Sunday, February 04, 2007

cracked lips.
considering Russia.
over-the-limit full.
frustration over the lack of GA torrents.
need to run.
tolerance of friends being stretched to the maximum.
Michael Buble music.
urge to sleep under thick blankets.
homework, homework, homework.
debating over the future.
irritation over iTunes' inability to play Jet.
scheduling time to shop.
racing against time.
doubting the intentions of some people.

my head's going to explode.
its one of those days :(


Blogger jho said...

you know what you need?

ME! =D

hahahahaha, okay, the perfect remedy = we go shop for your CNY clothes + shoes then we go for paddington pancakes AND go watch The Holiday.


10:20 am  
Blogger sinister kisses said...

no!!! don't go russia!!!
you'll have so much bad influence!!

hey i need to steal GA from you. i keep downloading the wrong ones. :(

"tolerance of friends being stretched to the maximum" - who? not me right?
if it's me must tell u know?

n it'll be cool if ur head explodes.

pink mist remember?
pink mist.

5:26 pm  
Blogger hosquare said...

n stranger than fiction
we can watch BOTH
i bet sammie will cry during the holiday. jho u lend her ur shoulder again la. got the mucus out of the last 1 rite :P

sammie don't kill me. i heart u. lol.

6:03 pm  
Blogger sammietan said...

jho: AHAHAHA :) wooh yes! when when when??

sinister kisses: why? russian mob ar :) okay no problem. but i only got from 10 now wor. not you la dont worry :)

yeah. PINK MIST!

ho: NO MUCUS LOR the last time!!! >.< *grrrr*

12:52 pm  

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