Thursday, November 08, 2007

Okay, Maybe It Isn't That Bad.

3 days since i've been gluten free!
and the stomach pains are there,
but it's hungry pains not celiac pains
even though i eat a lot ):

went to all the supermarkets yday
and looked at EVERY product to see
whether they contained gluten,
and this is the comprehensive list
of What Sammie Cannot Eat Anymore:

all pasta
all bread
all cereals/muesli EXCEPT cornflakes
(which i swore never to buy)
all biscuits
naan/ other Indian breads
certain chocolates
certain crisps
battered stuff (they're coated in breadcrumbs)

so basically, everything made from
wheat/whole wheat/flour/rye/barley.
and everything i love ):

discovered also that if i toast the
gluten-free bread super super long
and slather them with generous amounts
of peanut butter+jam it's almost edible!

it's really difficult though,
so cross your fingers and hope for the best.

aaaaaanyways it's getting so windy la.
it now rains heavier every morning
with such superstrong wind that
my umbrella upturned like 4883576 times
while walking to class today.
i bet if Feebs was here she'd fly away!

tomorrow it'll be two months since i left.


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