Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yesterday was one of my most amazing, exciting days ever with.. COPA IBA!
It was such a relief that we even had a team to participate cuz we actually didn’t register and pay yet ;)
I wasn’t playing anyway, so I got to see all the action happening :)

These are the highlights of the day:

1) I got scolded three times, twice by some grouchy PA man, and once by David (I still remember that!)
2) I almost killed some people by frantically waving my umbrella around while getting too emotional over the Juniors’ games *haha*
3) We weren’t told to bring a flag so our official flag was a little Buttercup balloon (caleb’s pressie). It looked so silly next to all the big shot flags all the teams brought :(
4) One of our junior members almost broke her nose after colliding with my sister’s evil (and empty) forehead.
5) A guy thought that I was anderson’s girlfriend! He thought that I was 28 and after I tricked him by telling him that I was Anderson’s sister, he actually believed me! Summore he had the cheek to say, ‘whoa! You so young also almost same size as Anderson ah!’ I was going to whack him then L lousy fella!
6) Our Juniors got 2ND PLACE! *yay!*

Anyway, isn’t it amazing how the worst sides of people always show during games?
I mean like, Copa Iba is a inter-church event right, so one would expect everyone to be polite and courteous to each other, but yesterday all the ugly alter egos of people started showing. Like this girl from some church swore loudly in the middle of a game just because she lost the ball or something liddat. I mean, its your mistake that that happened and all, so swear for what? Then there were people screaming at the opponents and looking murderously at them. Isn’t the objective of Copa Iba to evangelize? Imagine the impression non-Christian friends get when they see us acting this way. What a horrible testimony! They would probably think of Christians as hypocrites who always seem to do all the saintly stuff but in reality the way we show ourselves is no difference to unbelievers!
Are we acting like people who bear the cross in our hearts? Are we being the salt and light to the world?

Im still working on that :)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

you know last week, a pretty close friend of mine got kicked outta his house cuz he came home late for a few times in a row.
his dad got really angry at him and shouted at him to get out of the house,
so he just went out just like that without any extra clothes and stuff to stay at his friend's cyber cafe. for a WHOLE week!
and he had to sneak home to take his school stuff and bathe whenever his dad wasn't home..
so after school everyday he would go to the cyber cafe to work and all till super late at night and wakes up early the next morning to go to school.
summore his parents never even tied to track him down or get him to come back home. *how weird*

so after a week, he said that he was running outta money and
he has to go to work somewhere else far away from school to get enuff money each day to survive and
there was no way he could continue schooling d.
well, luckily his mum came back from outstation and got him back into the family.

when i heard this,it was pretty surprising for me because i always thought this kinda stuff happened in books only,
or maybe even in western countries. i never actually thought that getting kicked out of the house,
having to work at such a young age would happened to someone i noe.
i am pretty naive after all.. :(

i feel lucky now, that i never got (and i dont think i'll ever be) kicked out of the house and have to stop school to work..
my whole future will be gone!! *phew*

you should feel lucky too!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

i just want to announce that....

tomorrow will mark one year since ANDERSON SELVASEGARAM so heartlessly, BRUTALLY, cruelly drove his car over my poor, defenseless little foot.

happy birthday, squashed foot!
Hellooo! :)
Had a TERRIBLE start to the week on Monday…
It all started with this silly teacher from my school, Mr. Michael *just thinking of him makes my blood boil :gRrrr*
Anyway, this silly teacher who is so super disorganized and annoying asked us to perform some dumb cheer and dance for the opening ceremony of English week.
At the beginning, he asked us to go jump onstage and go: E-N-G-L-I-S-H- WEEK, SMJK CATHOLIC! and start cheering madly with pompons and all the glitz.
And obviously, being people with much dignity, we were absolutely horrified at the prospect but the very SMART teacher already told the headmistress we’ll do it without our consent and she was already expecting us to do some dumb routine or something like that.
So we had to come up with a routine and a cheer within less than week and practice summore.
Fortunately, being the ever versatile cheerleaders that we are *er-hemm*, an extremely short routine was made up with a cheer *it was ‘english rocks, take it to the top’ this time around* and we had to cut class and stay back just to practice. *urgh*
So anyway, everything was happy-happy until… the dreaded Monday morning.
Our dear DEAR Mr. Michael forgot to plan everything with the teacher who was in charge of this and she said that we couldn’t perform in our pink skirts. Then dumb Michael suggested so smartly that we scrap all the dance and everything we planned and go onstage and just stand there holding the boards that said "English week begins"..
That was really really dumb so we complained and it was all of us against him so we won ;)
But.. the thing was we still couldn’t wear our skirts out there…
so the head teacher FORCED us to….. perform wearing the blue pinafore!!! How embarrassing!!!
And THANK GOD it rained in the morning so the performance was postponed to Tuesday morning. *phew*
We kept begging her to let us perform for her with our skirts to see the difficulty of wearing dumb pinafores while performing…
But it got worse. Stupid Michael and her started criticizing our routine and made all the changes…
AND scolded us for dragging time and all that crap la.
But our mission failed L. We still had to perform in the stupid pinafore!!
And that afternoon, while we performed for the afternoon session, we were preparing at the back and Michael got really really angry and started scolding us, telling us that we gave him a big headache. *wHaT?!!?*
So anyway, when we FINALLY performed, we went onstage and to our horror….. they LAUGHED AT US!
It’ll be forever etched in my memory as the most embarrassing day of my life.
Luckily, our very understanding headmistress told us to wear the skirts on Tuesday morning *yAy!!*
This morning, we went out there and the people thought that the PA got something wrong when we were performing *it was actually the end pose* and started laughing their heads off again. *hmph!!*
There were even people who said they themselves were embarrassed to watch us perform… *sigh*
So yeah, the moral lesson is…never to listen to teachers EVER again….
(And oh yeah, to those who watched the performance…
It actually wasn’t me onstage, it was some alien who took over my body for the day and embarrassed me with it )

Saturday, April 02, 2005

well, it wasnt THAT bad, its just that the lousy management+pouring rain= cannot enjoy the concert
at first, when i went there at 3.45pm with leeza, cassie and yeanz everything was fine and dandy,
and there was only a light drizzle.. but *jengjengjeng* it HAD to rain buckets full..
THEN the silly people started to order us to queue at certain points, and they couldnt make up their minds on where to queue,
so they would keep changing the queue points and everytime they did that, people would start pushing around and running in order to be in front...
then in the end when it started to drizzle again, the ppl herded us to the front of the stadium and SIMPLE PLAN WAS PRACTICING INSIDE!! ;)
having the height advantage, i could see them all practicing just by sticking my head up ;)
yea, so it was pretty cool cuz all the others were frantically jumping up n down trying to get a glimpse cuz there were a few tall ppl in front, summore i added salt to their wounds by telling them constantly who was doing what *haha!!*

anyway, they later let us in and the crowd was CRAZY!! they pushed us like mad and while trying to run into the stadium,
leeza actually got pushed til her slipper got torn away from her foot!!
she couldnt even go back to get her cuz the crowd was so fierce and would've trampled all over her in minutes.
so poor poor leeza had to endure the whole concert barefoot ;)
(it would've been funny if we weren't all so frustrated then)

anyway, i was standing in the front!!! *yeah!* i was only a few metres away from the stage and it was P-A-C-K-E-D!!
everyone was trying to get to the front and it was so super hot inside :(
finally, at 7.30pm, the concert started by.... VJ UTT ONSTAGE!!!
it was definitely a HUGE surprise (coz i love utt) and no one expected it, so the crowd went crazy..
he announced the opening act,Love Me Butch and left :(
the opening act was horrible.. the music they were playing was so loud and the singer screamed so much that we didnt even noe what language he was singing in, much less the words. the whole thing was just too long and draggy :(
when they FINALLY finished, the ppl took about half and hour to set up and test all the equipment that all the excitement was all gone already..
thankfully, Utt came up and again and threw some t-shirts to the crowd..
one of the t-shirts landed on a girl's head, and the crazy ppl were just pulling her hair, trying to get the shirt *poor girl*

and then, simple plan came up..!! yay!!
they truly saved the night from becoming an ultimate nightmare, thank God for that.
they probably sensed the crowds frustration n all so they were pretty funny and cracked loads of jokes and all between singing :)
summore my fave chuck attempted to play the bass,, and he was so CUTE trying to do it
*he’s still better then seb kay?!*

hmm.. that’s about all le,
all in all I didn’t regret going,standing under the rain and almost died by standing so long in a packed place,
just that the organizing of the concert could’ve been better instead :(
and simple plan rocks!!