Friday, February 16, 2007

that time of the year.. again.

well one more day to Chinese New Year.

i reaaally despise CNY.

it's probably the product of
having to clean the house when my mum's on Clean Mode,
rolling the fillings for pineapple tarts countless times
before my mother declares them 'passable',
seeing my I-Only-See-You-Once-A-Year relatives
making stupid fat comments,
(hello, SHUT UP)
having absolutely nothing to do/ no one to talk to
and ending up watching these cheesy Cantonese movies,
and spending a *whole* week in the house
with my parents who only stop working for CNY.

double cleaning this year because celebrations are at my house.
one good thing though, i can hide in my room
and watch Scrubs while people are down there being boring :)

bring forth the celebrations.

happy Chinese New Year :)


Blogger phyebeng said...

yea i dont like cny either. there's never really anything to do, i dont have that many relatives to visit and my ang pow takings are pocket change.

but i'll take any holiday i can get, so happy chinese new year!

1:30 am  

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