS LIFE!!

5. my mum's a certified aerobics instructor

6. my mum was given away when she was younger by her real parents to her dad's brother because she was 'too tan'. im lucky my parents didnt decide to give me away... im as dark as her!

7. casandra and calvin are accidents!! *haha!*

8. casandra was supposed to be a boy (her real name is daryl)

9. when i was younger, casandra and i used to have conversations in our sleep. even when we were soundly sleeping, we would sleeptalk and answer each other's questions. im serious!

10. i used to be the grumpiest and most awake baby in the whole world. i never smiled until i was very old and my grandparents had a shock because they thought i could never laugh in my entire life. :) and my mum had such a hard time in getting me to sleep that she had to send me to the hospital for the professional people to make me sleep.

if you have a blog, post this too, it'll be fun! :)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

all the best for all the PMR kids :)

you better thank God you dont have SPM.