Friday, July 30, 2004

arrrgh.. so nervous now!
tmr got piano exam n im so going to fail:(
*today we had a so called full dress rehearsal but it was so messy!
the guys from the three other schools all came as usual, very late n the whole thing started only at three thirty when a lot of people left already.. sheesh..guys arr.....let's hope the Installation's not going to be a huge mess...

*lately, the whole school has been hit with the frisbee fever.everyone's playing frisbee and there are so many competitions revolving around the frisbee lately.e.g., the frisbee selling competition.. which is totally weird, and now the interclass frisbee tournament which i am taking part in 2 oclock under the burning, scorching, shining bright sun!!!
the guys in my class broke the school frisbee record today..:)

*there's this guy who got my number n misscalled me. i made the mistake of calling him back with my house phone n now he has it n keeps calling me!!! i dont even noe who he is and when he calls me, he's talking to me like an old friend and keeps saying he wants to meet scary larr!!! anyways, thank goodness he doesnt have a house phone n has to use a public phone to call me so its hard n his phone got no more credit *phew* so lets hope it'll be looooong time before he calls again..:)

oh well... have to go get some sleep now.. to play better tmr..:)
wish me luck!!!


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