Wednesday, May 31, 2006


you go into this shop and the manager gives you these drinks.
fresh milk, bubble tea, Chinese tea, coffee, and plain water.
which do you think contains poison?

got it?

milk: you like someone secretly but there's no chance for you
Chinese tea: you're caught up in a lot of love triangles.
coffee: you are enjoying a stable relationship with your other half.
bubble tea: you and your other half have an obstacle ahead of you.
water: your requirements of your other half is too high, dont have a partner til now.

did it work for you?
apparently it did for a lot of people.
it did for me =)
i chose water.

tell me what you chose!

Monday, May 29, 2006


i have no friends.


add me lar!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

i have known joel lee for
eleven years as of today.
still the same old goofy dude =)
i shall post a pic of joel with HUGE golden specs,
pants up til his chin and humongous ears soon

eleven years and counting!

Friday, May 26, 2006

yes its good!
its a *bit* too long + draggy
but got Wolverine to see so its okay =)
*i dont like Cyclops no more.. he's a bit loser la*
AND summore got a lot of hot guys in the cinema with me!
(and call me go watch too!)

there is a certain point where people just
CANNOT take it anymore okay.
and you just crossed that line.

but you know what?
even though you constantly annoy me
i WILL be the bigger man (stop laughing!)
and i WILL tolerate you
and stop thinking of ways to get you back
because i dont think God is going to be very happy with me.

i WILL start to love my neighbours as myself
and i WILL try to get rid of all malice, slander and evil in my thoughts
because i am better than you.

please give me grace God.
thank you.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I am going to X3 premiere tonight.



*thanks gadiy*

Monday, May 22, 2006

so we DIDNT win those nerds..
what was i thinking?!
nerds ALWAYS reign supreme =(

what made it worse was that after those weeks
of toil, blood, and sweat (and me getting burnt by glue gun TWICE)
we realised on the eve of the competition that
so we had to do it ALL over again til 4am
on the competition day
(well, i slept at 3 while the others did til 4 am. hehe)

Americans cannot vote for Elliot and Chris isit?!!
gaaaaahhh idiots =(

and yes, i like emo music now to match my emo mood.
(leez his other songs nicer still!)
ho is has nice taste =)

and also i got exams in 2 weeks.
the superstar is entering nerd mode.

do not disturb.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

best day of my life =)

hot guys talking to me, beautiful rainy day, staying in college til 10 pm, dinner with half of the class, running up n down like donkeys with CLS *hahhaha!*, getting sprayed by black paint =), the twins surprising all of us ( except you, traitor ho!) by coming up to KL for the competition, coaching Claryn on the Art of Bimbotism.

steroid competition tomorrow.
all the getting burnt by glue guns, walking up n down q3847892374 flights of stairs,
smelling cat pee, and being late for Bio class BETTER be worth it =)

we are SOO going to beat those nerds tomorrow.
1K, here we COME!!! =)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


this is SO true.
what can i say?
the Internet admits this as well =)

samantha tan --

Visually addictive

'How" will you be defined in the dictionary?' at


Sunday, May 14, 2006

i feel like dying.
i feel exhausted in every possible way =(
if i get angry at you this week
sorry because every little thing annoys me now.
just ignore me =(

everything sucks.

Friday, May 12, 2006

poser pics part II =)

the twins and i =)
i miss them already..

p.s.look at my lion's mane!
my hair goes *POOOF!*

the guys trying to look cool
yes THAT is how many dudes our class has.
(With exception of Charleston lah)

the hot girls of PM11! =)

kokojambo and i.
fell for his stupid pranks so many times :(
but then again,
he got us talking to ice! =)

smartest girl in class =)
(the one in pink)
sorrylah ho, you're in 90% of my photos..
poser queen, that one...

PM11 doing their poser faces.
check out keat xiong man (green shirt with orange stripes)
so scary the face!
and look at the twins =)
they used to look so alike no one could tell them apart
but after their hot haircuts
they dont look like twins yeah?
(please ignore my face. yesyes i know i look funny)

we always thought these two would make a great couple.
so yesterday when they told us they were a couple
we were seriously estatic! =)
but then after that they told us..
it was all a joke on the three of us =(
so we were like idiots only,
being happy there when everyone else knew.
*arrrrgh!* stupid koko.
they look perfect together though =)

instead of the OC,
we are the TC (its jiahoong's lame qi okay!)
*which stands for Taylor's College*

as jho and ho would say,
(is that how you spell it?!)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

the PM11-poser-supermodel-wannabes!

the cutest guy in class
yeah, he IS a identical twin,
but he's cuter than Huang Hin laaa!
and he left today :(
(looks cuter with the face, no?)

the drug addict look.
this is the official SUCKS club portrait!
being single is cool.

this is their gangsta face =)
don't mess with Ho when she's angry.
she'll swear at you like there's no tomorrow ;)

the super posers!
this is jho aka jiahoong aka blurree.
the super nice guy that i always insult =)

this is the future Converse advert.
lookie the pretty Converses!
*AND the pretty people of course ;) *
we dressed up purposely in all-white and all-black.
that, btw, is HO! =)

my impression of a puffer fish =)

yikhin n i looking ganas =)

i got more, but cassie has to use the com now.
more to come!

the twins left today :(
they're going back to Malacca for STPM.
yeah, it sucks.
there's only 4 guys in class left!

anyways, to send 'em off with a huge BANG,
we started of with a amazingly noisy steamboat dinner =)
i ate and ate so many peanuts
(not the normal kind, it was this AMAZING yummy soft ones)
that it totalled to 10 bucks. crazy right?!
then phoebe had this car accident
which was scary because koko was shouting v. scarily at the Malay couple
then we ate and ATE like there was no tomorrow =)
but then the porridge base-thing started burning
and smelt.... pretty funky.
but anyways, we started taking these really funny poser pictures
(which led to the whole week of poser-pic taking)
and playing mafia till the restaurant was almost deserted =)
i do *heart* my friends.

we brought cameras all week
taking poser pics at EVERY opportunity =)
due to the PM11-ites' very poser nature,
we probably took over a hundred poser pics altogether!
pics up really REALLY soon.
stupid Blogger got something wrong *gaaaah!*
freaking annoying betul.

p.s. i didnt get the JPA scholarship.
=) which is good because..
now i know that i will never be a doctor.
i just dont have the money to study Medicine in UK la.
but now, the media doesnt really hold any appeal to me anymore.
so... im back to square one la.

p.p.s. anyways, LOOK OUT FOR THE POSER PICS!
i almost died of heart attack while laughing just posing for them.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

now EVERYONE can comment!
you dont have to register with Blogger
to comment on my blog now.

comment away!
i'm not someone who gets nightmares.
in fact, i think i've had only less than 5 nightmares so far
and yesterday i dreamt one of the WORST nightmare ever :(
it's probably because i was super tired
after joining this stupid obstacle course yesterday.

but anyway, i dreamt that there was a bomb in a LRT
and it exploded, killing Caleb and my aunt.
then we were all at church and i was crying my eyes out
surprisingly, no one else was sad
(haha, see how many people care about you, caleb!)
except jason voon who went into depression.
(you were suicidal, really)
then jasonlimthemidget kept giving me
his car keys telling me to take his car
so that i'll stop crying =)

anyway i woke up crying all over my pillow

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

e he today's a happyhappyhappyhappy day =)

FINALLY after thousands and millions of
years of searching for the name of my perfect Malay song..
i found it!
its 'Kamu' by Nitrus.

then... i found out that
my Mario Vazquez has come up with him own single!
yes, THIS is the guy that quit American Idol last year...
i actually cried when i found out =)

this year, it's going to be either Chris or Elliot.

down with Paris!

still waiting for 010203040506 to happen..
me jho and ho are online simultaneously to celebrate =)

but. i. am. falling. asleep.
only one more hour to go...
trying to pass time unsuccessfully
in my 2 hour break...
im nerding big time =)

okay, random stuff that i wanna say:

*my legs are covered with horrific bruises in red, green and purple.
it's like a mini rainbow!`
i have NO idea how i got them :(

*my parents are in Thailand!
so the poor, helpless children are again left to fend for themselves
in a harsh and cruel world =)
i have the task to help Calvin & Alyssa to study for their exams
which are this week >.<
but then again, Cassie and I are probably maxing up the electricity bill :)
we're watching a LOT of late-night TV
while im online playing Spider Solitaire

*my new favorite band: Fall Out Boy!
Pete Wentz!!!!
well, i like him partly because
he guest-starred in One Tree Hill =)
go listen to: 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me'
weird name, i know.

*i want more more MORE Friends DVDs.
i've watched Season 1, 2, and 10 so many times
i can practically memorize the scripts.
i *heart* chandler =)

*JPA results are coming out soon.
please tell me i dont get it.
if i get it, i'll probably be taking Medicine
just because everyone will tell me
'Medicine scholarship you know! so hard to get!'
i want to take Medicine also,
but i dont want to work for the government for
so clever you go and work lah haiyo >.<

*erm. regarding my last post,
someone said some stuff to me about it
and i just want to say that
YES, Christians don't support/encourage
gay people's affection towards people their own sex.
but i feel that we should be showing love to everyone
no matter what each and every of our sins are
because i think in God's eyes right,
we are sinners anyway regardless of what sin it is.
so the sin of being gay isn't more wrong than lying/cheating.
it IS sin anyway right??
(someone please correct me if im wrong)

but so there.
dont be a hypocrite and claim that
'us Christians are all about loving people and sinners'
while you dont show it and
condemn/ judge people who are gay.
you are no different okay.

i feel like i just had diarrhoea.
everything out.

Monday, May 01, 2006

read this.
colin and kero

i got it from yeanz' blog,
and its SO weird!

colin and kero are two gay guys my age
who look like normal lala boys
(you know, with
the spiky-Durian-seller-hairstyle and the Chinese-Ed look)
who have those Japanese-girls-wannabe girlfriends.

but they're gay!
i dont find them disgusting or disturbing,
i think its weird to see anyone 18 gay.
i always thought that gay people were..
you know,
older and gay-er looking.

anyway, i know it's wrong in the Christian point of view
don't be judgemental lah
accept them as they are =)

make the world a happier place =)

i DO deserve to win Miss- Something =)