Thursday, November 15, 2007

So Freaking Tired.

had class from 9-6.
didn't talk to my daddy this morning ):
my neighbour is blasting his music.
someone stole my key card.
i'm so tired i can't even watch TV.
(like that takes any energy)
massive headache from crazy traffic.

half dead.


today these two girls were talking
and i was explaining how Msia has 3 races
and that i was Chinese, and then this
Malay girl behind me said 'I'm Malay.'
then the two girls turned to her
and said 'Oh, I'm Maggie, and this is Agata!'

should've seen the Malay girl's face.


Blogger Phye Beng said...

Hahaha that's funny! :D

1:35 am  
Blogger Lauren said...

lol! it took me a while to get it:( college is killing my brain...

1:47 am  
Blogger princessjo said...

haha thats a sense of humour :)

7:30 am  
Blogger sammietan said...

yeah la i laughed SO loud!
heh (:

8:13 am  
Blogger Phye Beng said...

Lauren, you sssloooowwww... Ugh Ugh!

4:33 pm  
Blogger hosquare said...


5:15 am  
Blogger Kit Meng said...


12:45 pm  

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