Tuesday, December 27, 2005

it is finally finished!
had a Friends and One Tree Hill binge for the last two days
(thanks for the DVDs guys!)
anyways, its a bit too much for me though,
after two days of locking myself inside the room,
watching the shows on computer non-stop (except to run downstairs and get stuff to eat),
crying and laughing alternatively,
i feel *bleah*
feels like a hangover, but then again,
i never really had a hangover so i wouldnt know anyway.

but i'm turning into an addict,
the only reason im online now is to find out what happens in the Season 3 of One Tree Hill,
if not i'll be upstairs watching and crying again ;)

anyone wanna burn for me Season 3?
(i'll do anything!)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

i passed

yeahyeah big deal i know..
but its important for me lah! :)
and there ARE people who fail it kay!
i saw some people failing when i was there!

and CONGRATS to the PMR people! :)
**only people from my school will cry over having 7A's like the girl in the newspaper**

merry christmas!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

the PMR students are getting their results later...
i'll be going to school to see joanne and my sister's nervous faces,
anticipating their results. haha!
poor cassie actually, its her birthday today so this could either
be her happiest or worst birthday ;)
im very worried too actually..
*cassie so nervous right now she just ran off somewhere*

i AM so evil ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

taking my Undang test on Friday..
me, being the all time nerd who can't take an exam without studying beforehand,
im trying (very very hard) to read 140 pages filled with instructions on how to drive.
aiyoh,i never knew studying could be to tedious :(
im seriously dying but i dowan to fail my undang.

nerdiness calls.
gotta study!

merry christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

*woah* what a week!
celebrated the end of evil SPM by going to One U three days in a row
followed by spending another three days in Penang.
Penang was pretty good, ate and ate and ate nonstop...
from baked crabs to steamed jagung, from char koay teow to yong tau foo,
we pretty much ate it all..
thank God for inventions like the swimming pool to burn all those calories,
or i'll never fit into my prom dress.

anyways, right after coming home from Penang, i went for YF camp 2005
one word : aiyoh!!
seriously, its the worst campsite ever since laman bestari..
i still have all the itchy itchy bites. (got four on my face!)
and the toilets were horrendous...
poor Lauren was stuck in the toilet for at least half an hour
while the water repeatedly went off and on. *bleh*
sorry lah, i really cannot stand disgusting toilets
but i enjoyed camp a lot :)

the last day of camp was also prom night!
the details are too long but the pics are there :)
went to yeanz house after that and watched..
*jengjengjeng* the exorcist!
the original version, which was said to be the scariest movie of all time.
*bleh* it definitely wasnt.
dozed off a couple of times (i tend to fall asleep when i watch scary movies) and woke up to theresa's overexcited shouts that the scary part was finally here. (which often wasn't)

cheh. stupid movie!

anyway, here i am.
i registered for college d *bleh*
not looking forward to it...
gotta take bus to school, the hours are from 8-4..
really can die :(
*whee!* the birthday gurls Posted by Picasa
setting the mood before watching exorcist! Posted by Picasa
my first bday cake! it was AMAZING, seriously... free from ShangriLa hotel summore :) Posted by Picasa
yeanz chernhan (smartest guy i've met) and i Posted by Picasa
there we go again! Posted by Picasa
the nine of us :L-R: adeline, meikhoon,joanne,me,yeanz,michelle and the top its theresa, rueyyng, and ningz :) Posted by Picasa
leezathepizza and i! Posted by Picasa
the backdrop thing Posted by Picasa
david and i :) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 11, 2005

ooh its Prom :)
after waiting for a thousand years, its FINALLY here!
in yeanz house now waiting for david to fetch us..
its a bit weird cuz i just came back from camp
and so many Gasing guys are going to be there *yerr*
loads of pics up soon!

* oh yeah, i forgot to say bye to jv..
have fun in aussie :)
andie too.. bring me back loads of stuff k :)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

its finally over :)

ooh im so happppeeee!
*jumps for joy*
anyone wanna go out?
cuz i'm..... FREE! (sort of)
i still gotta learn how to drive though,
i'll bet it's really hard for me, i'll be whacking people here and there :(
yeah, and im not allowed to go RBS next year,
so i'll be starting college in January.
but the thing is my mum doesnt want me to go Taylor's
when its actually cheaper and i already arranged transport there :(
AND all of my friends are going too!
i initially wanted to go college in June,
but the timing would be all wrong for the UK intake,
so i'll be leaving next next year..
so freaking fast!
im not ready to grow up at all,
i dont think i'll be able to do my laundry, clean the house, and buy underwear for myself at the same time.

boy, i feel like Peter Pan :(