Monday, November 22, 2004

came back from district conference yesterday..
not exactly what i had expected,
what with all the loooong talks and forums that were super boring :(
luckily there were a few interesting ones at least that saved
the conference from becoming a total waste of money :)

we stayed at this supposedly 'five star resort',
which was horrible :(
the place was super musty n dusty, the toilets couldnt lock,
the lift was spoiled and two guys were stuck for a whole day there,
and we were all crammed into one tiny place :(
fortunately, we only had to stay there for two nights,
so it was bearable :)

there were over 600 ppl there from all over Malaysia,
sumore there were these groups of ppl from penang n alor setar
that traveled from 12 am and reached Shah Alam at 4.30 am
and had to wait for the rest of us to come :(
*wow* such dedication..

anyways, came back exhausted n worn out,
what with sleeping at 4 plus in the morning on the last day
because we wanted to go to this party but in the end got chased
by the rotarians all over the place ;)
so had to sneak out here and there in the middle of the night
just to get to this so called party..
and when we went there,
there were only five guys walking sound smoking and eating stale biscuits..
what a waste of time..
so we went back to our room and collapsed on the bed :)

all in all, i guess i learnt something from the boring speeches and all,
mostly about vision 2020 and bangsa malaysia,
so at least it wasnt a total waste of money and time ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ooh guess what?
i was on tv that day!!this was for the e-life thingy where i got free clothes..
too bad i only watched the last five minutes,
but it was already too much :(
i looked absolutely HORRIBLE and fat there :(

and i just found out that there's this sms contest thingy
between me and zhen cui to see whose the best shopper..
and she's leading by 2%!
**whoa**.. this is soo cool!! ive never been voted for thru sms before! :)
it's just too bad im losing :(
but never mind, the whole process is just so overwhelming anyways :)

today was the worst day of my working career *haha*
the container full of goods from thailand sailed in today,
and so far, ive been walking up and down the stairs
carrying heavy stuff which are covered in dirty paper and dust :(
but at least ive worked out my legs and now everywhere is aching
from the constant running and walking :(

going off to sleep :)

Sunday, November 14, 2004

heyy hey :)
have been having a fairly busy holiday so far :(
working for my parents isnt that fun after all,
especially when you have to endure the loooong afternnon hours
when hardly any customers come in to buy stuff and
there is absolutely nothing to do there except
to read books on Myanmar and Thailand :(

who couldnt they open a restaurant instead?!
then at least i could be a waitress and take orders from people
and wear a fun uniform :)
or maybe i could even think of new items on the menu
and see my wonderful creations come to life :(
*wishful thinking*

aiyoh :(
how lar.. this holiday is super long and i have to work for the two whole months
it isn't very nice to go to work when even your parents dont want you there
and keep telling you that you're such a nuisance.
if only some one could call me tomorrow
and tell me that i'd inherited a million dollars or something :)
then i can just spend the whole holiday shopping and
going off to exotic holidays :)

must think of get-rich quick schemes
and sell them to the public to con them of their money ;)
that'll be the only way to get money in such a short time
or to buy loads of lottery tickets and pray fervently that
my ticket is the 7 million dollar one :)
even then, i cant even buy much cuz i only have 29 bucks to last me for the whole month :(

miserable me :(
shall go wallow in my miseries now :(

Thursday, November 11, 2004

hi all!
just came back from three amazing days of fun, sun, and water in PD..
amazing beaches, beautiful clear waters, wonderful food..
*whoa* :)

that i wish.. :(
the last three days have been anything but that :(
they were filling the 'beaches' with sand, so we could only look from afar,
the waters were grey and murky *urgh*
and lastly, there were hardly any proper looking restaurants there,
so we had to settle for a few meals in the hotel which were so expensive..
RM25 for a bowl of noodles!!
what a rip-off! :(

sumore all of the sisters were attacked by rashes :(
my legs were full of little bumps and they are irritatingly ITCHY...
ive tried to stop scratiching in case i get scabs n scars but
they are so annoying!!!
*urgh* i think my skin is allergic to PD..
cuz now i feel much better after coming back to good old KL :)

will post pics up soon.. got som amazing shots of the octriches we saw there..
did you know that an ostrich egg can hold up to 120 kgs before cracking?

too bad the water's so murky :( Posted by Hello
pretty ostriches all in a row :) Posted by Hello
this is where i stayed Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 07, 2004

hey all!!
just returned from the last party of the year,
it was too bad that not many people went bcuz the place was great,
just a bit too empty lar, cuz it was a empty house and there were no furniture at all :)
anyways, the games were a bit boring except for the last one
where everyone had to throw flour at each other..
i got loads of flour in my hair and when i tried to wash it off,
the stupid flour ended up in clumps and my scalp was full of clumpy flour
that was hardened!! :(

im working for my parents this holidayz..
doing sales stuff and mostly just sitting around there annoying my parents :)
but still, at least im doing something beneficial with my free time ;)
and getting money! :)

to the spm-ers,
all the best!!
have fun and don't stress too much!


Saturday, November 06, 2004

caleen, yi yean, me Posted by Hello
my lovely brother and sister Posted by Hello
the kitchen crew Posted by Hello
me and john Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004

After weeks and weeks of cheerleading, its all finally over!!
Our last performance of the year was for the scout’s campfire,
And usually the last performance is always the best,
And it was proven true for this one..
It really was our bestest bestest performance ever!

Although we only had three weeks worth of practices,
We nailed it and at last, we have proven ourselves to the skeptical school :)
Thanks for everything cheerleaders!!

Anyways, yesterday’s campfire was pretty cool..
It was slightly drizzling and the scouts had spread dried chillies on the ground
To make sure it didn’t rain.. weird..
Well, luckily it didn’t as all the scout’s money n effort put into the
Campfire would have been all gone down the drain..

The scouts are really a very talented bunch of people,
They did an amazing slideshow of the theme, phoenix rebirth,
And it left everyone amazed.. :)
The performances were pretty normal,
Except for the lion dance troupe, which was as usual,
Amazingly good.. especially the part where this guy
Was forced to jump down from the highest beam after he lost his balance
But he didn’t give up and he got up straight away and continues despite jeering from the crowd..
The crowd was terrible yesterday though..
They were terribly unsupportive and jeered at everything :(
Horrible people.. :(

It was a great end to the school year,
And this ends my form four year :(
This holidays im going to slave over my books and start preparing for SPM already..
*sigh* it’s going to be a long long holiday ..